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Chapter 282: Chapter 282: Li Xiwu Discovered Something

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Chapter 282: Li Xiwu Discovered Something

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She couldn’t just say that an old lady had gone easy on her to win so much money. If she said that on camera, indicating that she had still won the old lady’s money knowingly, it would definitely be controversial on the topic.


To avoid these controversies, it was better not to mention them.

“It’s so lively.” Tang Xian carried a small cage in.

Li Xiwu turned around and saw that Tang Xian had arrived. Noticing that there was a kitten in the small cage in Tang Xian’s hand, she asked, “Did you just buy this kitten?”

Tang Xian smiled helplessly. “Jinzhu picked up a kitten by the roadside and gave it to me.”

Li Xiwu turned to look at Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu chuckled. “I was just thinking about preparing a gift when this little stray cat appeared. It was very thin and pitiful. It felt like it was only two months old. I spent money to buy a cage and give it to Auntie Tang.”

Li Xiwu:

Tang Xian actually liked small animals, especially kittens and puppies. At that time, she had also seen this little stray cat by the roadside. It was quite pitiful. She wondered if she should send it to the rescue station.

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, Xue Jinzhu picked up the kitten and handed it to her. “Auntie Tang, I caught this kitten myself. I’m giving it to you. You must take good care of it.”

At that time, Tang Xian was speechless. However, this was a gift from Xue Jinzhu. She gritted her teeth and accepted the cat with a smile. The kitten was very obedient. After entering the cage, it did not meow all the time. It was quiet, making Tang Xian like this ‘gift’ more and more.

They all came out of the cake shop. No one would gather for lunch today. If they met, they could accompany each other.

Xue Jinzhu and Tang Xian both had the intention of having lunch together. Yu Hewei carried the mousse cake that Li Xiwu had bought for her and did not say anything. Li Xiwu naturally had no objections.

Li Xiwu called Han Qianye and saw that there were candied hawthorn sellers by the roadside. Li Xiwu bought a stick. Xue Jinzhu saw it and said that she wanted it too. Li Xiwu also bought it for her. She looked at the others around her and in the end, Li Xiwu bought a stick of candied hawthorn for everyone, including the staff.

There was enough cake and candied hawthorn.

Everyone had this, but Li Xiwu was afraid that Han Qianye would think that she didn’t put in the effort. So when she saw a cotton candy seller, Li Xiwu went to buy another cotton candy.

Girls liked these. Xue Jinzhu also bought them, and then Yu Hewei went to buy them too.

Li Xiwu:

This time, Li Xiwu walked behind. When she saw the sugar painting, she went to buy a sugar painting. This time, no one else bought it with her. Li Xiwu was satisfied. Finally, this was a gift that belonged to Han Qianye alone.

She met another old lady selling gloves she made herself. It looked to be of good quality and very warm, so Li Xiwu bought a pair of gloves. Xue Jinzhu didn’t buy them because she thought they were ugly, and no one else did.

There was another gift that belonged to Han Qianye alone.

That’s nice.

A few minutes later, everyone gathered at the entrance of a small restaurant.

Han Qianye bought many things, including flowers, hats, and scarfs. They were all cheap and practical things. When she saw Li Xiwu, she stuffed them all to her. “I didn’t know what you liked, so I bought a copy of everything I liked. I didn’t earn much today, but I spent it all for you.”

Han Qianye thought that she was the only one who broke the rules and did not follow the rules and only gave one gift. Little did she know that Li Xiwu, like her, had bought cake, marshmallows, sugar, and a pair of gloves. They were sweet and warm this winter.

[I love Brainless and Unhappy! Hahaha!]

[I’ve watched both sides of the live broadcast at the same time. Han Qianye really spent all her money to buy gifts for Li Xiwu, and Li Xiwu has been choosing gifts that belong to Han Qianye.]

[It’s hard not to love this wave.]

[I like people like Li Xiwu and Han Qianye in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.]

[Who would have thought that when Brainless and Unhappy on the first day of the live broadcast, they were the least expected mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? Now, they’re the best mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.]

Li Xiwu handed the gloves to Han Qianye. “I met an old lady who makes her own gloves. The style is very cute.”

The latter sentence was: Maybe the quality wasn’t very good. Saying it out loud would spoil the mood.

The 500 yuan was only left with 100 yuan, mainly because the mousse cake was very expensive. Out of the 100 yuan, 60 yuan was spent to buy this pair of gloves. They were very thick and cute. They were indeed not worth mentioning compared to the gloves that cost thousands or tens of thousands at Han Qianye’s house, but it was fine as long as they were warm.

She was a little worried that Han Qianye did not like it. However, she did not expect that after giving it to Han Qianye, she immediately put on gloves and gestured with her hands. “Does it look good?”

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile. “It looks good.”

Han Qianye took out the beret she had bought. “Come, lower your head.”

Li Xiwu did as she was told, leaning over and looking down. Han Qianye put this beret on Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu’s skull was high and was suitable for wearing all kinds of hats. This beret looked very good on her head.

Then, she continued to put a scarf on Li Xiwu.

In the end, she plucked one of the flowers she had bought and pinned it on Li Xiwu’s hat. According to Han Qianye’s aesthetic standards, she would definitely not put it on directly. She had to find a suitable and beautiful angle. In a few moves, she made Li Xiwu change her style.

On closer look, she felt that something was missing.

Right! Lipstick!

Li Xiwu wasn’t wearing lipstick today!

Han Qianye touched her pocket and took out a lipstick. She unscrewed the lipstick cap and applied it to Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu did not refuse. This scene made Yu Hewei’s teeth ache. She took a deep breath and looked away.

Beside her, Xue Jinzhu watched with relish. She rested her chin on her hands and said enviously, “Sister Li and Auntie Han have a good relationship. Auntie Han simply dotes on Sister Li like a daughter.”

Tang Xian echoed, ‘Yes.”

Xue Jinzhu said, “I feel that Auntie Han and Sister Li are destined to be mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.” Tang Xian was about to agree. “Uh…”

Xue Jinzhu turned around and leaned closer to Tang Xian. “Isn’t that so, Auntie Tang?”

Tang Xian pursed her lips. “Yes.”

Xue Jinzhu beamed.

After Han Qianye finished applying lipstick on Li Xiwu, Li Xiwu realized that the lipstick Han Qianye had applied on her looked so much like her missing lipstick.

Han Qianye’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Li Xiwu staring at the lipstick in her hand.

She’s finished!

What the hell! She had used Li Xiwu’s lipstick she had secretly taken from her!

Han Qianye’s mind went blank for a few seconds before she quickly thought. “Do you find this lipstick familiar?

Li Xiwu said, “…Yes.”

Han Qianye said, “I think your color number is good-looking. I bought a similar color number too.”

On the surface, Li Xiwu believed her, but in her heart, she did not.

This should be the lipstick she had lost for no reason. The last time she applied it, the tip of the lipstick had hit her front teeth and was missing a small piece. The one in Han Qianye’s hand was also missing a small piece.

They were all in that position.

The amount was exactly the same.

It couldn’t be such a coincidence.

Han Qianye had thousands of lipsticks. Naturally, she did not take her lipstick because she wanted to use it.. Then why did she take her lipstick? To test for DNA?

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