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Chapter 319: Chapter 319: The Whole Internet Knew Li Xiwu’s Background

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Chapter 319: The Whole Internet Knew Li Xiwu’s Background

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MO Yujin explained in a neither fast nor slow tone, “Actually, I came to this show for Xixi. I originally planned to reveal my relationship with Xixi on the first day and let everyone know, but my mother didn’t want to cause too much trouble for Xixi, so she didn’t say anything about the relationship.”


With that explanation, everyone came to a realization.

So that was what had happened.

Li Xiwu was in the limelight now. Her grandmother and aunt wanted to visit her, but they were afraid of causing her too much trouble, so they did not reveal their identities. It was reasonable.

[No wonder Matriarch MO always looked at Li Xiwu strangely after she appeared. So it’s Grandma.]

[How much did she dote on her granddaughter to come here secretly? Her granddaughter is clearly in front of her. But she’s afraid of causing trouble for her granddaughter, so she pretended not to know her and kept losing money to her.]

[To be loved by so many people is simply the pinnacle of life. I’m so envious of Sister Li.]

[I have to admit that Li Xiwu is really low-key. If my background was so impressive, I would have exposed myself on the first day of recording the show.]

Tang Xian casually added, “No wonder MO Yujin and Qianye know each other.

So it’s because of this relationship.”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone looked at Han Qianye.

Han Qianye looked a little uncomfortable being stared at by so many people at once. She did not need to look at MO Yujin to know how to answer. “Recently, there have been too many rumors about our Xixi’s background. When Matriarch MO found out, her heart ached for Xixi, so she specially came to take a look today.”

With that, everyone understood.

Li Xiwu’s background was rumored by the outside world. Many people present knew about this. However, no one knew the details, so it was not appropriate to ask about her background.

[Brainless said it very implicitly. Actually, Grandma is not only here to miss her granddaughter, but also to support her!]

[It’s a grandmother that I couldn’t get.]

[That Matriarch MO is a very strict person. Perhaps she gave all her gentleness to Sister Li.]

Tang Xian suddenly thought of something and asked MO Yujin, “If I remember correctly, your sister is MO Zhu?”

MO Yujin smiled faintly. “Yes.”

Tang Xian pretended to be surprised. “Is it really MO Zhu?”

MO Yujin nodded. “Yes.

At the side, Yu Hewei interrupted and asked, “Auntie Tang, is the MO Zhu you’re talking about Li Xiwu’s mother?”

Although MO Yujin had said that she was Li Xiwu’s aunt, no one knew how many daughters the MO family had. The name MO Zhu sounded like a member of the MO family, and MO Yujin had also admitted that MO Zhu was her sister, but it might not be Sister Li’s mother!

As soon as she asked, she received an affirmative answer from MO Yujin. “Xixi’s mother is my sister, MO Zhu.”

Yu Hewei said, “I see.”

Tang Xian specifically mentioned, “I remember that many years ago, there was a female mayor in Shen City. That female mayor’s name was MO Zhu.”

“Yes! I remember that! I remember!” It was Xiang Lan who answered. “There are very few female mayors in China. I remember the female mayor who took office in Shen City many years ago very clearly. Her name is indeed MO Zhu.”

Xu Muzhen asked in surprise, “In other words, Li Xiwu’s  mother was once the mayor of Shen City?”

Xiang Lan: “I only remember that many years ago, there was a female mayor in Shen City. Her name was MO Zhu. Her appointment left a deep impression on me. As for whether she was Xiwu’s mother, I’m not sure. You have to ask Mo Yujin.”

Everyone looked at MO Yujin again.

MO Yujin met everyone’s gaze and said, “Yes.”

Xu Muzhen held her jaw in shock. “Wow! Li Xiwu’s mother was actually the mayor of Shen City in the past! This is too awesome!”

There were indeed very few female mayors. To be able to sit in this position, other than having a political background, her personal ability was definitely top-notch.

Tao Jing’s surprise was no less than Xu Muzhen’s. “I didn’t expect Xiwu’s mother to be so powerful.”

Yu Hewei pursed her lips. “No wonder Li Xiwu is so outstanding. It turns out that she has an outstanding mother.”

Min Hanrong sighed. “Yes.”

Originally, Min Hanrong’s thoughts were similar to the netizens. She only thought that Li Xiwu was lucky enough to marry into a wealthy family. Her background was not compatible with the Pei family at all.

Only now did she know that Li Xiwu’s background was actually so impressive. Not only was the MO family in the capital famous, but the female mayor of Shen City was also an influential figure.

The expressions on everyone’s faces changed rapidly.

Pei Jingzhou, who was sitting in an inconspicuous seat, did not participate in any conversation, because once he spoke, the others would not speak. He ate quietly and waited patiently for Li Xiwu to return.

He looked down at his wristwatch again. It had probably been six minutes. He had to find her if she was not back by ten minutes.

At this moment, with Li Xiwu’s identity exposed, other than the expressions of everyone present changing rapidly, the more than 28 million netizens watching the live-stream flooded the screen with this topic.

[Are you serious?]

[The netizens’ guess in the afternoon was actually confirmed!!]

[No wonder Li Xiwu is so outstanding. Because her mother is even more impressive!]

[MO Zhu is Li Xiwu’s mother, so Uncle Li is Li Xiwu’s father?]

[Why didn’t anyone mention Madam MO Zhu’s husband? Uncle Li is an outstanding chief diplomat.]

[No way? Li Xiwu’s father is Uncle Li? That’s impossible!]

[Li Xiwu even went to the Li Mansion last time. It was like she was visiting. It didn’t feel like she was returning to her house at all.]

[I mean, is it possible that Li Xiwu is too low-key? Those who have watched that live-stream should remember that Mr. Cai only let Li Xiwu enter the Li Mansion.]

[Yes, yes, yes! At that time, I was wondering why Mr. Cai only let Li Xiwu enter the Li Mansion. Now, I finally understand. So Li Xiwu is Uncle Li’s daughter!

She went back to her house that day.]

[I don’t believe it! Her mother was once a female mayor. That’s impressive enough. Her father is also our country’s most outstanding chief diplomat. How is this her family background? This is her cheat!]

[If this is all true, I can only say that Li Xiwu is too low-key.]

[But Li Xiwu’s parents are both very powerful figures. Why did she work in the entertainment industry? I remember that Uncle Li had a very powerful daughter. Back then, she was supposed to return to China to work as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Information, but later on, something seemed to have happened and she couldn’t return to


[Could Li Xiwu be the second daughter of Li Huaisheng and MO Zhu?]

The comments flooded the screen. Apart from being shocked, the audience began to search for how many daughters Li Huaisheng had.

They thought that there would be an answer, but the Baidu information did not detail how many daughters Li Huaisheng had. Only the wife column was MO Zhu’s name.

This made everyone even more suspicious. Was Li Xiwu Uncle Li and MO Zhu’s daughter?

Li Xiwu was not back yet. MO Yujin stopped the conversation and raised her wine glass. “Mother-in-Law Joy is the first variety show I’ve participated in in so many years since I debuted in the entertainment industry. I’ve been very happy for the past three days. It will definitely be very precious as a memory in the future. I won’t say anything else. Thank you for meeting me. Cheers.”

Everyone got up and clinked glasses..

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