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Chapter 279: Chapter 279: Li Xiwu Is From a Noble Family

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Chapter 279: Li Xiwu Is From a Noble Family

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It was the noble old lady in the car!


They had met once.

It was the old lady she had met at the entrance of the hotel when Li Xiwu returned to the hotel in the morning. At that time, she had only taken a quick glance. She did not expect to meet her again under such circumstances!

Although it was unexpected, there was no such thing as a coincidence.

The old lady probably wouldn’t appear in front of her twice for no reason, especially since the old lady traveled in a luxury car worth tens of millions. She wouldn’t come to an old teahouse like this even if she wanted to drink tea. It didn’t match her status.

As she was lost in thought, the old lady asked, “You’re recording a show? Will I be on the show now?”

Li Xiwu came back to her senses. “Yes, it’s Mother-in-Law Joy’s live broadcast.”

Guan Suling smiled gently and raised her hand to stroke her bun. Her movements were elegant, and she was trying her best to maintain her best demeanor.

The staff were all watching Li Xiwu play mahjong just now. Other than Yu Hewei, no one noticed when Guan Suling came in.

Until Guan Suling appeared in front of the camera and the entire Internet saw her.

[Is this old lady a passerby? She looks so noble.]

[She’s dressed so elegantly. She probably won’t come to such an alley teahouse.

Could it be arranged by the production team?]

[She looks familiar. I can’t remember. Look again.]

[The last episode is something. It feels more exciting than the previous episodes.]

[When I saw this old lady, I suddenly thought of Madam Di Xin, who appeared in the second episode. I feel that this noble old lady also has a background.]

Seeing that this old woman had the intention of joining in, the lady boss turned to ask Li Xiwu, “You seem to be in a hurry. Will it take up your time if you continue playing?”

Li Xiwu raised her hand to her wristwatch.

Actually, there was still time. She had spared the extra time to pick out a suitable gift for Han Qianye. If she played a little longer, it would not take up too much of her time.

She could still refuse if the other party was a young man, but the other party was an old lady. After thinking for a moment, Li Xiwu put down the money she had just won. “We were playing Sichuan-style mahjong just now. What do you usually do?”

The lady boss continued Li Xiwu’s words. “Sister, there are 108 cards and 136 and 144 cards.”

Guan Suling sat upright. “Let’s play the same game as before.”

Li Xiwu hadn’t thought about whether the old lady could play or not. She felt that since she was participating, she should be an old player, so she replied, “Okay.”

This time Li Xiwu was even more cautious than before. She wasn’t sure the old lady’s card skills were exquisite.

If the old lady was an experienced person, she might not be able to keep her money. She would give it a try first. If she could not stabilize it, she would stop early and guarantee that the remaining fifty yuan would be enough.

However, what Li Xiwu was careful about did not happen.

The old lady had been feeding her cards, and this feeding method made Li Xiwu uncertain. Did the old lady not know how to play cards, or did she deliberately feed her cards, or… was she too old to see clearly?

After a few rounds, the two hundred yuan that Li Xiwu had originally won increased to more than five hundred.

She suddenly became a ‘little rich lady’!

Guan Suling, who had been losing and had only won a few times, finally pushed the cards in front of her and said with a smile, “I’m not playing anymore. I’m not very lucky.”

The lady boss was a smart person. She looked at the money in front of her that had not changed much. “Sister, I don’t think you’re unlucky. I’ve been playing cards for more than twenty years. I’ve seen you feeding Li Xiwu cards for the past few rounds.”

[Seriously, the lady boss said what was on my mind.]

[At first, I thought that Sister Li’s luck was so good that it exploded. This time, why do I feel that that old lady deliberately fed Sister Li cards?]

[Haha, is it possible that Old Madam is Sister Li’s fan!]

[Sister Li won big today!]

[Sister Li is really likable wherever she goes.]

[Ever since Mother-in-Law Joy started her live broadcast, Li Xiwu has left the deepest impression on me. She’s really like a young lady from a prestigious family.]

[There are still people who defamed Li Xiwu because of her background. Is it really important that I don’t know about her background? She might not even have Li Xiwu’s self-restraint.]

Guan Suling listened to the lady boss’s straightforward words and replied casually, “It might not be bad luck, but old age. My eyes are blurry, but as long as you have fun, it doesn’t matter if you lose or win.”

The lady boss teased, “Even if you’re old and blind, you have to be fair. You feed

Li Xiwu cards every time. I’ve never seen you feed your cards to me.”

Guan Suling raised her hand and stroked her hair. Her every move was noble and elegant. “If there’s a chance, let’s play cards together again. How about next to you?”

The lady boss looked at the old lady’s full aura and restrained her tone. “Anything is fine.”

Li Xiwu counted the winnings. There were more than five hundred and eighty dollars.

In the game of entertainment, the wins and losses would naturally not be especially big. Moreover, Li Xiwu could win so much this time because Guan Suling kept feeding her cards. The lady boss was in an especially good mood today. She even gave Yu Hewei a salary of 20 yuan.

Yu Hewei held the twenty yuan in her hand, feeling a little subtle.

After bidding farewell to the lady boss, Li Xiwu came out of the teahouse and prepared to buy a gift. As soon as she stepped out, she heard the lady boss’s voice ask someone, “Why are you crying?

Li Xiwu stopped short. She turned to look and saw the old lady who had lost the money to her. She was standing there with red eyes, as if she were crying. Now the lady boss was asking her why she was crying.

This was not something Li Xiwu should ask about.

The two of them had only met by chance. But for some reason, Li Xiwu still walked uncontrollably towards the old lady.

The lady boss stepped back and said, “I don’t know what happened. As soon as you left, her eyes turned red.”

Li Xiwu looked concerned. She leaned over slightly and lowered her head to speak to the old lady. “Are you feeling unwell, or is it because…”

Guan Suling raised her hand to stroke the side of her face. “My teeth hurt.”

Li Xiwu wanted to say if it was because she had lost money, but the old lady shouldn’t be short of money. She was indeed thinking too much. Hearing the old lady say that she had a toothache, Li Xiwu asked about some symptoms of pain. “Is it a wave or a persistent soreness?”

Guan Suling said, “It came in waves.”

Li Xiwu thought of two ways. Her colleague, who had a toothache in the past, had used them. “Can you bite pepper raw? If you can’t accept raw pepper, you can try to buy a bottle of ice water and apply it cold to the place where your cheek hurts. Otherwise, you have to go to the dentist.”

Just as she finished, she saw the old lady cry.

For a moment, Li Xiwu was at a loss. She guessed that the old lady was crying because her teeth hurt too much. It seemed that biting raw pepper and cold compresses wouldn’t work. It hurt too much.

Li Xiwu found a pack of tissues in her pocket, pulled one out, and wiped the old lady’s tears.

Guan Suling held Li Xiwu’s wrist. “My…’

Li Xiwu bent down again and leaned closer to Guan Suling.. She asked softly,

“Your what?”

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