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Chapter 288: Chapter 288: Hatred Eyes

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Chapter 288: Hatred Eyes

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A few minutes later, Li Xiwu pulled Ji Weiling out of the bedroom.


Facing the camera, Li Xiwu’s expression and gaze did not avoid it at all.

Although she was silent, she had a majestic aura. If anyone who was familiar with Pei Jingzhou and Li Xiwu were here, they would definitely notice that Li Xiwu’s aura was very similar to Pei Jingzhou’s.

A replica of a big shot!

“Miss Li! Sister Weiling!” Yuanyuan walked forward worriedly.

Li Xiwu said, “It’s fine.”

Ji Weiling’s voice was very soft. “I’m fine too.”

Yuanyuan could guess that the two of them were definitely fine. That fierce old lady had brought so many people and they were here to protect Miss Li. Miss Li would definitely be fine.

Li Xiwu gave Ji Weiling a look before leaving the camera and standing aside. Yuanyuan understood Li Xiwu’s gaze. When Li Xiwu went to the side, she followed, leaving Ji Weiling alone in front of the camera.

[Where did Qi Zishen go? I heard a bang and didn’t see anyone.]

[As a public figure and a male celebrity supported by thousands of fans, Qi Zishen actually did something to destroy a girl’s reputation. It’s really too evil.]

[Especially since he flirted with Ji Weiling first. The first to flirt is cheap.] [I feel sorry for Qi Zishen’s fans. They’re fans of this thing.]

[The benefit of a live broadcast is that it’s set in stone. If Ji Weiling releases evidence and destroys Qi Zishen alone, who knows how she will be controlled and criticized. She will probably be scolded instead.]

[It’s men who say that Li Xiwu is immoral, right? The most important thing for girls is their reputation. They were originally willing to attract each other in private, but Qi Zishen played dirty. He deserves this!]

[Everyone is accusing Qi Zishen of his actions. I agree, but I’m more curious. This time, it’s a grudge between Qi Zishen and Ji Weiling. As a former manager, it’s understandable for Li Xiwu to interfere. Why did Guan Suling join in the fun?]

[Get to the point. Guan Suling said something about my Little You?!]

Ji Weiling stood in front of the camera. She said nothing, but bent down and bowed deeply. She felt guilty. Especially the fans who had supported her. They must be very sad to fall in love with an idol who did not love herself.

People had to pay for their mistakes.

Ji Weiling had already paid the price for what she had done impulsively. She regretted it, but it was useless to regret it. What she had done was done. She would start a new life in the future.

After bowing, Ji Weiling left the camera and went to the side, crying silently.

When the netizens saw this scene, their hearts were in turmoil. Some sighed and their hearts ached. Some people felt that this was the path Ji Weiling had chosen. Whether she took the wrong path or not, she should be the one paying.

Many ‘hug’ emojis appeared in the comments. Most of the people who swiped this emoji were girls.

Soon, today’s ‘unexpected’ live broadcast was pushed to the trending searches on Weibo. The words #Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# were so straightforward that they steadily became the top trending searches in a short period of time.

Qi Zishen, who had always been in the top five of the internal entertainment industry, exploded after today’s incident.

Not only were the words in the live broadcast exposed, Qi Zishen’s last female fan site admin came out to speak, insinuating a lot of things that he had said in the past but fans did not believe.

#Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# Boohoo, the first celebrity I fan of suddenly collapsed!

#Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# When Qi Zishen’s last female fan site admin fanned another person, she revealed that Qi Zishen was very good at playing in private. At that time, we didn’t believe it.

#Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# Although Ji Weiling isn’t worth pitying, why did he do this to a girl!

#Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# 4 years of love. Until today.

#Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# Although I don’t want to accept it, the material that the female fansite admin exposed really made me feel very uncomfortable. It was as if I was forcefully fed sh*t.

#Qi Zishen’s Image Collapsed# The idol I’ve been a fan of for four years is actually so greasy. I used to think he was cool! I’ve already poked my eyes!

Qi Zishen had more than 40 million fans. After this incident, his fans were quickly falling. His personal Weibo had also fallen, and his comments were polarized. This was because many hardcore fans were still stubbornly waiting for Hua Guan Media to clarify even after watching the live broadcast.

They were all holding on to one-in-a-thousand hope… What if there was a reversal?

In fact, Qi Zishen had been hammered until there was no reversal. This matter would not affect Qi Zishen’s filming in the future, nor would it affect this show. The highlight of today’s live broadcast had been completed.

The cameramen looked at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu was silent for a moment, then raised her hand slightly. The cameramen understood Li Xiwu’s gesture, then turned off the live broadcast and removed all the camera equipment.

Li Xiwu was originally not sure if these were arranged by Pei Jingzhou. When the cameraman understood her gesture and turned off the live broadcast, Li Xiwu immediately understood that this was indeed arranged by Pei Jingzhou.

After the cameraman and the others left, Li Xiwu turned and glanced in the direction of the bedroom. Her grandmother was still inside. Li Xiwu wasn’t sure what would happen inside, but with Qi Zishen’s identity, her grandmother probably wouldn’t do anything to him.


She calmly accepted the fact that Guan Suling was her grandmother. She was really honest. There were not many surprises.

It was probably because they had already interacted in advance and because her aunt had already come looking for her, but her grandmother’s appearance was not sudden. It was only a matter of time.

Although she was not surprised and was calm, she was not ready at the bottom of her heart to face her family.

In her memory, she was an orphan. Her previous life was a mess. She only got better after meeting Pei Jingzhou. These were her past memories. The past no longer existed. Feelings without memories were blank.

So she was wondering how she should face the old lady who was now a grandmother.

“Miss Li.”

Her thoughts were in turmoil. Li Xiwu frowned. Behind her, she heard Ji Weiling’s voice. Her frown relaxed and she turned around.

Ji Weiling stood in front of Li Xiwu. “I’m sorry.”

Li Xiwu said, “You’ve already said those words.”

Ji Weiling lowered her head like an ostrich. “It wasn’t formal just now. This is a formal apology.”

Li Xiwu said, “Lift your head and talk.”

Ji Weiling did not lift it and buried it even lower.

Li Xiwu said, “I don’t forgive you.”

Ji Weiling was stunned. She suddenly looked up at Li Xiwu with tears in her eyes.

Li Xiwu’s lips curled up. “See, didn’t you raise your head?”

Ji Weiling bit her lip. Afraid that Miss Li would despise her worthless tears, she forcefully held them back and said in a choked voice, “I was obsessed.”

Li Xiwu crossed her arms and stopped thinking about facing Guan Suling. She looked much more relaxed. ‘Everyone makes mistakes.”

Ji Weiling took a deep breath. “I’ll work hard at Ying Huang Entertainment.”

Li Xiwu said, “That’s naturally the best.”

Not long after, Guan Suling came out. Before coming out, her expression was cold. When she came out and saw Li Xiwu, her cold expression suddenly softened.

Immediately after, the two bodyguards pushed Qi Zishen out. There were no injuries on his face, but from the way he was grimacing, his internal injuries were not light. They probably covered his mouth and beat him up.

Guan Suling’s methods were very powerful. Even at her age, she was always decisive in handling everything.

Qi Zishen looked up at Ji Weiling, then his gaze landed on Li Xiwu. There was fleeting hatred in his eyes, as if he was tearing her apart.

Li Xiwu’s eyebrows jumped.

A woman’s sixth sense told her it wasn’t a good look..

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