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Chapter 292: Chapter 292: Dark Red Blood

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Chapter 292: Dark Red Blood

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The car careened into the protective barrier of the greenery. The driver stepped on the brakes immediately. Due to the powerful inertia, Li Xiwu crashed forward.


It hurt.

The shattering pain.

Starting from her head, it quickly spread to her limbs and bones, and her knees were also ruthlessly hit. Li Xiwu couldn’t recover for a long time. Her face was pale, and she felt warm liquid flowing down her forehead. She raised her hand to touch her forehead, and what greeted her was a glaring dark red color.

At this moment, the car door was suddenly pulled open

Li Xiwu looked up with difficulty and met Qi Zishen’s worried gaze. He asked her, “Miss Li, are you alright?”

Not only did Li Xiwu have a headache, but her entire body was in pain. She wondered how the driver in front of her was and if he had dodged it. Seeing that Qi Zishen not only opened the car door, but also asked her worriedly if she was alright, Li Xiwu stared at him even more warily.

Qi Zishen reached out to Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu dodged. As she moved, she pulled at the wound on her knee. Her face was as pale as paper from the pain.

Qi Zishen’s hand froze in midair. Seeing that Li Xiwu was afraid, he retracted his hand a moment later and said, “The car hit the greenery. For safety’s sake, get out of the car first. I’ve already called the police. You don’t have to worry.”

Li Xiwu felt that Qi Zishen was lying to her to get out of the car before attacking her. After all, this collision did not directly kill her. He should be indignant. She ignored Qi Zishen and propped herself up to look at the driver in front.

There was no sign of the driver.

Li Xiwu’s heart tightened. Where was the driver? The door in front opened a little. Could the driver have jumped out of the car and escaped just now? If only he was fine.

She fumbled for her phone. Before the accident, the phone was in her hand. When she hit it, the phone left her hand and disappeared. Finally she saw the phone under the seat. She reached for it, but she was a step too slow.

Qi Zishen reached in and picked up her phone. “Miss Li, are you looking for a phone?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and closed her eyes in pain. It was physical pain. She calmed herself down and reminded him word by word, ‘Qi Zishen, you know the law.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Li.” Qi Zishen said apologetically, “The brakes failed and caused this car accident. Miss Li, I’ll compensate you for all the losses.” Li Xiwu looked at him coldly. “Qi Zishen, don’t tell me you have two

personalities. The car that hit me just now was your second personality, and the first personality was your dark side?”

With that) the guilt on Qi Zishen’s face dissipated. In its place was a mocking smile. “Li Xiwu, do you really feel a sense of accomplishment for ruining me?

“This has nothing to do with a sense of accomplishment.” Li Xiwu’s voice was weak, even lower than before. “You destroyed yourself. Even if it didn’t happen this time, there will be a next time. When celebrities stand on a glamorous stage, they should take on a positive image You’re the one who’s not worthy.”

Qi Zishen said, “I didn’t break the law. How is my virtue not worthy of my position? On the other hand, even if you’re not a celebrity, don’t you still rely on your man to get to where you are? You have an affair with President Qi in the company, right? Does your tycoon husband know?”

Li Xiwu chuckled. “Do men like to make yellow rumors about a woman when they become useless?

Qi Zishen said, “I’m telling the truth!”

“What’s the truth?” Li Xiwu narrowed her eyes at Qi Zishen. “The secular world always criticizes women for not loving themselves, so why can men be spared from the same thing? I won’t let you escape unscathed. I don’t have anything to explain about the live broadcast. Since it’s exposed, it’s equivalent to confirming it. You’re not wronged!”

Qi Zishen’s anger erupted. “You ruined my career!”

Li Xiwu snorted. “Career? ‘Qi Zishen is a man who cherishes his feathers.’ That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard this year.”

A vicious glint flashed across Qi Zishen’s eyes as he reached out to Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu was trapped in the car and couldn’t avoid it. Seeing Qi Zishen grab her wrist and drag her out, Li Xiwu wrapped her arms around the armrest of the seat beside her.

She had underestimated Qi Zishen’s strength. Not allowing her to resist, he pulled her out of the car.

Qi Zishen seemed to have gone crazy. He hated Li Xiwu for being a busybody. He hated Li Xiwu for ruining him. These hatreds gathered together and made it impossible for him to let go of what had happened today, so he followed.

He stepped on the accelerator desperately along the way, just for this moment.

Li Xiwu’s expression changed. She suddenly exerted strength from somewhere and pressed Qi Zishen’s wrist. “What are you trying to do!”

Qi Zishen was almost possessed. “Can’t you tell what I want to do? Of course

I’m taking revenge on you.”

However, Qi Zishen did not expect the injured Li Xiwu to still have the strength to resist him. As soon as he approached, she bent her knees and went up. A sharp pain came from his crotch. Qi Zishen’s expression changed instantly as he gritted his teeth. “Li! Xi! Wu!”

Li Xiwu said, “Self-defense.”

Qi Zishen’s eyes turned red as he grabbed Li Xiwu’s neck and exerted strength. Li Xiwu could not avoid him. After being strangled by Qi Zishen, her expression instantly turned ugly.

She did not struggle too much. Her expression was pained, but she was very calm. She aimed at the position and raised her elbow to counterattack. Qi Zishen was in pain and let go. Li Xiwu took advantage of this moment to raise her head and hit him with her face.

Both sides suffered, but it was very effective in knocking Qi Zishen back a few steps. He raised his hand to his forehead. “You crazy woman!”

“Not as crazy as you.” Li Xiwu’s head hurt so much that she almost collapsed from the dizziness. She steadied herself and turned to escape.

Li Xiwu’s leg was injured) so it was a little difficult for her to run. She was completely at a disadvantage when she limped, and she was quickly pulled back by Qi Zishen.

Li Xiwu did not struggle. She only reminded him calmly, “Qi Zishen, isn’t my current state enough for your revenge? Do you know that you’re breaking the law?”

However, the crazy Qi Zishen wouldn’t listen to anything now. He pulled Li Xiwu back to the car.

Qi Zishen stared at her fiercely. “Don’t you like to bump into each other? I don’t like the feeling of both sides being injured. IVs enough for you to suffer alone.

I’ll let you bump into me as much as you want!”

Li Xiwu, who was at a disadvantage, had no room to resist. Qi Zishen pressed her head against the car door with a bang. When Qi Zishen heard the loud bang, he panicked and immediately let go. Without restraint, Li Xiwu’s body suddenly slid down and she fell to the ground.

The hair blurred Li Xiwu’s face. Qi Zishen walked closer and saw the blood on Li Xiwu’s face. It was so glaring that it made him panic.

He did this on the spur of the moment. He did not wake up the moment he hit the car. Instead, when he saw Li Xi’s misty face and bloodstained face, he finally woke up a little..

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