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Chapter 317: Chapter 317: Hiding It from Pei Jingzhou

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Chapter 317: Hiding It from Pei Jingzhou

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Li Xiwu looked around. There was no one else.


Pei Jingzhou was still waiting for her outside. Her rationality reminded her that she should end the call with Gu Lanshi now. Go out and find a chance to tell Pei Jingzhou that Gu Lanshi had called.


Li Xiwu took a deep breath and lowered her voice. “What exactly are you trying to say?

Gu Lanshi could hear the nervousness in Li Xiwu’s tone. “I want to meet you alone.”

Li Xiwu replied bluntly, “I don’t want to see you.”

Gu Lanshi asked her, “Are you worried that something like what happened last time will happen again? Last time, I was bewitched by Yu Hewei, so I did such an irrational thing. Now, I can promise you that what happened last time will never happen again.”

Li Xiwu smiled when she heard this. “Are you shirking responsibility? Does Yu Hewei know that you sold her in front of me?

There was silence on the other end of the line.

Li Xiwu continued, “But thank you for telling me that you’ve been working with Yu Hewei. Your goal… was to let me regain my memory?

There was still silence on the line. She wondered if Gu Lanshi was still on the phone. Li Xiwu didn’t care if he spoke or not. Since the call hadn’t ended, he would definitely hear what she said on the other end of the line.

Her tone became even softer. “Actually, you and Yu Hewei don’t have to go through so much trouble to let me regain my memories. The memories I lost are already recovering intermittently. I’ll remember them completely soon.

“I remember you saying that you were my former senior brother. Yu Hewei also said that she was my former best friend. I will remember you, but I also hope that before I remember you, you won’t try to do anything overboard again.”

After saying what she wanted to say, Li Xiwu was about to end the call.

At this moment, Gu Lanshi’s voice sounded with an interrogative tone. “Pei Jingzhou didn’t know about your pregnancy back then. How did you lie to him back then? I know everything that happened.”

Li Xiwu’s fingers, which were about to hang up, suddenly froze in midair. After a long while, she raised her cell phone slowly and stiffly. “…What did you say?

Gu Lanshi’s voice was mixed with a smile. “You were pregnant behind Pei Jingzhou’s back then. Are you sure you want to wait until you remember before asking Pei Jingzhou where your child is? Does he know? He doesn’t seem to know anything?!”

Li Xiwu’s emotions became unstable. She tried her best to stabilize her emotions and not be bewitched by Gu Lanshi.

Gu Lanshi said, “You can also tell Pei Jingzhou everything I said. However, don’t regret it when you remember.”

Li Xiwu gritted her teeth. “Are you threatening me?

“This isn’t a threat. It’s a reminder.” Gu Lanshi’s voice didn’t sound strong. “Little You, I won’t do anything to threaten you, and I won’t do anything to you. I just want to see you again alone, that’s all.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and said nothing for a long time. At this moment, a production crew came in to look for her. Seeing that she was on the phone, they did not come over to disturb her. They turned around and went out again.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and quickly calmed herself down. “Are you done? If you’re done, I’m hanging up. I still have to record a show.”

Gu Lanshi said, “I’ll pick you up outside Qiang Yue Garden at three in the afternoon tomorrow.”

With that, the call ended.

Li Xiwu slowly stood up. She had already calmed down. She told herself not to think about what Gu Lanshi had said on the phone because when she thought about those words, she could not calm down. If she did not calm down, it would be easy to tell.

What she needed to confirm with Madam Di Xin had been confirmed by Gu Lanshi.

She had really been pregnant before…

Moreover, she had hidden the fact that she was pregnant from Pei Jingzhou back then. No wonder Madam Di Xin’s words in the dream were referring to something. When she woke up, she still felt that it was half a dream and half real. She even asked Pei Jingzhou indirectly, but he really did not know.

Hence, she began to doubt the authenticity of the dream and wanted to go to Country T to confirm it with Madam Di Xin.

Because she always felt that if she was really pregnant back then, why didn’t Pei Jingzhou know? Weren’t they very in love? Why didn’t she even tell him that she was pregnant?

What exactly happened?

Until just now, Gu Lanshi had personally mentioned her pregnancy back then.

Pei Jingzhou waited for a long time, but Li Xiwu did not come out, so he called her, but it kept reminding him that the other party was on the phone. It was not convenient for him to enter the female washroom, so he asked a female staff member of the production team to go in and take a look.

After the staff member went in, she came out and told him, “Mr. Pei, Miss Li is on the phone. She should be out soon.”

Pei Jingznou did not relax. Atter another two minutes, Li XiWU came out ot tne bathroom. She looked at ease as she explained, “I called President Qi back.”

They exchanged glances.

Pei Jingzhou replied, “Mm.”

Li Xiwu felt a little guilty, afraid that Pei Jingzhou would notice something.

After looking at each other for a few seconds, she looked away and walked forward to ask, “Where are we going later?”

She walked with her gaze lowered, her heart beating a little faster. Pei Jingzhou stared at her slender back for a while before walking forward and asking her, “Is there anywhere else you want to go?

“No.” Li Xiwu looked at the time on her wristwatch and replied, “Why don’t…

we go back to the hotel?”

Pei Jingzhou replied, “Anything.”

Then, the two of them returned to the hotel. It was almost five o’clock. Li Xiwu had been with Pei Jingzhou for the entire afternoon. After playing for so long, she should return to the hotel.

The director had an advance notice that there was a “dinner party” tonight and had booked a large private room.

Li Xiwu met Xue Jinzhu on the way back to the hotel. She stood by the roadside to buy candied hawthorn and took a bite before paying.

One side of her cheeks was puffed up, and she spoke incoherently. “I say, Uncle, you can’t sell it so expensive just because you’re in the scenic area. A candied hawthorn is fifteen yuan. It’s like a robbery.”

The uncle who sold the candied hawthorn asked confidently, “Just say if it’s sour?”

Xue Jinzhu couldn’t go against her conscience. “It’s alright.”

“My candied hawthorn is sweet on the outside and sweet on the inside.” The old man was very confident. “You can’t say anything about the quality of every hawthorn. I even lost out on this price.”

Xue Jinzhu swallowed the food in her mouth and said even more clearly than before, “Candied hawthorn is only delicious when it’s sour and sweet. You’re making it so sweet. Do you still want your teeth?”

The old man rolled his eyes at Xue Jinzhu speechlessly. “You really know how to quarrel in a straw.”

Xue Jinzhu smiled and walked away, leaving the old man who had sold the candied hawthorn cursing.

Xue Jinzhu came down the steps with the stick of candied hawthorn. The live-stream team behind her followed her not far away, and some passers-by were watching. The netizens witnessed the scene of Xue Jinzhu bickering with the old man who bought the candied hawthorn. The comments were filled with ‘hahahaha’.

“Xue Jinzhu.”

Xue Jinzhu heard someone calling her and looked around. She looked left and right but did not see the person who called her.. Xue Jinzhu muttered, “It’s broad daylight… What the hell?”

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