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Chapter 28

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Netizens Expressed: I like Li Xiwu

Han Qianye had a lot of fun this afternoon. The smile was always on her face.

On the way back to the inn, Han Qianye walked beside Li Xiwu with her hands in her pockets. She wanted to find a topic to chat with Li Xiwu a few times, but she felt that finding a topic seemed too deliberate. After thinking for a long time, she didn’t know which sentence was suitable first.

Listening to Tao Jing and Min Hanrong chatting happily, Han Qianye casually glanced at Min Hanrong. This glance made her eyes widen. Immediately after, Han Qianye turned around and hugged Li Xiwu, screaming, “Ah—”

Li Xiwu was stunned. Not only Li Xiwu, but everyone present was shocked by Han Qianye’s scream.

What’s wrong? What happened?

Han Qianye looked like she had seen what she was afraid of. She did not know what could have frightened Han Qianye so much.

“Qianye, what’s wrong?” Min Hanrong asked. Seeing that the fourth group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were in the limelight today and had even stolen her limelight, Min Hanrong was still holding back her anger.

At this moment, seeing Han Qianye’s shocked expression, she couldn’t help but want to ridicule her in a teasing tone. “Did you do something guilty and suddenly get so frightened?”

Han Qianye was furious. “You…!”

Wan Yu, Luo Xiaosong, and Du Xu walked over.

Du Xu asked, “What’s wrong, Qianye?”

Li Xiwu also asked in a low voice, “Did you see something?”

Han Qianye let go of Li Xiwu and pointed at Min Hanrong, who was watching her. “She has a worm on her.”

The moment that was said, Min Hanrong’s expression changed on the spot, but she was not afraid. Instead, she was a little angry. “Qianye, don’t make such a joke. It’s not funny at all.”

Her voice trailed off. Min Hanrong heard her daughter-in-law’s stuttering voice remind her, “Mom, there’s really a worm on your back.”

In an instant, Min Hanrong’s body stiffened and her lips and teeth trembled. “No-no-no way? Jingjing…”

Tao Jing, who was called, looked even more terrified than her mother-in-law, Min Hanrong. “Mom, I-I-I-I’m here.”

Min Hanrong was so scared that her face turned pale. “Where are the bugs? Quick, help me get rid of them.”

Tao Jing didn’t dare. “I-I’m afraid too.”

The caterpillar on Min Hanrong’s body was very small. It must have gotten on her body when she stood by a soap horn tree for a long time.

Wan Yu wanted to come over and help. However, when she saw the squirming caterpillar on Min Hanrong’s body, she had goosebumps all over her body. She did not dare to, so she could only call Luo Xiaosong. “Luo Xiaosong, come here!”

“Coming, coming.” Luo Xiaosong ran back.

Min Hanrong was so frightened that her face turned pale.

Because Tao Jing was afraid, not only did she not dare to help Min Hanrong get rid of the caterpillar on her body, she did not even dare to look at it. It could not be helped. Most girls were naturally afraid of these squirming worms.

Tao Jing was also one of many girls.

Han Qianye, who was the closest to Min Hanrong, was even more afraid of this caterpillar. Although Min Hanrong was already scared out of her wits, she could still barely maintain her composure at this moment. If this worm was on her, she would have jumped out of her skin.

At that moment, Li Xiwu stepped forward. She was a step faster than Luo Xiaosong, who had returned. She reached out and flicked the caterpillar on Min Hanrong away. After noticing the direction in which the insect had flown and confirming that it had landed outside the road, Li Xiwu said, “Done.”

Min Hanrong asked in a trembling voice, “Are the bugs gone?”

Li Xiwu calmed Min Hanrong down. “Yes. It’s a tree bug. It doesn’t bite.”

Min Hanrong let out a long sigh. “Although it doesn’t bite, it’s more terrifying than biting.”

Li Xiwu raised her hand and gently patted Min Hanrong’s back. “It’s fine.”

Li Xiwu was usually silent. She looked like a cold beauty who was not easy to get along with, but once she comforted someone, her words and eyes were gentle, making people involuntarily trust her.

Luo Xiaosong, who had run back, saw that Li Xiwu had attacked, and Min Hanrong had calmed down a lot. She asked, “Are the bugs gone?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “It’s already gone.”

Luo Xiaosong gave Li Xiwu a thumbs up. “Miss Li, you’re amazing!”

Han Qianye, who had seen Li Xiwu flick the insect away with her own eyes, squeezed over with a smug smile and said, “My daughter-in-law is super powerful!”

Li Xiwu turned to look at Han Qianye. When their eyes met, Han Qianye suddenly remembered that she had been frightened by the worm on Min Hanrong’s body and hugged Li Xiwu.

The image appeared too clearly, and the smile on Han Qianye’s face became unnatural. “Actually… I’m not that afraid.”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement. Han Qianye’s lips curled up crazily. Li Xiwu actually didn’t expose her!

At this moment, Wan Yu walked over. “Miss Li, I rarely see girls who aren’t afraid of bugs.”

“I’d be scared, too, but that worm just now was just a tree worm. It wouldn’t do anyone any harm, so there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Li Xiwu explained.

Wan Yu said with a sigh, “To me, a tree worm is also very scary. You’re still the bold one.”

Li Xiwu naturally understood the girl’s fear of this squirming worm. If she continued to speak, she would seem arrogant. She smiled slightly and did not continue.

[What’s so scary about bugs? When I was a kid in the countryside, I could see caterpillars on the tile house every morning when I opened my eyes.]

[It’s boys who said what’s there to be afraid of about insects, right? Girls are naturally resistant to small insects with cartilage squirming, okay?]

[Li Xiwu is still the bold one! Among her peers, Tao Jing and Wan Yu were scared to death. Only Li Xiwu flicked her finger without changing her expression.]

[You’re all paying attention to how bold Li Xiwu is. Am I the only one paying attention to Han Qianye’s arrogant face?]

[Han Qianye really expressed her honor to the fullest.]

[I like Li Xiwu so much. She can cook and isn’t pretentious. I’m a fan.]

[Li Xiwu is a capable person. If there are bugs, she will directly flick them away.]

[One question: Does Li Xiwu have a Weibo account? I want to follow her.]

The bug episode passed quickly. They finally returned to the inn. When everyone went in, Cheng Zhongqing deliberately stopped outside the inn for a while. Li Xiwu walked behind and when he passed Cheng Zhongqing, he was stopped by him. “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu looked sideways at Cheng Zhongqing. “Uncle Cheng.”

Cheng Zhongqing turned off the microphone. Li Xiwu realized that Cheng Zhongqing probably had something to tell her and also turned off the microphone. Seeing this, the cameraman consciously moved the camera away and walked inside. There was no one around.

Li Xiwu looked up at Cheng Zhongqing. “Uncle Cheng, go ahead.”

Cheng Zhongqing let out a clear laugh. “Miss Li, there’s no one else here. Tell me the truth. You were the one who recognized the Siberian grouse, right?”

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