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Chapter 277: Chapter 277: Love Luck

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Chapter 277: Love Luck

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He knew Pei Jiao’s password and unlocked it. “Mom!”


Pei Jiao said, “Aye.”

Beike: “I said it’s a WeChat message from your mother.”

Pei Jiao said, “I thought you were calling me.”

Bei Ke: “…” She was really taking advantage of him all the time!

Pei Jiao asked, “What did my mother send? It’s unlikely that she would call me home for dinner. She’s recording a show. She transferred my pocket money, right? How much did she transfer?”

Beike: “Money, money, money. You only care about money. Your mother is introducing a boyfriend to you.”



“Don’t I have a betrothal? Why is there another one? Does my mother think I have some ability to control two?”

“If you really have some ability, take me to a safe place first.”

“Tsk! Hold tight to the thinnest part of my body.” Pei Jiao continued to pour oil with a majestic aura.

Without another word, Beike tightened his arms around Pei Jiao’s neck. “The thinnest is here.”

Pei Jiao said, “Damn you! You want to strangle me!”

Ten minutes later, Pei Jiao finally arrived at a relatively safe place with Beike. It was in an abandoned building.

Beike’s face was green and red from the wind, and the tip of his nose was almost out of steam. After getting down from the bike, he kept rubbing his hands to warm them up.

Pei Jiao took off her helmet and placed it in front of the motorcycle. Then, she took off Beike’s backpack and unzipped it. It was filled with stacks of cash. Pei Jiao said, “You make it look like we’re robbing someone.”

Beike rubbed his hands and said while breathing, “It’s almost the same. After all, robbing people’s business is about the same as robbing money.”

Pei Jiao zipped it up. “Screw you. It’s all because of you this time.”

“I’m sorry. I made you suffer with me this time.” Beike brushed away the fine bangs on his forehead, revealing his exquisite face. The tip of his nose was still red, looking like a delicate flower after a storm. However, he was a man.

Pei Jiao wanted to curse a little, but when she saw Beike’s face, she immediately swallowed her curses and said, “We’ve already gotten the money. We’ll split it later. You’re not allowed to fight for it.”

Beike: “Can you take 70% and I take 30%?”

Pei Jiao said, “Alright, let’s split up like this.”

Bei Ke:        F*ck! I was too anxious! If I had known, I would have said fifty-fifty!

Pei Jiao was quite talented in computing. She had also come into contact with Beike on her way to self-learning. It had taken the two of them five years to become familiar friends from ordinary friends.

But actually, Beike didn’t do computers. He was just a ‘runner’. For example, sending certain specified goods to certain people, other than illegal and dead people, to get a commission.

This time, Beike had mistakenly snatched the order from his peers. Because the commission was very high, Beike did not want to give up. After delivering the goods and getting the commission, he was stopped.

He was no match for those people alone. He called Pei Jiao halfway through his escape.

Pei Jiao borrowed a small electric scooter to save Beike. Unexpectedly, the electric scooter ran out of battery midway, so she could only “select” a motorcycle on the way and throw the other party 10 ,ooo yuan in cash before running away.

This journey could be said to be dangerous and exciting.

Although Pei Jiao looked so carefree when she got out of the car, her legs were actually trembling. She reached out to Beike.

Beike was dumbfounded. “What?”

Pei Jiao said, “The phone.”

“Oh, oh, your phone.” Beike took out her phone from his pocket and returned it to Pei Jiao.

Pei Jiao opened WeChat and opened the business card Han Qianye had sent her.

Wasn’t this Qin Zhuoning?

Pei Jiao made a call. When Han Qianye picked it up, Pei Jiao asked, “Mom, is the business card you pushed to me the boyfriend you introduced me to?”

Han Qianye picked up Pei Jiao’s call under the live broadcast camera. “Add each other first and chat.

Pei Jiao said, “I know Qin Zhuoning.”

Han Qianye asked, “What?”

Pei Jiao said, “He’s a friend of the God of Fortune. I met him a few times when I slipped away to ask the God of Fortune for money.”

The expression on Han Qianye’s face instantly became much more interesting. “How was your impression?”

Pei Jiao carefully recalled Qin Zhuoning. He was not as aloof as the God of Fortune, but he was not as funny as He Wang, nor was he as honest as He Wang.

In summary, it was: “I haven’t come into contact with him. I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

Han Qianye chuckled. “Then you guys chat first.”

Knowing that Wei Yu was about to return to the country, Han Qianye specially reminded Jiaojiao to have a meal with him after he returned. However, the Wei family did not express anything from the beginning to the end. She did not know if Wei Yu had returned or not. Thinking about it carefully, MO Yujin was right.

The Wei family probably did not value this betrothal, so why was she in a hurry to send her daughter to the Wei family?

She ended the call.

Pei Jiao was a little depressed. She had not even met Wei Yu whom she pressed down and kissed when she was young. Now, there was Qin Zhuoning.

What a headache!

The peach blossoms were so prosperous. Could they be exchanged for wealth?

Pei Jiao opened Qin Zhuoning’s WeChat and pressed the voice message. “I’m Pei Jiao. My mother arranged for us to go on a blind date. Do you have any objections? If not, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

With that, Pei Jiao let go of the voice message.

Beike’s faint voice came from the side. “Pei Jiao, are you a man? Or is the other party a man?”

These words made Pei Jiao lose her confidence. She raised her hand and touched her chest. “He’s a man.”

“That’s right!” Bei Ke looked at Pei Jiao and began to lecture her seriously. “He’s a man. He should be the one to greet you first. This is the first time a man and a woman are meeting. Even if you want to treat a man to a meal, the man has to speak first. Dutch pay is fine, but you can’t say that you’re treating him first.

Look at how worthless you are.”

Pei Jiao was speechless. She fell silent and pressed the tip of her tongue against her cheek.

Beike leaned over. “What are you thinking?”

Pei Jiao raised her hand to her chin. “I’m thinking that you’re right.”

Bei Ke snapped his fingers. “You’re worth teaching.”

Pei Jiao turned around and asked Beike seriously, “This friend of the God of Fortune is also very rich. He runs his own company, and he seems to be quite innocent. Do you think I should earn some money from him to spend?”

Beike, as always, asked this every day, “You clearly have a prominent family background. Why are you so short of money?”

Pei Jiao said, “I’m working so hard to earn money so that I won’t have to work in the future! I want to live a retirement life in advance! I don’t even want to step into my family’s company!”

Beike suppressed the smile on his lips and forced himself not to laugh. “Then how do you want to earn this money?”

Pei Jiao spread out her hands and said honestly, “I’ll lie to him and say that the company has some technical loopholes. The firewall needs to be reinforced or something. I’ll work for him with my true ability. It shouldn’t be a big deal to scam him a little more on account of our acquaintances, right?”

“Your brain isn’t working.” Beike shook his head.

Pei Jiao was speechless.

Beike seriously suggested, “In three sentences, it can let a man spend a million yuan for you.”

Pei Jiao’s eyes widened. She dug her ears and leaned over. “Tell me quickly.”

Beike cleared his throat.

“Yo, handsome. You’re so good at driving? You hit me so far!”

Pei Jiao didn’t understand, but she felt that it was impressive. She placed a fist on Beike’s chest. “It’s still you.”

Beike clutched his chest, almost suffering internal injuries..

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