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Chapter 31

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Pei Jingzhou’s New Lover

Qi Jiangchi was the crown prince of Qingdong Group and also the president of Hua Guan Media.

Li Xiwu recalled that when she first entered Hua Guan, she had known Qi Jiangchi until now. The two of them were subordinates and friends, but she could never see through this unpredictable man.

Back then, when Xie Wen was pregnant and insisted on having a child before making a comeback, he did not give her any face and directly cut off all her resources and cut off her path of retreat. However, for this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law show, he gave Xie Wen a favor and gave her exposure.

As for Ji Weiling, she performed well in all aspects and was clearly improving. But now, with the words “give away all her resources”, it would undoubtedly cut off Ji Weiling’s path.

Qi Jiangchi’s thin lips curled up, and his voice was light and smiling. “Why? You’ve been staring at me. Do you think I’m handsome?”

Li Xiwu suddenly realized that he was looking at Qi Jiangchi when he was in a daze. She was serious. “Can I still give Ji Weiling a way out?”

“I’m afraid not.” Qi Jiangchi’s voice was very calm, without the teasing smile from before.

Li Xiwu sighed. “Ji Weiling is rising.”

Qi Jiangchi said, “I know.”

Li Xiwu looked up at him. “What did she do recently to make President Qi unhappy?”

“Nothing.” Qi Jiangchi played with his phone casually. “It’s not like you don’t know me. I’ve always been a person who separates my public and private affairs. Even if she pointed at my nose and scolded me, I wouldn’t be angry with her.”

Li Xiwu suppressed her smile. “If I can afford a lie detector one day, President Qi will be the first to use it.”

Qi Jiangchi chuckled. “I’ll be the first to test the lie detector you bought. In that case, I’m quite respected.”

Just as she finished speaking, the phone he was playing with vibrated. Qi Jiangchi picked it up and glanced at it before getting up. “I’ll go in and take a call.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Okay.”

Qi Jiangchi’s office had a separate lounge that was very soundproof. Qi Jiangchi entered the lounge and closed the door.

Li Xiwu retracted her gaze. She could guess that it was a call from the Qi family. He usually did not avoid other calls. She noticed that Qi Jiangchi’s table was a little messy. Since she was bored, she got up and helped him tidy up the table.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. The high heels made a crisp sound. Someone came in.

Li Xiwu turned around when she heard the voice. The first thing she saw was her swaying figure and her dazzling rose-red fishtail dress.

The skirt reached her thighs, and the slim and linear style wrapped around her extremely graceful curves. Her jade legs were long and straight. Not to mention men, even women would be confused for a few seconds.

Xue Jinzhu walked in in her high heels. When she saw Li Xiwu standing by the desk, she raised her hand and flicked her wavy chestnut hair. “Where’s President Qi?”

Li Xiwu pointed in the direction of the lounge. “President Qi is answering an important call.”

Xue Jinzhu nodded and walked towards Li Xiwu. Placing the phone on the table, she glanced sideways at Li Xiwu. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and pull out the seat.”

Li Xiwu was very good-tempered. She pulled the chair she had just sat on behind Xue Jinzhu. “Sit.”

Xue Jinzhu smiled and sat down. “You’re just an assistant. You don’t have any judgment at all. You still need to be reminded when doing things. Be careful that I will report you to President Qi and fire you.”

Li Xiwu raised an eyebrow. She thought that Xue Jinzhu was trying to intimidate her, but she did not expect that she had mistaken her for Qi Jiangchi’s assistant. She was about to clarify, not wanting to cause any unnecessary misunderstanding, when Xue Jinzhu suddenly pointed at her face. “Why do you look a little familiar?”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows, her hazel lips rippling with amusement. “We have indeed met.”

Xue Jinzhu remembered. “Yes, I remember now. You blocked my way at the hotel that day. I remember you a little.”

Li Xiwu’s smile faded a little. That day was referring to the hotel opposite the studio. When she went upstairs, she saw a scene she shouldn’t have seen: Pei Jingzhou and Xue Jinzhu hugging each other. Ever since the day at the hotel, she had guessed that this woman would definitely be pampered by Pei Jingzhou and become his next favorite.

From the information President Qi had sent her yesterday, as well as those words, she understood everything.

Xue Jinzhu’s backer was Pei Jingzhou. Resources were tilted to make Xue Jinzhu famous at all costs. Poor Ji Weiling became a stepping stone. President Qi had handed Xue Jinzhu over to her not because he thought she had the ability to make Xue Jinzhu famous, but because Pei Jingzhou had instructed him to.

This man really knew how to hurt one’s heart.

“So you’re President Qi’s assistant. Why didn’t I see you the last time I came to President Qi’s office?” Xue Jinzhu asked. Li Xiwu’s thoughts returned. Before she could say anything, Xue Jinzhu continued, “By the way, do you think Miss Li is easy to get along with?”

Xue Jinzhu crossed her arms and sat still.

Li Xiwu pressed her fingertips against the table. “You’ve never met her?” she asked steadily.

“No.” Xue Jinzhu said truthfully, “I heard that Miss Li has been very busy recently. I don’t know what she’s busy with.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Do you usually go online?”

“Yes, WeChat.” Xue Jinzhu raised her hand and yawned. “But I like to play cards the most. I have a lot of friends.”

Li Xiwu pressed her lips together. Recently, she had recorded a variety show and had even been on the trending searches a few times. Everyone in the circle of aristocratic families had also seen it and sent messages on WeChat to wish that the variety show she had recorded would do well.

Xue Jinzhu, who wanted to enter the entertainment industry, did not usually go online.

“Make me a cup of coffee.” Xue Jinzhu yawned again, looking extremely sleepy. “I played cards until midnight last night. If I had known that Miss Li was coming back today, I wouldn’t have played cards last night. I’m so sleepy.”

Li Xiwu stood still.

Xue Jinzhu said impatiently, “Go on, what are you waiting for?”

Just as she finished speaking, the door of the lounge opened and Qi Jiangchi’s voice sounded. “Xue Jinzhu, who are you ordering to make coffee for you!”

Hearing Qi Jiangchi’s voice, Xue Jinzhu immediately stood up. Qi Jiangchi walked over and sat back in his chair.

Xue Jinzhu was also about to sit down. “President Qi, I…”

Qi Jiangchi said in a low voice, “Who told you to sit there?”

Xue Jinzhu, who was about to sit down, suddenly froze for two to three seconds. She sat down and said angrily, “What’s wrong with me sitting here!”

Qi Jiangchi raised his chin and looked at her. “Get up!”

Xue Jinzhu sat stubbornly. “I won’t.” That expression seemed to say: I have a background. What can you do to me?!

Qi Jiangchi snorted and looked sideways at Li Xiwu. “Miss Li…”

Qi Jiangchi only called out to Miss Li, but before he could say anything, Xue Jinzhu, who had refused to stand up, suddenly stood up and looked at Li Xiwu in shock. “You-you’re Miss Li?”

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