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Chapter 284: Chapter 284: Li Xiwu, Don ‘t Be Too Arrogant!

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Chapter 284: Li Xiwu, Don ‘t Be Too Arrogant!

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There was no doubt about Guan Sulings attitude.


Yu Hewei took a deep breath, trying to ease Guan Suling’s anger. “I shouldn’t have mentioned this.”

It was her show of weakness.

She thought that since she had already lowered her attitude and given this way out, Guan Suling would probably go along with it. However, she overestimated Guan Suling’s attitude. “I won’t repeat my words a third time. If you want to be thrown out of the car, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Dao Xi had already gotten out of the car and walked around the front of the car to Yu Hewei’s side. He opened Yu Hewei’s door. “Miss Yu, please.”

Yu Hewei gritted her molars and got out of the car. The car door closed and they drove away.

Dao Xi drove and said, “This Miss Yu and Miss Li used to be very good friends.”

“A thing that harbors evil intentions should get lost as far as one can go.” Even after chasing Yu Hewei out of the car, Guan Sulings expression did not improve. “Just treat it as Little You making bad friends in the past.”

Dauncey said, “I checked, Miss Li…”

Guan Suling reminded him in a low voice, “Dao Xi, change the way you address her.”

Dao Xi said in panic, “It’s Young Miss. Her best friend in the past few years is the eldest daughter of the Qiao family in Xingzhou.”

Guan Suling raised an eyebrow. “Xingzhou?”

Dao Xi explained, “That Miss Qiao came to the capital to stay for a few years.

After getting to know Young Miss, the two of them became very good friends.”

Guan Suling’s brows relaxed a little, and the depression in her heart eased a lot. “How’s that Qiao guy’s relationship with Little You?”

Dao Xi told Guan Suling everything he had found out.

Li Xiwu’s sudden off-screen appearance could not help but cause netizens to speculate. It was still a long drive back to the city.

Li Xiwu got into the car and called Yuanyuan. When Yuanyuan picked up, she asked directly, “Where’s Ji Weiling?

Yuanyuan didn’t know why. “Sister Weiling seems to be at her house. What’s wrong, Miss Li?”

Li Xiwu asked again, “What about Qi Zishen?”

Yuanyuan thought for a moment. ‘Qi Zishen should be in the company.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Go and see if Qi Zishen is at the company… No, forget it. Go straight to Ji Weiling’s house now.”

Yuanyuan was surprised. “Now?” Hearing the nervousness and worry in Li Xiwu’s tone, Yuanyuan’s heart skipped a beat. “Did something happen?

Li Xiwu briefly explained the situation to Yuanyuan.

Yuanyuan became even more nervous after hearing this. Her first thought was, “Miss Li, could this be a trap?

Li Xiwu frowned. “A trap?”

Yuanyuan stammered and told Li Xiwu something. “Miss Li, I… I’ve already told Sister Weiling the real reason why you sent Sister Weiling to Ying Huang Entertainment.

Li Xiwu was silent.

Yuanyuan said, “She’s sorry for what you’ve done. I have to let her know how much you’ve done for her, in case she takes your good and still says bad.” Li Xiwu took a deep breath and sighed softly. “Who told you that?”

Yuanyuan said truthfully, “President Qi.”

Only Li Xiwu and Qi Jiangchi knew the real reason for sending Ji Weiling to Ying Huang Entertainment. When Yuanyuan said this just now, Li Xiwu wondered if Qi Jiangchi had told Yuanyuan.

Thinking about it carefully, she felt that this was not Qi Jiangchi’s style.


Yuanyuan analyzed, “Qi Zishen shouldn’t do anything to Sister Weiling, right? This is a lawful society. Moreover, with Qi Zishen’s current reputation and status, it’s impossible for him to do anything to destroy his future. Is it possible that Sister Weiling just wants to see you?

Li Xiwu had thought of many possibilities. However, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Yuanyuan continued with her guess, “Sister Weiling feels sorry for you, so she wants to meet you in this way.”

The car was still driving. Li Xiwu gestured for the driver to drive faster. The luxury car quickly began to speed up. After hearing Yuanyuan’s words, Li Xiwu asked, “Are you at the company?

Yuanyuan said, “Yes.”

Li Xiwu said, “Then go see if Qi Zishen is in the company. If he’s not, ask where Qi Zishen is now.”

Yuanyuan asked, “Miss Li, are you back?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yes, I’ll go to Ji Weiling’s place to check on the situation.”

Yuanyuan was very worried. “But Miss Li…”

“Alright, do as I say first.”

Yuanyuan was very worried, but she was also a little afraid. In the end, she did as Li Xiwu said and asked if Qi Zishen was in the company.

