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Chapter 320: Chapter 320: Past Scars

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Chapter 320: Past Scars

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Li Xiwu and Xue Jinzhu returned to the private room one after another.


Li Xiwu walked in front while Xue Jinzhu walked behind. When she pushed open the door and entered, everyone in the private room looked at her.

“Xixi.” MO Yujin waved at Li Xiwu. “Come to Aunt quickly.”

Li Xiwu’s eyebrows twitched. What happened in the short time she was gone?

MO Yujin waved again. “Come quickly.”

Li Xiwu nodded. Since MO Yujin had called herself her aunt in public, it seemed that MO Yujin had already introduced her relationship with the MO family to everyone while she was accompanying Xue Jinzhu.

She hesitated for less than two or three seconds before looking at Pei Jingzhou. Seeing that he was still sitting there, she retracted her gaze and walked towards MO Yujin. MO Yujin took Li Xiwu’s hand. “Sit here.”

Li Xiwu did not refuse. “Okay.”

She guessed that someone would probably throw a conversation at her next.

However, to Li Xiwu’s surprise, the first topic was thrown to her by Yu Hewei. Yu Hewei said bluntly, “I just found out that Matriarch MO is your biological grandmother. Your mother is MO Zhu, and she used to be the mayor of Shen City.”

These words came from Yu Hewei.

Everyone couldn’t help but think that she was indeed a fan. Only she dared to ask that.

MO Yujin revealed a dissatisfied expression, but it was not that obvious. She was about to answer for Li Xiwu when Li Xiwu generously answered Yu Hewei’s question, “Yes, Matriarch MO is my grandmother, and my mother has indeed been the mayor of Shen City.”

After answering, Li Xiwu thought that Yu Hewei would continue to ask why she and Matriarch MO looked like they didn’t know each other when they first met yesterday. She wasn’t sure if her aunt had explained this. She’d just have to improvise.

However, Yu Hewers next question was different from what she had expected.

Yu Hewei asked her tentatively, “Is Uncle Li your father?”

Li Xiwu was clearly stunned. She seemed surprised. But she wasn’t truly that.

Yu Hewei continued, “A friend of mine is Uncle Li’s student. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Uncle Li a few times. His wife is Madam MO Zhu, who used to be the mayor of Shen City. They have a daughter…”

At this point, Yu Hewei looked up at Li Xiwu. “Are you Uncle Li and Madam MO Zhu’s daughter?”

At this moment, everyone was looking at Li Xiwu.

They waited for her next answer.

Only Xue Jinzhu was confused and almost died of curiosity. “Is the Uncle Li Yu Hewei is talking about Mr. Li Huaisheng?”

“It’s him,” Tang Xian answered Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu was surprised. “My father admires Uncle Li very much. Really, hey, no. Why did Yu Hewei say that Sister Li is Uncle Li and… MO Zhu’s daughter?”

Xue Jinzhu didn’t know who MO Zhu was. As for Li Huaisheng, she had also been influenced by her father and knew about that admirable outstanding diplomat—Li Huaisheng.

Tang Xian told Xue Jinzhu, “Li Huaisheng and Madam MO Zhu have a daughter. That daughter is very outstanding. She should be Xiwu.”

Xue Jinzhu’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Tang Xian did not answer again.

After the shock, Xue Jinzhu turned to look at Li Xiwu. After looking at each other for a moment, Xue Jinzhu swallowed and asked, “Sister Li, is this true?

Everyone was waiting for Li Xiwu’s answer. MO Yujin did not interfere. From what Mom said, Xiwu had already remembered a lot of the past. If Xiwu was unwilling to say anything, she would find another excuse.

Li Xiwu did not look at Yu Hewei. She met Xue Jinzhu’s curious gaze and replied, “It’s true.”

Xue Jinzhu’s mouth fell open in shock. “B-but…”

Li Xiwu smiled. “I know what you’re trying to say.”

At this moment, Li Xiwu was very relaxed. Or rather, it was very difficult to see a helpless side to her.

She finished speaking unhurriedly. “Back then, I was lucky enough to survive that turmoil. I only injured my body and recuperated for a long time before I recovered. Because my emotions were unstable, I couldn’t do my previous job again, so I temporarily bade farewell to my previous job and changed to another industry.”

In a few short sentences, she described her encounter.

There was no complaint. Her tone was calm.

Moreover, Li Xiwu did not make up much. Her injuries back then were not as serious as Pei Jingzhou’s, but she should be in a very bad state.

Pei Jingzhou did not say everything about how he saved her.

However, she could guess that Pei Jingzhou was the most injured at that time, and she was only in a terrible mental state. She had been in a daze for more than two months. The first thing Pei Jingzhou did when he could be discharged was visit her. In the end, he decided to help her hypnotize and lose those painful memories.

After losing her memory, it was indeed impossible for her to take on her previous job. After all, she was no longer Li You, but an ordinary person.

Everyone sighed. Everyone in the country Imew about the turmoil in Country T back then. Li Huaisheng had sacrificed himself in that turmoil. Everyone in the country knew about this.

As for the condition of Li Huaisheng’s wife and daughter, it was not officially announced, but there were all kinds of rumors. The most common rumor was that Li Huaisheng’s family of three had died in Country T.

There were also rumors that after Li Huaisheng passed away, nothing happened to his wife and daughter. They only settled in Country T and rarely returned to the country.

When Li Xiwu said this, she thought that her emotions would not fluctuate because she had yet to completely remember this. But as these words left her mouth, she realized that her emotions were fluctuating a little. Her head hurt even more than when she had gone to the bathroom.

Han Qianye’s heart ached. She hated Yu Hewei for asking too many questions.

Xue Jinzhu said to Li Xiwu apologetically, “I’m sorry, Sister Li. I didn’t mean to expose your scars. I was really surprised and didn’t know at all.”

Li Xiwu shook her head and smiled faintly. “It’s all in the past. It’s nothing.”

[Boohoo, my heart aches for Sister Li. So she’s been through so much.] [Uncle Li is no longer around, and Madam MO Zhu is probably not around either. Sister Li’s family has been destroyed…]

[Damn! I really didn’t expect Li Xiwu to be Uncle Li’s daughter.]

[After experiencing the great sorrow and joy of life and the ups and downs, Sister Li can still live well. It’s already the best arrangement God has for her.]

[The last time she went to the Li Mansion to record a show, Sister Li must have been very sad.]

[No wonder Li Xiwu felt uncomfortable in the afternoon after entering the Li Mansion that day. She couldn’t live-stream anymore. Although she walked out and lived a good life, she still can’t let go of that place.]

[How can she let it go? That’s her parents. It’s the place she’s lived since she was young.]

The real situation that day was not as the netizens had guessed where Li Xiwu could not live-stream because she had returned to her previous residence and lost control of her emotions.

However, the netizens’ guess was surprisingly complete about why Li Xiwu suddenly couldn’t live-stream that day..

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