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Chapter 280: Chapter 280: I’m Going To Acknowledge Li Xiwu Today

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Chapter 280: I’m Going To Acknowledge Li Xiwu Today

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Guan Suling’s lips moved as if she wanted to say something. When she held Li Xiwu’s wrist, she even kept trembling slightly. She was clearly very agitated.


In the eyes of Li Xiwu and the others, they all thought that the old lady’s tooth hurt too much.

Li Xiwu took out her phone to navigate to the nearby hospital. When she found a hospital within eight hundred meters, Li Xiwu said, “I’ll get you a car and drive you to the hospital to get your teeth checked. Do you think it’s okay?”

Guan Suling barely calmed herself down to avoid losing her composure. “My toothache is an old problem. I’ll be fine after a while.”

That’s what she said, but to Li Xiwu, she felt that this was not a situation that could be resolved after a while. After all, the old lady was in so much pain that tears fell.

[I feel that the old lady’s expression when she looks at Li Xiwu doesn’t seem to be because of a toothache.]

[I also feel that the expression on the old lady’s face when she looked at Li Xiwu is not a toothache at all. Is it… heartache?]

[The more this old lady looks at it, the more familiar she looks. I went to look at Mother-in-Law Joy’s post on Weibo. Someone recognized this old lady. She’s actually Guan Suling, a noble!]

[Guan Suling? Damn! Is this for real??]

[Back then, when MO Yujin first debuted in filming, she was guarded by guards.

No one in the entertainment industry dared to provoke her. Later on, when MO

Yujin’s identity was exposed, they realized that her mother was Guan Suling!]

[What kind of physique does Li Xiwu have? She met Madam Di Xin before, and now she meets Guan Suling!]

[There are benefactors everywhere. Is Li Xiwu’s life related to the Ziwei Star?]

[No wonder many people are envious of Li Xiwu’s life. She came from a lowly background and could still marry into a wealthy family. Her husband doted on her, and her mother-in-law treated her well. After crossing ranks, she met all the nobles around her.]

Guan Suling was afraid that Li Xiwu would be too worried and that she would lose her composure. “It doesn’t hurt as much as before. It’s much better. Thank you for your concern.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Since you’re much better, take care to rest more and stay in a good mood. I have to go first.”

Guan Suling was a little reluctant. She had already confirmed that Li Xiwu was her Little You. Little You, who had been missing for four years, was her biological granddaughter.

Guan Suling wanted to hug her so much. She was also afraid that her behavior would scare her or cause her discomfort and revulsion. She told herself there was no hurry, at least not yet. If she admitted that she was Little You’s grandmother now, Little You would probably not accept her family.

Seeing that the group was getting further and further away, Guan Suling raised her hand to wipe the muddy tears from the corners of her eyes.

Retracting her gaze, Guan Suling called out calmly, “Dao Xi.”

There was an ordinary car parked on the street outside the tea shop. Dao Xi pushed open the door and got out, followed by two bodyguards. Dao Xi walked over and stood respectfully behind Guan Suling. “Old Madam.”

Guan Suling turned around, her expression returning to its usual seriousness. “Where’s Yujin?”

Dao Xi said, “Missy and Mrs. Pei are doing their nails together.”

Guan Suling’s expression darkened. “Little You is thinking of ways to earn money to prepare a gift for her outside. But what is that Han Qianye doing?


Dao Xi ducked his head.

Guan Suling said, “Call Yujin over to see me.”

Dao Xi answered. “I’ll contact Missy immediately.”

“Wait a minute,” Guan Suling said. “Tell Yujin that I plan to acknowledge Little

You today and get Xu Qing to prepare.” Dao Xi nodded. “Understood.”

At the same time, at the nail salon.

Not long ago, Han Qianye’s visit surprised and flattered the lady boss of the nail salon. Coincidentally, the lady boss was also a fan of Mother-in-Law Joy.

Knowing that Mother-in-Law Joy’s production team had come to North Water Town to record recently, the lady boss slipped away to watch the show like everyone else. She did not expect this production team to come to her nail salon today.

The lady boss expressed that she wanted to do their manicures for free.

Han Qianye discussed, “I’m a nail enthusiast. I’ve done a lot of nails and am already familiar with the process of making nails. I also have some painting skills. I’ll help you receive guests. How about you give me a commission? According to your fee, I’ll take 20% and you’ll take 80%.”

The lady boss’s eyes widened. “That’s too much of a loss for you. Fifty-fifty will do.”

The lady boss had been busy just now and did not have time to watch the live broadcast. She did not know what the mission of the variety show was this time. After understanding it, she realized that it was because both parties could not spend their own money and the production team’s money to prepare a gift.

Han Qianye had suggested this discussion because she wanted to earn money from the nail salon to prepare a gift for Li Xiwu.

Even the netizens understood.

[Brainless and Unhappy are two sides of the same coin.]

[Sister Li won money from playing mahjong to prepare gifts for Han Qianye.

Han Qianye worked part-time to earn money to buy gifts for Li Xiwu.]

[I can be single, but the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law couple I’m on must not collapse!]

[All living beings are bitter. Only the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law couple I’m idolizing tastes like strawberries. Hahaha.]

“No way.” Han Qianye was still very clear about her standards. “I’m not a professional. Fifty-fifty isn’t appropriate. If I don’t do it well, I’ll pay for it myself. How about this?”

It had to be said that this discussion surprised the lady boss.

With Han Qianye presiding over it, any guest who knew Han Qianye would definitely want to experience the nails Han Qianye had personally made. Therefore, they quickly reached a cooperation.

MO Yujin gave Han Qianye a thumbs up. “Not bad, Qianye. This must be your first time working for someone.”

Han Qianye thought for a moment. “It’s really my first time.”

She’d never worked for anyone in her life, and she’d never been paid. Just as MO Yujin had said, today was the first time in her life that she had worked for someone to collect her salary.

The next guests who came in one after another were all here for Han Qianye. MO Yujin thought that it had nothing to do with her, but the group photo kept her busy. In the end, Han Qianye manicured the three girls.

After many years of experience in making nails, Han Qianye’s three nails were very successful. Although the style was simple, the patterns on the nails were carefully drawn by Han Qianye herself.

According to the 20-80 split, Han Qianye earned 180 yuan in the end. When she received the 180 yuan, Han Qianye sighed. “This is the first money I’ve earned in my life.”

MO Yujin looked at Han Qianye and sighed. “Don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment?”

Han Qianye put away the 180 yuan happily. “I’ve never done nails for anyone else. This is the first time I’ve done it for someone else. It’s a sense of accomplishment. It’s alright, but as long as I think about how I earned this money to spend, I feel very accomplished.”

MO Yu smiled. “Not bad. You’ve earned money with your hard work. Then what gift do you plan to prepare for your daughter-in-law?

Han Qianye waved the money in her hand. “I’ll spend as much as I earn until I’m done.”

MO Yujin’s phone rang. She took out her phone and saw that it was Dao Xi.

There was no need to avoid answering Dao Xi’s call. MO Yujin picked it up just like that. Unexpectedly, as she swiped past to answer the call, her fingertips accidentally touched the speakerphone. Dao Xi’s voice came out—

“Miss, Old Madam asked me to inform you that she plans to acknowledge Miss

Li today..”

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