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Chapter 306: Chapter 306: Background Controversy

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Chapter 306: Background Controversy

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In Mother-in-Law Joys Weibo hyperbole, there was already an intense discussion about Li Xiwu’s true background.


At first, many people said that Li Xiwu was a sparrow that flew to the top. Many people followed suit. After all, the more popular a person was, the more controversial they would be. If they were not popular enough, who would discuss it?

Now, because of Guan Suling’s appearance and the fact that Li Xiwu was her granddaughter, the topic has changed again!

[I think no matter what Li Xiwu’s true background is, I like her because I always like her.]

[It would be even better if Sister Li was really Matriarch Mo’s granddaughter.

It would be a slap to those people’s faces.]

[It’s not a program effect, is it?]

[Let me straighten it out. If Li Xiwu is Matriarch Mo’s biological granddaughter, do you know what it means? Everyone knows that Matriarch Mo’s eldest daughter is called MO Zhu. That i s the only female mayor in Shen City in decades!]

[By the way, let me mention Ms. MO Zhu’s husband. Her husband is our country’s outstanding chief diplomat, Li Huaisheng, Uncle Li!]

[There are no ordinary people in the MO family. Even their son-in-law is so outstanding and has such a strong family background. I feel that it has nothing to do with Li Xiwu.]

[It’s just a surname. Could it be that Li Xiwu’s surname is also Li and Matriarch MO feels close to her?]

[Where are Mother Dragon’s fans? Come and tear apart those haters!]

Mother Dragon’s fans had already gone into battle and protected Li Xiwu unconditionally. Those haters were quickly surrounded.

Now, there were all kinds of speculations on the Internet about Li Xiwu’s background. Some netizens searched for Li Huaisheng’s photo and compared it to Li Xiwu’s photo. In the end, they realized that there were 50 to 60 percent similarities.

Especially her eyebrows.

This time, the topic rose almost explosively and was pushed to the trending list.

At the door of the room.

Han Qianye craned her neck to look behind Guan Suling. She looked around but did not see Li Xiwu. She only saw a follower standing behind Guan Suling.

Han Qianye asked, “Where’s Xixi?”

Guan Suling stood in a dignified manner, exuding a graceful and noble aura. “We came up together and met another group of guests at the elevator. The other party had just gotten pregnant and pulled my darling to share it happily. I saw that they couldn’t finish talking for a while, so I came up to tell you personally.”

When Han Qianye heard about the pregnancy, she knew that she was Min Hanrong’s daughter-in-law, Tao Jing.

It was quite unexpected.

She heard that she was four weeks pregnant. That meant that she had been pregnant during the recording, but Tao Jing did not know.

Thinking about the time in Mount Liang, it was quite dangerous, especially when Tao Jing had a slight concussion from the fall. At that time, she only had a brain examination. Coupled with the fact that she did not need to take medicine for a slight concussion, the little guy stayed very stable in her stomach.

It was obvious that he would be lucky in the future.

Han Qianye invited Guan Suling in to sit, so Guan Suling naturally did not stand on ceremony. She followed her in and noticed the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone on the table. “What are you writing?

Han Qianye said) “It’s nonsense. There’s no real emotion. It’s all based on scribbles.”

Guan Suling teased, “I couldn’t tell. You’re usually not smart, and your limbs are quite developed.”

Han Qianye looked speechless. “Don’t praise others if you don’t know how.”

Guan Suling was puzzled. “Did I praise you?

Han Qianye:

Guan Suling moved closer to Han Qianye. “I plan to bring my darling back to

the MO Residence to stay for a month or two tonight.”

Han Qianye’s hand, which was about to write, paused. She looked up at Guan Suling. “A month or two?

Guan Suling was very calm. “Yes.”

Of course, Han Qianye did not agree. “No, a month or two is too long.”

Guan Suling said, “You can come to the MO Residence to see her.”

Han Qianye insisted, “That won’t do either.”

Guan Suling took a step back. “Maybe a month.”

Han Qianye asked, “We usually live separately from Xixi. She lives in Lake Lu with Jingzhou. If you bring Xixi back to the MO Residence to stay for a month, will Xixi agree? Definitely not!”

Guan Suling said faintly, “She will!”

Han Qianye added, “Then Jingzhou won’t agree either.”

Guan Suling glanced at Han Qianye. “That kid didn’t say that he didn’t agree. He’s wherever my darling is.”

Han Qianye:

For a moment, she was speechless.

Meanwhile, downstairs.

Tao Jing was chatting with Li Xiwu.

Wu Jiacheng exchanged pleasantries with Pei Jingzhou. As they chatted, they talked about the recent decline in stocks and bonds, especially the ups and downs of American stocks. Everything Pei Jingzhou said on this topic was very enlightening to Wu Jiacheng.

At the same age, Wu Jiacheng had thought that he was superior when he did not know Pei Jingzhou’s identity.

Unexpectedly, Pei Jingzhou was the one who hid his strength. After discussing the financial situation, Wu Jiacheng quickly couldn’t pick up. Pei Jingzhou stopped and walked to Li Xiwu’s side. “Honey, we should go up.”

Li Xiwu agreed.

Tao Jing said in embarrassment, “I unknowingly chatted with you for so long, but I’m really happy to share it with you. I’m just quite worried about the pregnancy reaction next. The doctor said that there will be pregnancy reactions in eight or nine weeks.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “It’s a little hard during pregnancy. Every mother is

very noble.”

When Tao Jing heard this, her face was filled with a happy smile. “It’s all worth it. ”

Li Xiwu hesitated for a few seconds before answering. “Yes.” She hesitated because she was about to say: If you think it’s worth it, it’s worth it. Thinking that it wasn’t appropriate to say this, she changed it to a yes. After that, Tao Jing held Wu Jiacheng’s arm and went out.

Pei Jingzhou held Li Xiwu’s hand. “Let’s go.”

The two of them did not have any live-stream cameras along the way, so there was no need to avoid anything. After entering the elevator, there were only the two of them. Li Xiwu said, “After interacting with Wu Jiacheng just now, what do you think of him?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “There’s too many empty words.”

Li Xiwu said, “When I first met Wu Jiacheng, I felt that he was quite steady.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You can’t judge a person from the first look.”

Li Xiwu said, “Then should I take a few more glances?

Pei Jingzhou pulled her over. “Just look at me.”

Li Xiwu chuckled. She thought that Pei Jingzhou was quite childish sometimes.

However, she only thought so in her heart and did not say it out loud. Otherwise, someone would not be convinced.

She thought of her conversation with Tao Jingo

Although Tao Jing kept smiling and her face was filled with happiness, she felt that Tao Jing was not very happy. At first, Li Xiwu guessed that it was probably because she was a new mother and was a little at a loss, so her true feelings were a little complicated.

But after the conversation ended, she gradually realized that Tao Jing’s unhappiness was not because she was at a loss as a new mother.

It was that family, right? It was still quite difficult for her.

At this moment, Tao Jing was holding Wu Jiacheng’s hand and leaving the hotel with him.

Wu Jiacheng said casually, “You seem to like that Miss Li quite a lot. You get along well with her..”

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