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Chapter 281: Chapter 281: The Whole Internet Knows They Know Each Other

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Chapter 281: The Whole Internet Knows They Know Each Other

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The voice on speaker was neither loud nor soft.


Han Qianye was holding the 180 yuan in her hand and had yet to put it into her pocket. When she heard MO Yujin’s words on the phone, her smug movements froze and she suddenly turned to look at her.

MO Yujin quickly turned off the speakerphone that she had accidentally opened. “Ahem!”

Dao Xi heard MO Yujin cough on the other end of the line and knew that it was probably inconvenient for her to continue answering the phone, so he quietly hung up first.

MO Yujin heaved a sigh of relief, but before she could heave a sigh of relief, she was immediately shocked by Han Qianye

“What did he just say?” Han Qianye narrowed her eyes and asked in a threatening tone.

MO Yujin was very flustered. After all, she had promised Han Qianye yesterday that she would not do anything rash. But her mother couldn’t wait to acknowledge Little You. There was nothing she could do…

MO Yujin swallowed hard and pretended to be nonchalant. “Sigh! I didn’t tell you about the call from my mother, right? Actually, my mother is Li XiWU’S fan. She watches Mother-in-Law Joy every day and knows that I’m on this show. She wants to get to know Li Xiwu in private through me.”

Han Qianye did not think that she had heard wrongly. However, it was not appropriate to say too much about this in the live broadcast) so she could only take a step back. “I see.”

The smile on MO Yujin’s lips stiffened a little as she answered, “Yes.”

Neither of them realized that the netizens had heard what had just been said on the phone.

Although most netizens did not hear it very clearly, after some sharp-eared netizens heard that sentence clearly, they posted it on the public screen. Now, millions of netizens knew what was coming from the phone.

The netizens who had activated God’s Vision could not remain calm-

[I can’t laugh anymore. Doesn’t MO Yujin know that her mother is already on the show?]

[Not only did MO Yujin’s mother see Li Xiwu, but she has also sat down and played mahjong with Li Xiwu a few times. The entire Internet knows that they know each other.]

[The voice coming from the phone is clearly a man’s voice. Could it be that Miss Li is referring to Li Xiwu?]

[I’m curious why she acknowledged Li Xiwu? Isn’t Li Xiwu an orphan?]

[Just now, on Sister Li’s live broadcast, I felt that Guan Suling looked at Li

Xiwu as if she was looking at her family! I wonder if it’s my imagination!] [No way. What does Li Xiwu have to do with the MO family?]

[Isn’t Li Xiwu’s scamming speed too fast? She immediately scammed the MO


The heated discussion quickly became Mother-in-Law Joy’s superfan.

The current discussion level was not high enough to be trending. However, many people were reposting the video that the netizens had posted and guessing the sentence that came out of MO Yujin’s call.

At that moment, Li Xiwu took her winnings to a cake shop.

It took time to order the cake, so Li Xiwu bought a ready-made mousse cake.

It was originally estimated to be six inches in size, but considering that although the cake was a gift for Han Qianye and would be shared with everyone in the end, Li Xiwu bought an eight-inch mousse cake.

That way, everyone could taste it.

The lady boss was wrapping the mousse cake. Li Xiwu stood there and waited patiently. Yu Hewei walked to her side. “The cake has a high sugar content. It’s easy to increase blood sugar and cause diabetes.”

Li Xiwu:

The lady boss, who couldn’t stand it anymore, turned her head and said, “A person’s life is very short. There’s no need to make things difficult for yourself.”

Yu Hewei crossed her arms. “I’m just stating the facts.”

Li Xiwu pointed into the glass window. It was a separate mousse cake. “After winning money today, I wanted to buy you a mousse to thank you for

accompanying me, but you said cake is prone to diabetes. Why don’t we…

forget it?”

Yu Hewei lowered her arms and said seriously, “I was just joking.”

Li Xiwu said, “Hmm?”

Yu Hewei pointed at the mousse cake in the glass window. “I want that mousse

Li Xiwu pressed her fingertips against her chin and her lips curved slightly. “I remember you saying that too much sugar in a cake can easily cause diabetes.”

Yu Hewei said, “I’m talking nonsense.”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. “This could not be nonsense. It’s misleading if it


This time, it was Yu Hewei’s turn who’s speechless. Cake could easily cause diabetes. That meant that if one ate too much, there was a chance of such a risk. Yu Hewei felt that she had nothing to say and had shot herself in the foot.

In her frustration, she heard Li Xiwu say to the lady boss, “Lady boss, please store this mousse cake alone.”

The lady boss smiled and agreed. Then, she looked up at Yu Hewei, who was standing beside Li Xiwu. “Is she your sister?”

Yu Hewei said, “I…

Seeing that Yu Hewei wanted to say something but hesitated, the lady boss said, “Let me tell you, girls have to be arrogant in front of boys. In front of your own sister, just say what you want. She understands you. Others won’t.”

Yu Hewei was stunned when she said, “She understands you.”

Then, she looked at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu was bending down to see which more exquisite cakes were in the window. She only smiled at the lady boss’s words just now. Yu Hewei was her good friend in the past, but without her previous memories, Yu Hewei was just an ordinary friend to her now.

She did not know that Yu Hewei was looking at her. Until a figure suddenly jumped in and pounced, hugging Li Xiwu.

“Sister LV

Xue Jinzhu hugged Li Xiwu. Because the impact just now was too great, Li Xiwu’s body leaned forward inertia. After stabilizing herself, she turned to look at Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu smiled so widely that her teeth were visible. “What a coincidence. I

didn’t deliberately look for you, but when I passed by here, I saw the production team standing at the entrance of this cake shop. I bet Auntie Tang that you must be here. Haha, I guessed right!”

Li Xiwu’s lips curved. “Which way did you come? Xue Jinzhu pointed in a direction. “That way.”

Li Xiwu looked at the door. “Where’s Auntie Tang?”

“She’s slowly walking over from behind. I ran over.” Xue Jinzhu chuckled.

“Sister Li, look, I’m running towards you.”

Li Xiwu quite liked to see Xue Jinzhu’s cute side.

Beside her, Yu Hewei reminded her, “Can you stop hugging her like this?”

“I’m hugging Sister Li, not you. Hmph!” Xue Jinzhu pouted and snorted, hugging Li Xiwu tightly.

Yu Hewei closed her eyes. Forget it. She turned her face away.

Xue Jinzhu whispered into Li Xiwu’s ear, “Is the gift Sister Li prepared for

Auntie Han a cake? How did you get the money?”

“Yes, a cake,” Li Xiwu answered without being perfunctory. “I went to play mahjong and won a little money.”

Xue Jinzhu’s expression changed. “Mahjong! !

Li Xiwu calmly raised her hand to her lips. “Ahem!”

At the mention of mahjong, Xue Jinzhu’s heart itched. Her favorite entertainment was mahjong. Moreover, she knew how to play many cards. Recently, in order to record the show, she had not touched much mahjong.

But she was going to debut as a celebrity. She couldn’t say that she liked to play mahjong. She could only ask a few questions out of curiosity.

Li Xiwu told the truth. “My luck is fine..”

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