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Chapter 287: Chapter 287: Scumbag Mixer

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Chapter 287: Scumbag Mixer

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Qi Zishen thought that Li Xiwu was threatening him. He did not realize that his position was unlucky. His back was facing the camera, and the camera facing him was broadcasting live on the Internet.


“I’ll say the same thing. I won’t clarify.”

Although Qi Zishen was controlled by the bodyguards, it did not prevent him from saying these words. “As long as Ji Weiling is clear-headed and takes the resources I gave her, we can part on good terms. If she’s muddle-headed, feel free to expose it. The lawyers letter will be handed to her immediately!” Ji Weiling was trembling with anger. “Qi Zishen, aren’t you disgusting?

“I’m disgusting?” Qi Zishen was cold. “Then why didn’t you say I was disgusting when you seduced me?”

Ji Weiling knew that there was a camera outside, but she still couldn’t control her emotions and rushed forward. “—You were the one who provoked me first!!”

Before Ji Weiling rushed towards Qi Zishen, Li Xiwu immediately grabbed her arm. “Calm down.”

Ji Weiling, who had almost lost her mind, was stunned for a few seconds when she heard Li Xiwu’s voice. Then, she calmed down a little.

Qi Zishen teased, “Look at you now. What do you look like?”

Ji Weiling’s eyes were red. “Isn’t it all your fault that I became like this?!”

“Don’t! Please, don’t!” Qi Zishen’s voice was cold. “Don’t pin such a high hat on me. I can’t afford it.”

Qi Zishen had always been handsome and knew it. Because he was not even 30 years old, sometimes some greasy behavior was fatal in the eyes of his fans.

In addition, after debuting for so many years, everything had been smooth-sailing. There had never been any bad rumors. With the support of peak works, he was on the A-list. His fans were very stable and his status was

He was actually not very worried that Ji Weiling would really fall out.

Even if Ji Weiling exposed their conversation in the sleep recording, he could still deny it unilaterally. Hua Guan Media would also suppress the bad public opinion immediately and protect him.

Hearing Ji Weiling’s hysterical retort, he only smiled mockingly. “No matter which production team I enter or who I work with, the actresses will have some feelings for me. How can you blame me? If you really want to blame someone, you can probably only blame me for being too handsome. Even if I don’t do anything, I can charm them with my looks.”

Li Xiwu suppressed her smile. “Qi Zishen, you’re indeed very handsome.”

Even though he was in a sorry state now, it did not stop Qi Zishen from revealing a smile that he thought was charming. “Thank you for your praise, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu said, “But you’re not handsome enough for everyone to flock to you. As a male celebrity, it’s a good thing to be confident. Overconfidence is called greasy. It won’t make people flock to you. It’ll only make people avoid you.”

The smile on Qi Zishen’s lips faded a little. He wanted to refute Li Xiwu, but the words were on the tip of his tongue. He held them back. He did not argue with Li Xiwu because he could not afford to offend her.

However, this matter was between him and Ji Weiling. He looked at Ji Weiling and said, “The matter between us should have been handled by the two of us. It’s a very simple way to deal with it. There’s no need to call Miss Li over.” Ji Weiling choked. She also knew that there was no need to call Li Xiwu.

However, when she saw Qi Zishen coming, her instinct drove her to call Li Xiwu directly. She did not think that Li Xiwu would come at that time. It was very likely that she would not come because Li Xiwu was completely disappointed in her.

But what if Li Xiwu came? She really wanted to see her. She wanted to apologize to her face.

Seeing that Ji Weiling was in a daze, Qi Zishen knew that his goal had been achieved. Now, he only needed to apologize to Li Xiwu again, say a few good words, send Li Xiwu away, and talk to Ji Weiling. This matter would be resolved!

Qi Zishen moved his elbow. He gestured for the two bodyguards holding him to let go.

Li Xiwu said, “Let him go.”

The bodyguard obeyed Li Xiwu and let go of Qi Zishen.

After obtaining freedom, Qi Zishen looked relieved. He looked at Li Xiwu. “Miss

Li, Ji Weiling and I will discuss this matter. I’m really sorry for offending you just now. I hope you can forgive me.”

Li Xiwu said, “Very sincere.”

The tip of Qi Zishen’s tongue pressed against his cheek, and the charming smile on his lips turned bright. “As long as Miss Li is satisfied.”

Li Xiwu kindly reminded him, “You’ve been in the entertainment industry for so many years. You should be very sensitive to cameras, right?”

Qi Zishen’s expression changed slightly. “Did you record what happened just now?”

“No, no.” Li Xiwu smiled faintly.

Hearing this, Qi Zishen heaved a sigh of relief. However, this sigh of relief was not too stable. He felt that Li Xiwu’s words were reminding him of something…

Li Xiwu looked at Qi Zishen’s strange expression and said lightly, “Why don’t you turn around and take a look?”

Qi Zishen’s expression froze. He slowly turned around. The scene that appeared in front of him almost made Qi Zishen collapse!


When did the camera appear?!!

[Ugh! This is the first time I’ve seen Qi Zishen’s other side in private. Is he so greasy?]

[Damn, Qi Zishen really broke his image in my heart today!]

[My white moonlight collapsed just like that…]

[Li Xiwu is immoral. She knows that she’s live-streaming, but she keeps asking Qi Zishen questions.]

[Li Xiwu only exposed Qi Zishen’s other side for everyone.]

[This man is too irresponsible. He hooked up with someone and said that he had a girlfriend after being exposed. He even let Ji Weiling drink the dirty water alone.]

[Last time, it was Chi Xu. This time, it was Qi Zishen. Li Xiwu is a scumbag shredder, right? Awesome!]

The comments went crazy.

The popularity of watching online was about to break ten million, and it was still rising crazily.

With a bang, Qi Zishen closed the bedroom door, cutting off the camera outside. Qi Zishen pointed at Li Xiwu and then at Ji Weiling. “Did you collude?”

Although Ji Weiling was afraid, she still stood firmly in front of Li Xiwu. She had to take responsibility for this. “So what if it’s me? You should have expected this day to come!”

Qi Zishen was furious. “Ji Weiling!

Ji Weiling was shocked and her body swayed. “If it was just for fun, I could afford to play. I’m an adult. I have to pay for what I did. But you framed me and made me doomed. Why should I let you off!”

When Qi Zishen thought about how everything he had just said had been exposed, he was furious.

Was his acting career going to be ruined like this?


He would never allow it!

Qi Zishen had never been so crazy at this moment. Even though he knew that there was no point in reversing no matter what he did, he still pounced on Ji Weiling fiercely.


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