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Chapter 311: Chapter 311: The Existence of a Daughter

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Chapter 311: The Existence of a Daughter

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Gu Lanshi put away the doll and looked at his watch. It was almost three in the afternoon. He took out his phone and made a call. “Auntie Lin, I’m going to pick up Youyou today.”


On the other end of the line, Auntie Lin said, “Okay.” Then, she reminded Gu Lanshi, “Mr. Gu, I promised Little Youyou yesterday that I would buy her a cake today. Little Youyou has been craving it for two days. Remember to buy one for her when you pick her up today.”

Gu Lanshi’s lips curled up unconsciously, and his voice was gentle. “Okay, got it. ”

After ending the call, Gu Lanshi looked up at the two of them standing under the maple tree and watched quietly for a while. Gu Lanshi retracted his gaze and threw his phone into the front passenger seat. He drove the car around.

He drove back to his place. After taking a shower, he changed his clothes and went out. He adjusted the navigation route to a kindergarten and walked over in time.

Some kindergartens ended school at 4:30 sharp, and some kindergartens ended school at 3:00 sharp.

The kindergarten where Youyou was ended school at three o’clock sharp.

Auntie Lin was usually in charge of sending Youyou to and from school and taking care of her daily life. Gu Lanshi rarely went to see Youyou because he was too busy with work and did not have much time. It was also for some other reasons.

Around 2:50 pm, Gu Lanshi’s car arrived near the kindergarten.

He navigated to a cake shop, very close to him. After taking a closer look at the road, he parked in the open-air parking lot, put on a mask, and went to line up outside the kindergarten to pick up Youyou.

Most of the adults in the queue were grandparents. There were relatively few parents. Gu Lanshi was wearing a black coat and a beige turtleneck sweater.

His outstanding appearance stood out among those people.

The door opened and the adults entered in an orderly manner.

Everyone’s quality was relatively good. No one cut the queue!

Gu Lanshi was in the middle of the line. From this angle, he could see Youyou poking her head out of the window. She was originally looking around in boredom, but the moment she saw Gu Lanshi, the boredom in her eyes instantly turned into surprise.

She, who had been kneeling on the stool, quickly got up and stood on the stool. This time, she was much taller. She waved at Gu Lanshi and shouted,


Gu Lanshi could not hear Youyou’s voice. But from the way she spoke, he knew that she was calling him brother.

Gu Lanshi was not surprised that Youyou would recognize him at a glance with a

mask on. Previously, he had also worn a mask to pick Youyou up. After a few years of interaction and companionship, Youyou was already very familiar with him. Although she could not recognize him for the first or second time, she could recognize Gu Lanshi in the crowd the third and fourth time.

They had not seen each other for more than half a month.

The teacher saw Youyou standing on the stool and shouted in a gentle voice, “Gu Youyou! Come down!”

Youyou obediently got off the stool. Although she was small, her movements were very smooth.

The teacher walked over and squatted down. She carefully checked whether Youyou had been scratched by the bench she had climbed on just now. After checking that she was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she reprimanded with a serious face, “You’re the most mischievous in the class, King Mischievous.”

Youyou pouted for the teacher to see. “I was wrong~”

The teacher stroked Youyou’s head indulgently. “Your brother came to pick you up today.”

Even the teacher recognized Gu Lanshi. Although she could not see Gu Lanshi’s appearance, she remembered Gu Lanshi’s clothes, height, and charming peach blossom eyes every time she saw him.

Youyou said happily, “Teacher, I saw my brother too.”

The teacher reached out and scratched the tip of Youyou’s nose. Then she stood up and took her hand as they walked out.

At this moment, Gu Lanshi was already waiting outside the classroom. Seeing the teacher come out holding Youyou’s hand, Gu Lanshi slowly leaned over and opened his arms. Youyou pounced on Gu Lanshi happily.

“Brother.” Youyou pounced on Gu Lanshi.

Gu Lanshi also hugged Youyou tightly.

Her fair face rubbed against Gu Lanshi’s face before she kissed his cheek.

“Youyou missed you so much.”

Gu Lanshi asked, “How much do you miss me? Youyou said, “So much, so much.”

Gu Lanshi said, “Brother misses you too.”

“No,” Youyou said in a muffled voice. “Brother hasn’t come to pick me up in a long time.”

Gu Lanshi apologized. “I’m sorry. I was a little busy with work.”

The next second, Youyou’s sullen expression turned into a bright smile. “It’s okay. Youyou’s favorite cake costs money, so Brother has to earn money to buy cake for Youyou.”

Gu Lanshi picked Youyou up. “That’s why there’s cake today.”

Youyou was overjoyed. “Can I have grapefruit-flavored cake, then?”

Gu Lanshi agreed. “Of course.”

At this moment, the teacher walked over. “Gu Youyou, you haven’t taken your small school bag.”

Gu Lanshi carried Youyou in one hand and reached out to take the small bag the teacher handed him with the other. “Thank you, Miss.”

When the teacher saw Gu Lanshi, she was a little shy. “Why hasn’t Mr. Gu come to pick Youyou up recently?”

Gu Lanshi slung Gu Youyou’s small school bag over his arm. “I’ve been busy with work recently and can’t leave.”

The teacher’s gentle voice said, “You have to balance work and rest. Take care to rest more.”

Gu Lanshi nodded slightly. “Yes, I will.”

As the parents still had to pick up the children, it was not convenient for Gu Lanshi to take up too much of the teacher’s time, so he only asked a few questions. “How has Gu Youyou been in kindergarten recently?”

The teacher looked at Gu Youyou in Gu Lanshi’s arms. “It’s quite good. Youyou is very lively.”

When parents asked about the child’s performance, the teacher couldn’t hide it, but she didn’t say it too bluntly in front of Gu Lanshi, so she expressed it very implicitly.

Actually, the implication was that Gu Youyou was too lively. She was simply a little devil incarnate.

The corners of Gu Lanshi’s lips slowly curled up behind his mask. His beautiful peach blossom eyes looked very deep. “How’s Youyou’s appetite in kindergarten?”

The teacher recalled Gu Youyou’s attitude of working hard to eat till the kindergarten was poor, and her smile became helpless. ‘Gu Youyou can finish her lunch every day. She can even add another drumstick and a bottle of yogurt. Sometimes, there’s even more. Her body is especially good.”

Gu Lanshi could tell that her teacher was helpless and couldn’t help but laugh “Thank you, Teacher.”

After saying goodbye, Gu Lanshi carried Youyou out of the kindergarten. Youyou was very quiet in Gu Lanshi’s arms. In fact, her mind was racing. How could she convince her brother to buy another cake later?

She wanted to eat two!

Gu Lanshi looked at her eyes that were darting around with bad intentions. “What are you thinking about?”

Youyou wrapped her arms around Gu Lanshi’s neck. “I haven’t seen you in a long, long time. I miss you very much.”

Gu Lanshi couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t be so loquacious.”

Youyou’s face was full of curiosity. “What do you mean by being loquacious?

Gu Lanshi answered seriously, “It means fooling.”

Youyou said, “Then I’m not fooling you.”

Gu Lanshi choked for a few seconds. “You know what this word means..”

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