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Chapter 30

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Unknowingly Fell In Love

Li Xiwu never expected that the female artiste President Qi signed for her would be that woman. She gripped the phone to calm herself.

Buzz. Buzz.

The phone beeped twice more.

Li Xiwu exited Xue Jinzhu’s information and clicked on President Qi’s WeChat message.

President Qi: [Xue Jinzhu has a sugar daddy behind her.]

President Qi: [Next, you have to give her all the resources you have. Ji Weiling’s resources will be based on the response of the new drama. If the response of the new drama is not good, withdraw her resources.]

—She has a sugar daddy behind her.

—Give all resources.

—Withdraw Ji Weiling’s resources.

The faces of capitalists were often like this, but she could not talk to President Qi from the perspective of a critic.

Li Xiwu exhaled and calmly typed a reply: [Okay.]

She scrolled down. There were WeChat messages from Ji Weiling and Yuanyuan. She clicked on it.

Ji Weiling: [Miss Li, I finished an entire cup of kale and vegetable juice this morning. I’m awesome, right?]

Ji Weiling: [picture jpg.]

Ji Weiling: [(looking for praise) (looking for praise) emoji pack GIF. ]

Ji Weiling: [You’ve told me many times that kale is a high-fiber and low-calorie nutritious vegetable. When it becomes a juice, it will be good for the body. I didn’t like this taste before, but after accepting this taste, I unknowingly fell in love with it. Hehe~]

Li Xiwu looked at Ji Weiling’s WeChat message and her heart sank. She replied with two WeChat messages.

Ji Weiling should be looking at her phone at this time, so she immediately sent her a cute emoticon.

Li Xiwu reminded Ji Weiling to go to bed early after work. Then, she continued to read the remaining unread WeChat messages and dragged her tired body to remove her makeup and take a shower.

The next morning.

Li Xiwu had told Gao Yueban in advance that she was leaving Fu Town to deal with work.

Gao Yueban’s meaning was: “The previous two days, the live broadcast was at the inn. There are no missions today. The guests can decide on their own time. It’s the same for Group One.”

In that case, all the better.

Li Xiwu nodded. “I’ll discuss tonight’s schedule with my mother-in-law.”

“Sure,” Gao Yueban said. He waited for Li Xiwu to leave.

The assistant asked Gao Yueban, “Director Gao, are we still giving the script to Group Four?”

“What script? Miss Li is a walking script.”

Gao Yueban now had high hopes for Group Four. He was also the one who directed the first season of Mother-in-Law Joy. It didn’t feel as exciting as the second season. Perhaps it was because of the live broadcast.

Li Xiwu went upstairs and knocked on Han Qianye’s door. Half a minute later, Han Qianye came over and opened the door. Looking at Li Xiwu, who was standing outside the door with her makeup done, Han Qianye turned around and went in. “You’re done with your makeup so early.”

Li Xiwu said, “There are no specific tasks for today’s live broadcast. Time is at your disposal.”

Han Qianye nodded. “I know. The director said so last night.”

The mud pack on her face had been applied for twenty minutes. Han Qianye prepared to wash the mud pack on her face in the bathroom, hydrate her face, and apply sunscreen. When the makeup artist came in to do her beautiful and exquisite makeup, she would plan to go out.

Li Xiwu came in and waited for two minutes. Seeing that Han Qianye was still not out, she went to the bathroom door and said, “Auntie, I need to go to the company.”

“Go, go.” Han Qianye’s voice came from inside. There was the sound of water washing her face.

Li Xiwu continued, “I probably won’t be back in the afternoon after I’m done with my work. It’s best if the live broadcast is a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law scene. Do you want to come with me?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Han Qianye, whose face was still covered in mud, walked out quickly. She asked, “Are you really not coming back?”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement.

Han Qianye immediately said, “Then I’ll go with you. If you leave me here, I won’t know anything…”

Han Qianye’s expression froze for a few seconds. She looked up at Li Xiwu. Seeing that she did not smile or show any other expression, Han Qianye’s expression became a little more natural. “Then wait for me for half an hour.”

Li Xiwu replied, “Send me a WeChat message after you’re done with your makeup.”

“Got it.”

After a while, the makeup artist entered Han Qianye’s room. The live broadcast started at ten.

Li Xiwu and Han Qianye left Fu Town in the same car.

In the car.

Han Qianye looked at her makeup in the small mirror. “The eyeliner today looks smoother than yesterday. I like this lip color too. It looks better than yesterday.”

Li Xiwu looked over and smiled. “They all look good.”

Han Qianye grinned. As she smiled, she realized that her smile was a little silly. She immediately stopped smiling and said seriously, “It’s alright.”

Li Xiwu added, “It’s mainly because of your natural beauty.”

Han Qianye, who had already restrained her smile, smiled crazily when she heard this.

[I’m going to laugh to death by the fourth group.]

[Han Qianye can’t stand Li Xiwu’s praise at all. Why is that arrogant expression so likable?]

[A combination of Brainless and Unhappy.]

[I feel that Li Xiwu is very accommodating to Han Qianye. I wonder if everyone has noticed?]

[Li Xiwu will follow whatever Han Qianye does, but she doesn’t look afraid. Instead, she looks a little… doting?]

[I hope Sister Li and Xie Wen meet.]

[I hope Sister Li and Xie Wen +1! I hope the production team will arrange it!]

The car arrived at Hua Guan Media.

Han Qianye followed Li Xiwu into Hua Guan Media. In the office, Han Qianye was observing the decor and furnishings of Li Xiwu’s office.

Li Xiwu wanted to go upstairs to see President Qi. She came over and said to Han Qianye, “President Qi wants to talk to me about something.”

“Go.” Han Qianye sat down on the sofa. Just as Li Xiwu turned to leave, Han Qianye suddenly stopped her. “Hey—”

Li Xiwu turned. “Yes?”

Han Qianye put on a proud expression. “It’s not that I have to ask, but you have to say how long it will take, right?”

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile. “Half an hour, tops.”

“Half an hour…” Han Qianye waved her hand. “Go, go.”

Li Xiwu came out of the office and took the elevator to Qi Jiangchi’s office. When she entered, Li Xiwu knocked on the door. “President Qi.”

In the president’s office with bright windows, Qi Jiangchi’s office was beside the floor-to-ceiling window. Behind him were the blinds. At this moment, Qi Jiangchi placed his long legs on the table. When he heard Li Xiwu’s voice, he looked up at the person who came in.

Qi Jiangchi smiled and greeted, “Miss Li, you’re here.”

Li Xiwu nodded and walked in. Qi Jiangchi nodded at the chair in front of his desk, indicating for her to sit. Then, Qi Jiangchi picked up his phone and made a call. He instructed, “Call Xue Jinzhu up and tell her that Miss Li is back.”

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