The driver drove very fast along the way and ensured a certain level of safety. They finally entered the city. In the end, they arrived outside Ji Weiling’s apartment district.

Li Xiwu has been here many times. She took the elevator upstairs with ease and stood outside Ji Weiling’s door. Li Xiwu raised her hand and knocked.

Knock knock knock Knock knock knock –

After a few knocks, the door finally opened slowly.

Seeing the person who opened the door, Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. ‘Qi Zishen!”

Her lips parted slightly as she read the name of the person who opened the door.

Qi Zishen opened the door. “So it’s Miss Li. Isn’t Miss Li recording a show?”

“Aren’t you the one who should know that recording time is humane? It doesn’t mean you can’t leave under camera.” Li Xiwu walked in, her sharp gaze sweeping the room.

There was no mess. Everything was neat and clean. After looking around and not seeing Ji Weiling, Li Xiwu turned around. “Where’s Ji Weiling?

Qi Zishen leaned against the edge of the door frame. The heater was on in the room. He was only wearing a white shirt. It was obvious that there were many creases in the fabric, and the buttons were sparse.

Hearing Li Xiwu ask him where Ji Weiling was, Qi Zishen smiled and said, “She’s in the house.”

Li Xiwu turned and walked into the house.

Ji Weiling was alone in the bedroom. She sat quietly by the bed. When Qi Zishen went to open the door, she knew that it was Li Xiwu. When she heard footsteps coming in, Ji Weiling looked up and saw that long-lost face.


Tears streamed down her face. Ji Weiling called out with red eyes, “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu looked at Ji Weiling and paused. She asked expressionlessly, “What happened?”

“What can happen?” Qi Zishen’s voice came from behind. He stood beside Li Xiwu and knew her identity. He did not dare to be rash and only said, “She mentioned that she wanted to be with me. I’m still considering it.”

Li Xiwu glanced sideways. “Qi Zishen, one’s face lives.”

Qi Zishen smiled meaningfully. “She’s the one who wants to be with me. What has it got to do with me?”

Li Xiwu turned to look at Ji Weiling, who was crying silently. “Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Qi Zishen gave Ji Weiling a warning look.

However, this time, Ji Weiling broke away from Qi Zishen’s threat. She grabbed

Li XiWU’S hand and said, “My sleep recorder contains my conversation with Qi Zishen that night. I took this to him and wanted him to clarify. He’s unwilling to clarify and even threatened to expose the kind of photo he took of me. I don’t know what he took…

Li Xiwu narrowed her eyes.

Qi Zishen’s expression also changed. “Ji Weiling!

Now that Li Xiwu was here, Ji Weiling was not so afraid. She boldly said, “You ruined my future. I have a chance to make a comeback now. Why should I give up this opportunity?”

Qi Zishen’s face darkened. “To clarify for you? Do you think I don’t want my career anymore? What will the outside world say about me? Listen to me. This matter has already happened. I said that I would compensate you with the best resources.”

“Can you erase the dirt on me by giving me resources? I just want you to clarify!” Ji Weiling was hysterical.

“You-!” Qi Zishen was about to step forward in anger.

Li Xiwu stood in front of Ji Weiling.

Qi Zishen stopped and forcefully suppressed his anger. “Miss Li, I’ll settle this with Ji Weiling. You don’t have to interfere.”

Li Xiwu said, “I won’t interfere.”

Ji Weiling was stunned.

Qi Zishen smiled happily. “Miss Li, I knew it. Because Ji Weiling has nothing to do with you and is going against Hua Guan Media, I’m now the money tree of

Hua Guan. The entire Hua Guan depends on me.”

“Indeed.” Li Xiwu didn’t argue. “I know better, so clarify this matter and clear Ji Weiling’s name.”

The smile on Qi Zishen’s face disappeared. “Didn’t you say you won’t interfere?

Li Xiwu said word by word, “I won’t interfere as a manager anymore because I’m no longer Ji Weiling’s manager, but I’m interfering as Ji Weiling’s friend. What can you do to me?

Ji Weiling was stunned and felt bitter. “Miss Li) I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,

I’m sorry. I know my mistake.”

Li Xiwu ignored Ji Weiling’s apology.

Seeing that they couldn’t reach an agreement, Qi Zishen chuckled. “I have her photo.”

Li Xiwu’s lips twitched. “Then let’s go all out and tear each other apart. Neither of us will let the other go. We’ll fight to the death. Anyway, he who is down need fear no fall.”

Qi Zishen said, “Li Xiwu, have you considered my identity?”

“Your identity?” Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. “Is there anything about your identity that the outside world doesn’t know?”

Qi Zishen’s expression was as cold as ice. “Li Xiwu, don’t be too arrogant!”

“She has the right to be arrogant. Who do you think you are!” A deep voice came from outside the door, full of pressure..

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