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Chapter 301: Chapter 301: The Whole Net Reported That He Was Caught

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Chapter 301: The Whole Net Reported That He Was Caught

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At nine in the morning, the police officially released the official news.


#Actor Qi was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. This person confessed to his crimes… #

This news shocked the entire Internet.

Moreover, as soon as the police released this news, all the major platforms were carrying out forwarding and pushing. Anyone who was looking at their cell phones would immediately see this explosive news pop up.

In order to protect the victim, the police did not announce the name of the victim. This time, the public opinion reached its peak

[So-and-so Qi? Could it be Qi Zishen? He just collapsed yesterday and was arrested today?]

[The title of the push is #Qi Zishen Got Caught #. Obviously, the Qi that the police reported is Qi Zishen himself!]

[True fans expressed that I was still waiting for Qi Zishen to make a statement, but when I heard that he was going to jail…]

[Could it be that Qi Zishen has resentment in his heart after being exposed this time, so he tried to kill Ji Weiling?]

[If he really deliberately tried to kill Ji Weiling, then this man is too scary.] [As expected, the end of the melon is a white word on a blue background.]

[A thousand days to build a tall building, yet only a day is needed for it to collapse.]

[I’ve always thought that Qi Zishen was a gentleman. Thank you. My worldview has been refreshed.]

The popularity was getting higher and higher. There was already a “Exclusive” label behind the top trending topic.

At the same time, Ji Weiling, who had woken up from the phone, was very confused. She thought that someone was in a hurry to find her, but when she saw the missed calls on her cell phone, she realized that they were all from different people.

Moreover, they were all calls from some friends in the industry, including President Qi.

Ji Weiling picked up Qi Jiangchi’s call. “Hello, President Qi.”

Qi Jiangchi asked her worriedly, “How are you now?

Ji Weiling stammered, ‘ I-I’m at home.” Qi Jiangchi said, “You’re fine?

Ji Weiling said, “I’m fine. I just woke up.”

She was woken up by the frequent phone notices.

She was still a little confused and didn’t know what had happened. She just vaguely guessed that it had something to do with what happened yesterday. She was quite nervous, afraid that these calls weren’t good. After all, she had torn Qi Zishen apart, and Qi Zishen had so many connections in the industry.

As she thought this, she heard President Qi say, “It’s good that you’re fine. Find someone to cooperate with you recently, or don’t go out alone. Qi Zishen can harm you. He’s in jail. His mother will probably go crazy. I’m afraid she’ll find trouble with you.”

The more Ji Weiling listened, the more confused she became. In the end, she was already dumbfounded. Just as Qi Jiangchi was about to end the call, Ji Weiling quickly shouted, “Wait, President Qi—!

Qi Jiangchi heard Ji Weiling’s anxious voice from the receiver and pressed the phone back to his ear. “What’s wrong?

Ji Weiling asked nervously, “President Qi, what do you mean by Qi Zishen harming me?

Qi Jiangchi reacted quickly and asked the main point. ‘You haven’t seen Qi

Zishen since the live-stream yesterday?”

Ji Weiling answered truthfully, “At that time, Qi Zishen was taken away from my house by his manager. I didn’t leave the house from afternoon to night and didn’t see Qi Zishen again.”

Another call came in. Before Ji Weiling could say anything, Qi Jiangchi had already hung up. The busy tone came from the receiver. Ji Weiling took off her cell phone in a daze. A few seconds later, she picked up another call. It was all from a friend’s concern.

After a few consecutive calls, it was the same.

Ji Weiling was a little flustered. She clearly did not go out yesterday. How could Qi Zishen harm her? How did he harm her? Ji Weiling saw the news feed and immediately clicked on it.

Seeing that it was a car accident, Ji Weiling’s hand trembled. “Miss Lin.”

At the hospital.

Li Xiwu had just finished breakfast. The three of them ate breakfast together, including Pei Jingzhou and Grandma.

Guan Suling was exceptionally clear-headed. She did not give Pei Jingzhou a hard time in front of Li Xiwu. If she did not dislike him, it would be obvious that Li Xiwu would be in a difficult position, not Pei Jingzhou.

Therefore, Guan Suling did not say a word about Pei Jingzhou during breakfast.

After breakfast, Pei Jingzhou went out to answer a call.

Guan Suling knew what was going on. She watched Pei Jingzhou leave and said, “Dao Xi said that all the major news were reporting the news just now.

That kid surnamed Pei probably knows, but he’s already locked up in the police station. What else can he do?”

Li Xiwu didn’t answer her grandmother. She reached out and fiddled with the flowers on the table. “Grandma, I like these flowers very much. Let’s buy another bouquet when we go back, okay?”

“Of course.” Guan Suring walked over. “This hyacinth is very fragrant, but you can’t smell it for long. It will increase the burden on your internal organs.

Smell it occasionally to refresh your mind. It’s suitable for you now.”

That was why Guan Suling asked Dao Xi to buy a bouquet of hyacinths.

Li Xiwu leaned closer to smell the fragrance of the hyacinth. “I like it very much.”

“As long as you like it.” Guan Suling looked at Li Xiwu dotingly. No matter how she looked at it, she was happy. It was too rare to recover from a loss. She had to guard her baby well in the future until the day she couldn’t.

Buzz buzz buzz.

Her cell phone was vibrating. Guan Suling picked it up and handed it to Li

Xiwu. “Darling, your call.”

“Okay.” Li Xiwu took the cell phone and saw that the caller ID was Qi Jiangchi.

She did not avoid her grandmother and picked it up. She called out, “President Qi.”

Qi Jiangchi’s voice came from the phone. “Where are you?

Li Xiwu guessed the reason for Qi Jiangchi’s call and replied, “I’m with my grandmother.”

Qi Jiangchi said, “Grandmother?”

Li Xiwu said, “Mhm.”

Aren’t you an orphan? The question was on Qi Jiangchi’s lips and he almost asked it directly. He swallowed it and asked, “Who’s your grandmother?”

Yesterday, when Guan Suling said that she was Li Xiwu’s grandmother, it was before the live-stream. Therefore, Qi Jiangchi did not know who Li Xiwu’s grandmother was.

Li Xiwu laughed softly. “My grandmother is…”

Guan Suling gestured for Li Xiwu to give her the phone. Although it was not on speaker, the two of them were close enough for Guan Suling to hear Qi Jiangchi’s voice on the receiver.

Li Xiwu handed the phone to her grandmother.

Qi Jiangchi didn’t hear Li Xiwu i s answer and said, “Li Xiwu, are you still listening?

Guan Suling replied on behalf of Li Xiwu, “I’m Guan Suling.”

Qi Jiangchi heard another person’s voice on the phone. At first glance, it did not sound like an old person’s voice. It was powerful and full of energy.

However, to Qi Jiangchi, the voice was not important. What was important was that name. In addition, it was fine if her name was Guan Suling, but she even used a humble term to call herself!!

Qi Jiangchi was clearly still in the car heading to the company. When he heard the name Guan Suling, he straightened his posture. He cleared his throat and greeted in a proper tone, “Old Madam MO, hello. I’m Li Xiwu’s colleague. My name is Qi Jiangchi..”

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