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Chapter 285: Chapter 285: Guan Suling: I’m Her Grandma

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Chapter 285: Guan Suling: I’m Her Grandma

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The sudden voice interrupted Qi Zishen!


Qi Zishen chuckled and looked at Ji Weiling. “How many people did you call over when I wasn’t paying attention?

Ji Weiling subconsciously shook her head. She had only called Li Xiwu. When Qi Zishen first came to her house, her first call was to Li Xiwu. However, before she could finish speaking, Qi Zishen snatched her phone away and threatened her not to contact anyone again.

As a result, Li Xiwu called back several times, but no one picked up. Her phone was still in Qi Zishen’s hand.

However, Ji Weiling had made a backup of that sleep recording in advance. Even if Qi Zishen snatched her phone and deleted it, she was not afraid. The two of them were in a stalemate for a long time. Qi Zishen failed to persuade her and tried to brainwash her. Several times, Ji Weiling almost wavered.

However, when she thought of what Yuanyuan had told her and everything Miss Li had done for her, Ji Weiling pinched herself to make herself hurt. She did not want to be bewitched by Qi Zishen.

“Miss Li, I only had time to call you,” Ji Weiling told Li Xiwu truthfully.

Li Xiwu said, “I know.”

Ji Weiling was stunned. She thought that Miss Li knew her well.

When the two of them entered one after another, Li Xiwu was a little surprised to see that the person in the lead was the old lady she had met by chance in the teahouse. “It’s you?

Ji Weiling asked softly, “Miss Li, who is she?”

Li Xiwu didn’t know how to explain the old lady’s identity.

At this moment, Guan Suling’s voice said, “I’m her grandmother.”

Li Xiwu was stunned. However, this reaction was not obvious. It was as if she had expected it before Guan Suling spoke.

Guan Suling thought that Li Xiwu would look surprised when she heard her words.

Qi Zishen snorted. “Miss Li is famous for being straightforward in the

industry. Why did you bring your family here today?”

Faced with Qi Zishen’s teasing, Li Xiwu replied calmly, “Other people might be a burden. I brought my family to watch you make a fool of yourself.”

Qi Zishen: ‘

As if remembering something, Qi Zishen pointed in the direction of the door. “How did you come in?” He remembered that he had casually closed the door after opening it for Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu said calmly, “Doesn’t her assistant have the password to her door?” Qi Zishen raised his eyebrows. “Oh, that Yuanyuan. Why isn’t she here?”

At this moment, Yuanyuan, who was outside the door, was trembling. She wasn’t afraid that Qi Zishen wouldn’t go in, but the old lady who had asked her to open the door just now wouldn’t let her in.

Of course she wouldn’t listen to that old lady. She lowered her head and was about to squeeze in.

In the end, her collar was picked up. She turned around and realized that more than ten bodyguards in suits had appeared behind her. This scene almost scared Yuanyuan to death. In her impression, A-list celebrities did not have such a terrifying lineup when they went out!

In the end, Yuanyuan could only stay outside and not dare to go in. She stayed for a moment before someone came over with a camera.

What were they trying to do? It couldn’t be some entertainment reporter, could it?

The cameraman and the others were stopped as soon as they arrived. The bodyguards clearly would not let anyone in, and at this moment, another person came to coordinate. After a few words, the bodyguards actually let the cameramen in.

When the cameraman came in, he set up the live broadcast stand.

[Enter the live-stream with a dumbfounded expression. Leave with a dumbfounded expression… Wait?]

[What’s going on? What is this place?]

[Are you sure it’s Mother-in-Law Joy’s live-stream? Why are there so few people? Could it be the wrong place?]

[In the same screen frame, it’s obviously a live broadcast of Mother-in-Law Joy, but where is she?]

[F*ck, I think I heard Qi Zishen’s voice???]

[I saw it, I saw it! There’s Li Xiwu! And Ji Weiling! Damn, that back view is Qi Zishen, right??]

[What kind of drama is this? I’m looking forward to it!]

They were all in the bedroom.

The cameraman and the others did not alarm the people in the bedroom. According to Mr. Pei) they started the live broadcast of Mother-in-Law Joy’s camera—

In the bedroom.

Guan Suling’s cold voice sounded. “Who cares where she is? Just take care of yourself!”

Qi Zishen was furious at being reprimanded by an old lady he didn’t know, especially when this old lady just said that he was nothing?!! Qi Zishen looked at Guan Suling angrily. “May I ask why you’re here?”

Dao Xi glanced at Qi Zishen coldly. “Watch your attitude.”

Qi Zishen said, “I’m settling my own affairs, it has nothing to do with you.”

Guan Suling snorted. “As long as my granddaughter interferes in this matter, it has something to do with me.”

Qi Zishen’s tone was impatient. “Even Li Xiwu might not be able to control it. Do you still want to control it? Listen to the advice of the juniors. When you’re old, go home and retire peacefully. Don’t come out and cause trouble.”

Dao Xi suddenly stepped forward, a threatening aura spread. Qi Zishen was least afraid of fighting. He had the foundation of close combat. Seeing the lackey behind the old woman press forward, Qi Zishen was not afraid at all. “Don’t you dare attack!”

However, the other party did not make the first move as Qi Zishen had imagined. He saw a faint smile on this person’s lips. At the same time, he was expressing his courtesy. “Hello, Mr. Qi.”

Qi Zishen said in a deep voice, “Speak.”

Dao Xi said, “I just found out your identity. Hua Guan Media’s artiste, a big star!”

Qi Zishen narrowed his eyes.

Dao Xi’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. “Boundless glory without a single stain. Your path to stardom is smooth. Isn’t it a pity if it’s tainted with such a bright future?

Qi Zishen sneered. “Are you threatening me?

Dao Xi said, “It’s a reminder. A reminder to Mr. Qi to leave a way out.”

Li Xiwu took the opportunity to say, “It’s not that complicated. You just need to post a Weibo post to clarify for Ji Weiling.”

“Hmph!” Qi Zishen snorted coldly. “Don’t even think about it!”

At this moment, Ji Weiling said firmly, “Then let’s fight to the death. At most, I’ll leave the industry completely from now on, but I want your reputation to be ruined!”

Qi Zishen chuckled. “Can such a small matter ruin my reputation? At most, it’s just a small problem surrounded by scandals. After the limelight passes, I’ll still be Qi Zishen. As for you, think about the consequences of doing this.”

Actually, Li Xiwu knew very well that although Qi Zishen’s threat could be reported to the police, especially since he had some photos that were unfavorable to Ji Weiling, it is difficult to hold them legally accountable if the intimidation or threats are purely verbal and have no other intent or further conduct.

Especially since there were no recordings or chat records to prove Qi Zishen’s threat. Even if she called the police, it would not be settled in the end. Instead, it would be even more disadvantageous to Ji Weiling.

Qi Zishen was indeed very smart. He had planned everything from the beginning..

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