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Chapter 283: Chapter 283: Seek Help from Li Xiwu

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Chapter 283: Seek Help from Li Xiwu

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Han Qianye felt very guilty. Especially after Li Xiwu looked thoughtful, she regretted being too hasty this time. If she had known, she would have waited until after tonight to find Li Xiwu’s hair on the pillow.


Why did she have to be in such a hurry to get her lipstick! Now, she has exposed herself first!

Li Xiwu was so smart. Once she suspected…

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

It was Li Xiwu’s phone vibrating.

Han Qianye quickly reminded her, “Xixi, your phone is vibrating.”

Li Xiwu temporarily put aside the messy guesses in her mind and picked up her phone. Seeing the caller ID, Li Xiwu hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Miss Li, save me…” Li Xiwu frowned. “What?”

‘Qi Zishen is at my house…”

Beep, beep, beep…

There was no time to explain anything other than the words ‘Miss Li, save me’ and ‘Qi Zishen is at my house’. The line went dead.

Li Xiwu took down the phone and stared at the screen for a few seconds before calling back. There was no answer. She called back three times, but there was no answer. It was as if she had never called before.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and focused on the screen.

Han Qianye saw that Li Xiwu’s expression was a little off and asked with concern, “What’s wrong?

Li Xiwu said, “The other party called the wrong number.”

Li Xiwu’s expression was calm as she said this. Coupled with the fact that the camera couldn’t see Li Xiwu’s phone screen when she answered the call just now, the netizens couldn’t tell who Li Xiwu had answered.

Han Qianye felt that it wasn’t a wrong number. Otherwise, why would Li Xiwu’s gaze change after answering the call? But it didn’t matter whose call it was. Now that Li Xiwu had been distracted, she probably wouldn’t think about the lipstick anymore.

Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief.

The food in the small restaurant was very authentic.

Everyone sat down one after another. Li Xiwu also pulled out a chair for Han Qianye and MO Yujin. MO Yujin was overjoyed. When she looked at Li Xiwu, her expression was unbelievably gentle.

If the netizens had not witnessed MO Yujin wanting to become in-laws with

Han Qianye, they would have thought that MO Yujin liked Li Xiwu.

Xue Jinzhu asked Li Xiwu, “Sister Li, what drink do you want?”

Li Xiwu was in a daze and did not hear Xue Jinzhu. At first, no one noticed Li Xiwu. Even after Xue Jinzhu shouted twice, Li Xiwu still did not react. Everyone’s gaze landed on her.

Han Qianye gently touched Li Xiwu’s arm with her elbow. “Xixi?”

Li Xiwu suddenly came back to her senses. “Huh?”

Han Qianye smiled. “Xue Jinzhu asked you what drink you wanted to drink just now.”

Li Xiwu looked at Han Qianye and said unhurriedly, “President Qi is looking for me to discuss something important. I originally wanted to go over after lunch, but I’ve been thinking about this matter. I probably can’t calm down during lunch. I’ll go over and settle it first. You guys eat first.”

With that, Li Xiwu picked up the phone on the table and immediately stood up.

Han Qianye quickly stopped Li Xiwu. “Why don’t you eat before dealing with things?

Li Xiwu’s expression was calm. “It’s important. Eat first. I’ll call you when I get back.”

Han Qianye was afraid that Li Xiwu would forget to eat when she was busy with work and go hungry.

However, seeing how anxious Li Xiwu was, especially when she thought of the look in Li Xiwu’s eyes after she answered the call just now, it must be as she said. There was something very important that needed to be dealt with.

Han Qianye did not persuade her anymore. She only said, “Be careful on the way.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

MO Yujin asked worriedly, “Are you driving yourself? Why don’t I get a car to take you?

Li Xiwu wanted to borrow a car from the director. She had already driven it once last time. This time, when MO Yujin took the initiative to mention it, Li Xiwu did not refuse. “Thank you.”

“That’s not a problem.”

MO Yujin opened her phone and made a call. After a few simple instructions, MO Yujin looked up and said to Li Xiwu, “Alright, the car will be here soon.

Remember the license plate number, 9999. It’ll take two minutes at most.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. She had seen such a domineering license plate number before. It was 8888. That was Pei Jingzhou’s license plate number.

As expected of the MO family in the capital.

Xue Jinzhu rested her chin on her hands and said obediently, “Sister Li, come back early.”

“Okay.” Li Xiwu turned to leave.

After Li Xiwu left, Yu Hewei sat quietly for a moment before getting up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

No one took it seriously and began to eat with their chopsticks.

The car was coming fast.

Not even two minutes passed. Li Xiwu had just come out of the small restaurant when the Rolls-Royce with the number 9999 parked there waiting for her.

At first glance, Li Xiwu thought the car looked familiar. Somewhat unsure, though, because she hadn’t looked at the license plate number at the time.

Time was pressing. She didn’t have time to think about it. The driver opened the door for her.

After the car drove away, another car slowly drove over. Guan Suling asked, “Did Yujin say where Little You is going?

Dao Xi said, “Missy said it’s about Miss Li’s work. It’s more important and needs her to deal with it.” Guan Suling said, “Drive.”

“Wait a minute!”

There was a knock on the car window. Guan Suling glanced sideways and saw Yu Hewei standing outside the car door. She pressed the button on the side of her hand and the car window slowly lowered. “Speak.”

Yu Hewei didn’t like Old Madam Mo’s arrogant attitude. Wasn’t it just an old princess? The Qing Dynasty era is long gone.

Yu Hewei said, “Give me a ride.”

Guan Suling looked up at Yu Hewei. “With my car?

Yu Hewei said, ‘Yes.”

Guan Suling said in a lukewarm voice, “Is this an attitude of begging?

Yu Hewei said, “Please give me a ride.”

Guan Suling looked away. “Get in.”

Yu Hewei walked around the back of the car and got in from the other side. She sat beside Guan Suling.

On the way, Yu Hewei took the initiative to talk. “Old Madam, you’re here to look for Little Wuyou, right?”

Guan Suling was taking a nap with her eyes closed. “It’s not your turn to ask about the MO family’s matters.”

Yu Hewei sneered. “Unfortunately, Little Wuyou doesn’t remember you now.”

Guan Suling’s voice turned cold. “Restrain yourself in front of me.”

Yu Hewei supported her chin with one hand. “Old Madam, even if you find

Little Wuyou, she won’t remember you. You’re a grandmother in name to her. The so-called acknowledgement is only touching you. Why don’t you think of a way to restore her memory?!”

Her words were bewitching. Guan Su was so agile at this age. If she could not even tell this little trick, she would have lived her life in vain!

Guan Suling slowly opened her eyes. “Dao Xi.” Dao Xi motioned for the driver to slow down and pull over. Guan Suling raised her hand slightly. “Get out of the car.”

The smile on Yu Hewei’s lips stiffened slightly. “Old Madam, what do you mean?

Guan Suling looked at Yu Hewei coldly. “Get out!”

Yu Hewei said, “I…

Guan Suling said, “Get lost..”

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