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Chapter 305: Chapter 305: She’s Not a Sparrow, She’s a Phoenix

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Chapter 305: She’s Not a Sparrow, She’s a Phoenix

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Xue Jinzhu’s face was also filled with anticipation. The expression seemed to say silently: Make it up! Make it up! Let’s see what kind of tricks you can come up with!


Gu Lanshi did not look at Xue Jinzhu. Instead, he looked at Li Xiwu and her bangs under the brim of her hat. Li Xiwu seemed to sense it. She lowered her head slightly and covered half her face with the brim of her hat. Gu Lanshi asked, “Miss Li, do you really want to know?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “If Mr. Gu doesn’t mind telling me, I’d like to hear it.” “I don’t mind,” Gu Lanshi said.

Xue Jinzhu took a big sip of the milk tea in her hand and urged him in an unclear voice, “Then hurry up and say it. Don’t say anything wrong. Otherwise, it proves that you don’t love me that much.”

Gu Lanshi smiled silently. Generally speaking, when two people met and fell in love, there would be no end to it. However, it was fine to pick the important parts. However, Gu Lanshi and Xue Jinzhu’s relationship was fake. All the stories had to be fabricated. Now, they were about to fabricate a summary. This was quite a challenge for Gu Lanshi.

But no one knew what he thought of.

[I’m looking forward to it!! The past of two people knowing and falling in love is very good when it comes from a boy!]

[I always think Miss Piggy is pretentious, but occasionally I think she’s naive and unrestrained.]

[Needless to say, Xue Jinzhu’s personality must have been pampered by her native family.]

[Sister Li immediately turned into a bystander.]

Gu Lanshi looked at Li Xiwu and said softly, “I’m her father’s student.”

Xue Jinzhu was stunned. Her coal boss father had students? However, she quickly realized that Gu Lanshi had made this up, but it was quite convincing.

Li Xiwu still had that expectant expression as she waited for Gu Lan to continue. “Is that so?”

“Yes.” Gu Lanshi said, “In the few years I was by the teacher’s side, other than improving my studies, I also met her.”

When Gu Lanshi said these short words, it seemed to have become a very long sentence.

Xue Jinzhu chased after him like a melon. “Then? Then?”

[I feel that Mr. Gu can’t remember.]

[Miss Pig, hurry up and be more dignified!!]

[Isn’t Xue Jinzhu’s father a nouveau riche? How can Gu Lanshi be her father’s


[If Xue Jinzhu’s father is a university professor or a teacher, wouldn’t he be a nouveau riche if he bought a lottery ticket?]

[I look forward to it. Please continue, Mr. Gu.]

Seeing that Gu Lanshi stopped talking, Xue Jinzhu took a big sip of milk tea and asked, “Is there no ‘then’? Can’t you remember?”

Gu Lanshi glanced sideways at Xue Jinzhu. Her cheeks were bulging as she chewed the pulp in the milk tea.

Gu Lanshi smiled faintly and said, “We got along day and night, so we got together.”

Xue Jinzhu’s face fell. “You’re being too perfunctory.”

Gu Lanshi said, “Why don’t you supplement it?”

Xue Jinzhu:

Forget it. Don’t screw around and then screw yourself over. She took his arm and swayed it as she had just done. “I know you’re actually embarrassed to say this,” she said sweetly. “Actually, I’m a little embarrassed too. Then I won’t say anything.”

Gu Lanshi said gently, “Okay.”

Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu, who had almost fallen into the pit, and smiled silently. “Have fun. I’ll go over first.”

Han Qianye was still waiting for her. It had been about ten minutes since she got out of the car. She had to return to their group’s live-stream.

Gu Lanshi probably wanted to say something. Xue Jinzhu waved her hand first.

“See you later, Sister Li

Li Xiwu replied, “Okay.” Then, she got into the car and it drove slowly forward.

[Transfer to the live-stream! Transfer to the live-stream! I want to see Sister Li’s interaction with her husband!]

[There was no notice that all the husbands would appear on the last day. Now, Tao Jing’s husband is here in a hurry. Xue Jinzhu’s boyfriend is here, and Sister

Li’s husband is also here. I’m looking forward to it.]

[I’m so anxious. Please verify Li Xiwu’s relationship with Old Madam MO!!!]

[Miss Pig, with your gossipy mouth, why didn’t you ask Li Xiwu if she knew about Ji Weiling’s situation? I’m quite worried. Ji Weiling hasn’t posted on Weibo to say that she’s safe!]

[I hope Ji Weiling is fine. Hurry up and ask Li Xiwu!]

Many netizens were quite concerned about Ji Weiling’s current situation.

Qi Zishen had been arrested for attempted murder, which was very likely the victim, Ji Weiling. There had been no response so far. Netizens were really worried that Ji Weiling had been killed by Qi Zishen.

It would be good if Ji Weiling could say that she’s fine.

Xue Jinzhu watched as the cars drove towards the hotel. She retracted her gaze and saw Gu Lanshi staring at her. His gaze was terrifying! Under his gaze, Xue Jinzhu cupped her face in the shape of a sunflower and tried her best to act. “Is it because I’m especially beautiful today that you’re looking at me so intently?”

After saying this, she disgusted herself.

The smile on Gu Lanshi’s lips looked a little doting. “Yes, beautiful.”

Xue Jinzhu pushed him and looked very embarrassed. “Don’t praise me so bluntly. I’m shy. Just remember to care about me.”

Gu Lanshi was very calm. “I’ve been too busy with work recently and don’t have much time. I happened to be free today. I thought that you were recording your last day, so I came to see you.”

Xue Jinzhu rolled her eyes in her heart. Damn it, he really knew how to act. He could catch anything she threw.

Meanwhile, the commercial car had pulled up outside the hotel. After Li Xiwu got out of the car, Guan Suling also got out. Right on the heels, Pei Jingzhou came out, the three of them entered the hotel.

Han Qianye bought a calligraphy set and wrote it in her room. Anyway, she would treat it as killing time. Perhaps the netizens would like to read it because her calligraphy was very good.

As she wrote, she calmed down. When there was a knock on the door, Han

Qianye quickly put down her pen. “Coming, coming.”

[I’m dying of laughter. One second, Han Qianye was a goddess, and the next, she became Brainless.]

[You don’t say, Brainless’ calligraphy is really good. As expected of someone from a scholarly family.]

[She’s been waiting for her daughter-in-law to come back. Finally, Sister Li is back.]

Han Qianye opened the door happily, but she did not see Li Xiwu.

She saw Guan Suling. The joyous smile on Han Qianye’s face faded visibly. “Why are you here?”

Guan Suling held an elegant posture. “I’m sending my darling over.”

Han Qianye was stunned. “Your darling?” Guan Suling said, “My granddaughter!”


[Isn’t Li Xiwu the one Guan Suling sent back? Why did she become her granddaughter?]

[F*ck, don’t tell me that Li Xiwu is Old Madam Mo’s granddaughter!]

[Don’t tell me she’s the god granddaughter she just acknowledged? If she’s her biological granddaughter, how embarrassing would those people who slandered Li Xiwu becoming a phoenix? Li Xiwu is a phoenix herself!]

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