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Chapter 307: Chapter 307: To Antarctica

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Chapter 307: To Antarctica

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Tao Jing pursed her lips. “Xiwu makes me feel very close.”


Wu Jiacheng added, “You can contact each other more in the future.”

Tao Jing replied, “Mhm.”

Wu Jiacheng asked again, “Did the doctor say what to pay attention to in the next three months?”

The first three months of pregnancy were not very stable, but Tao Jing’s physical condition was good. This problem was very small, but she remembered what the doctor had instructed her. But when Wu Jiacheng asked, she only said, “The doctor said to maintain a good mood.”

Wu Jiacheng smiled. “Are you usually unhappy?

Tao Jing said, “Usually…”

Wu Jiacheng said, “You were happy for more than ten days for the bouquet of 999 roses I ordered for you last time. By the way, you were also happy for a long time for the set of jewelry I bought for you last time. Also, the last time you went to Universal Studios…”

Tao Jing lowered her voice and interrupted, “Jiacheng, I’m not feeling well.”

Wu Jiacheng’s expression changed. “Is it your stomach? Let’s go to the hospital quickly.”

Tao Jing said, “It’s not my stomach.”

Wu Jiacheng immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Tao Jing looked at Wu Jiacheng’s relieved expression and felt an indescribable feeling in her heart. In short, it was indescribable. She took a deep breath and said softly, “My stomach isn’t feeling well. The doctor said that this situation during pregnancy is normal. I want to go back and lie down to rest.”

Wu Jiacheng held Tao Jing’s hand and returned to the hotel. “I told you when we went out that you have to be careful about everything now that you’re pregnant. You should rest more.”

Tao Jing obediently replied, “Mhm.”

Every word sounded like concern, but every word of concern had nothing to do with her. Was she too dissatisfied? She needed more care from her husband than materiality.

Yesterdays mission was to prepare a small gift for each other. Everyone completed the mission perfectly. Min Hanrong thought of a way to prepare a gift for Tao Jing, but Tao Jing did not give her any gifts and only handed her a piece of paper.

At that time, Min Hanrong did not pull a long face. But she could tell that she was a little unhappy.

In particular, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of the other groups had prepared gifts. She had also prepared small gifts for Tao Jing and had prepared them with all her heart.

Although she was depressed, Min Hanrong had to give her daughter-in-law face. After all, the show was about to end. She unfolded the paper.

After seeing the contents of the paper, Min Hanrong’s eyebrows twitched. As if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she quickly raised the piece of paper higher and looked carefully again in the clearer direction of the light. “The uterus is enlarged. There is a fetal echo in the uterus…”

As she read, Min Hanrong suddenly fell silent.

She suddenly realized that this was a pregnancy ultrasound impact report!

Is she… pregnant?

Min Hanrong looked at Tao Jing in surprise and said excitedly, “Jingjing, you’re pregnant?”

Tao Jing nodded shyly. “Yes.”

Min Hanrong was overjoyed. “Oh my god, this is really the best gift.”

At this moment, Min Hanrong’s joy came from the bottom of her heart. Although she said that she would let Tao Jing play for a few more years, her stomach had not moved at all. She was also anxious, afraid that the Wu family would marry a daughter-in-law who could not give birth.

She was finally pregnant.

She carefully read the pregnancy report again and saw the words ‘intrauterine pregnancy’ at the bottom. The more she read, the happier she became. The netizens also sent their blessings in the comments.

In the end, Min Hanrong carefully folded the pregnancy test report and put it away. She turned around and quickly helped Tao Jing sit down. “It’s the last episode. I didn’t expect you to give me such a big surprise. I like this gift very much.”

Min Hanrong smiled so widely that her teeth were visible. “By the way, when did you go for the checkup? Does Jiacheng know?”

At the mention of checkup, the smile on Tao Jing’s face dimmed.

After recording the fourth episode, she followed Min Hanrong back to Hong Kong that night.

Because she had not had much of an appetite for dinner in the past few days, she thought that there was something wrong with her stomach. When she returned to the Wu Residence, she did not eat much that night, but no one came to ask her.

While sleeping, she discussed with Wu Jiacheng that he would accompany her to the hospital for a stomach checkup the next day.

However, Wu Jiacheng said, “I’ve set up a meeting with my friend during the day. I can’t go. Let’s talk about it later. If the situation isn’t serious, why don’t you come with me to my friend’s place?

Tao Jing felt quite uncomfortable, but she still agreed. “Okay.”

She thought that Wu Jiac.heng would accompany her to the hospital later when she went out to play with him during the day. In the end, Wu Jiacheng was drunk and could not accompany her to the hospital, so Min Hanrong urged her to return to the capital.

She called Min Hanrong back and said that her stomach was uncomfortable and she wanted to prescribe some medicine. Min Hanrong did not say that she was dilly-dallying and only asked her to settle it quickly so that she could leave. The plane tickets had already been booked.

Then she drove the drunk Wu Jiacheng to the hospital.

With the identity of the Wu family’s daughter-in-law, there were naturally many backdoors. After the doctor finished chatting about stomach problems and asked Tao Jing about her period, he personally brought Tao Jing to the gynecology department.

Tao Jing left her phone number and learned the results the next morning. Then, she asked the doctor to send the pregnancy test report over. It had just arrived at night and she was prepared to tell Min Hanrong the next day. Unexpectedly, the production team happened to arrange this segment, so she told Min Hanrong this news as a gift.

Tao Jing was looking forward to getting pregnant when they were newlyweds.

But now, she felt that being pregnant was quite a burden.

But she had no choice. Since she had one, she naturally couldn’t bear to abort it. No matter what the future held, at least the child was innocent.

When Li Xiwu returned to her room, she was still wearing her hat and scarf. When Han Qianye saw that Li Xiwu was back, she put down her pen and immediately focused on her. “I couldn’t sleep without you last night.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “There was a lot of work yesterday. I couldn’t finish it all.

“Got it. Work is more important.” Han Qianye held Li Xiwu’s hand eagerly. At this moment, Han Qianye noticed that Li Xiwu had been wearing a hat and asked, “Xixi, should we take off the hat and scarf?”

Because the hotel rooms were air-conditioned. Han Qianye was worried that Li Xiwu would feel hot wrapped up like this.

Li Xiwu shook her head and said, “I’m not hot.”

Han Qianye said, “Alright then, but you look beautiful in a hat.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly.

At the side, Guan Suling picked up Han Qianye’s pen and began to write. She did not disturb the two of them from recording the show. Pei Jingzhou stood at the side and admired it. Guan Sulings handwriting was very strong. With the penmanship of a calligrapher, it was comparable to Han Qianye’s foundation.

Han Qianye took advantage of the fact that no one was disturbing her and pulled Li Xiwu to chat. As they chatted, they talked about going to Antarctica to see penguins on the first day of the first episode.

Han Qianye immediately said, “Xixi, let’s go to Antarctica to see penguins the day after tomorrow, okay?”

Li Xiwu asked, “The day after tomorrow?

Han Qianye said, “It doesn’t have to be the day after tomorrow. I’ll arrange it when you’re free. I’ll go to the South Pole and go to Country T on the way. Do you want to come with me?”

Han Qianye thought that she would just do the paternity test in Country T!

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