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Chapter 321: Chapter 321: She’s Afraid of Separation

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Chapter 321: She’s Afraid of Separation

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At this moment, Pei Jingzhou slowly stood up and walked towards Li Xiwu. At first, no one specially went to look at Pei Jingzhou. Now that he stood up, everyone’s gaze could not leave him. He walked to Li Xiwu’s side and said to the person in the seat beside him, “Please move your seat.”


The person in the seat beside her was Yu Hewei. She only smiled and stood up to make room for Pei Jingzhou.

Pei Jingzhou sat down beside Li Xiwu. He looked at her worriedly. Li Xiwu could naturally tell that Pei Jingzhou was worried. She said softly, “I’m fine.”

Pei Jingzhou was silent for a moment. Then, he picked up the bowl in front of her and scooped a bowl of soup for her. “You haven’t eaten much tonight. Drink some soup first. I’ll prepare some dishes for you.”

Li Xiwu took the bowl. “Okay.”

MO Yujin quickly said, “Everyone, eat quickly. If you don’t eat now, the dishes will turn cold.”

Only then did everyone start to eat. The atmosphere gradually returned to its previous lively state, and no one brought up the topic again. The rest of the conversation was about various industries or happy things shared by someone.

Everyone had a good time at dinner.

After dinner, everyone began to say goodbye to each other. No matter how reluctant they were, it had to end.

Tao Jing couldn’t bear to leave Li Xiwu. She threw Wu Jiacheng aside and hugged Li Xiwu quietly for a while. “I’ll come to the capital often in the future. I’ll come and play with you then.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Okay.”

After the hug ended, Li Xiwu stared at Tao Jing’s stomach and said, “Take care of your body.”

Tao Jing nodded. “I will, you too.”

After hugging Li Xiwu, Tao Jing even hugged Xu Muzhen and Xue Jinzhu. After getting into the car, she waved at everyone before the car drove away.

Liang Sheng drove the car over. Xiang Lan was an introvert. She said goodbye to everyone and got into the car first. Xu Muzhen couldn’t bear to part with everyone. Her eyes were red. She hugged everyone before getting into the car.

Tang Xian was waiting for Xue Jinzhu in the car. Those who came together naturally had to leave together. This was called finishing what you started. Xue Jinzhu hugged Li Xiwu and said some reluctant words, looking forward to seeing her again.

If Li Xiwu wasn’t very awake now, she would have believed Xue Jinzhu’s words.

Han Qianye wanted to follow Li Xiwu, but when she saw Pei Jingzhou’s expression, she thought to herself, Forget it. She only reminded Pei Jingzhou to take good care of Li Xiwu.

In the end, Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou got into a car and left first. Han Qianye got into Guan Suling’s car with MO Yujin.

Yu Hewei left first. No one noticed when she left. Her presence on the show was talkative and was daring to ask, other than that, she had no other presence.

The last live-stream shot was of the cameraman starting to wrap up.

When all the guests left one after another just now, the audience could no longer hold back their emotions. Now that the cameraman and the staff had begun to wrap up, the aura of parting was even stronger.

[I can’t bear to, but I still have to say goodbye.]

[May Mother-in-Law Joy have more views.]

[In the month between autumn and winter, happiness only increased.]

[Other than Zheng Yuehua and Chi Xu, I like every guest in this episode, including Xie Wen.]

[I like Li Xiwu the most. I was envious of her before, but later on, my heart ached for her. She really experienced a lot.]

[More than 30 million viewers!]

[At the last moment of the last day, its popularity reached its peak. I’m so happy. Does this mean that Mother-in-Law Joy can prepare for the third season next year without stopping?]

[Mother-in-Law Joy, see you next year.]

Its popularity had indeed exceeded 30 million.

It was the highest popularity since the live-stream. The total broadcast had already exceeded 600 million. It was already very eye-catching for a variety show without any big shots to achieve such results.

Director Gao was very reluctant. The moment the Kongming Lantern Show arranged by the production team rose into the sky, he held the loudspeaker and shouted, “The second season of Mother-in-Law Joy has officially ended.” The live-stream was filled with blessings.

The camera aimed at the sky above the night sky. The Kongming Lanterns had already arranged the words: Mother-in-Law Joy.

It was over.

Season two officially ended.

The chauffeur drove. The navigational route was to leave North Water Town.

Li Xiwu sat in the back seat. Her head was a little dizzy. Actually, ever since she went to the bathroom, her head had started to hurt from time to time. When she came back and faced such a thing, her headache became even worse.

She raised her hand to her forehead.

Pei Jingzhou saw her actions and helped her up. “A headache?”

Li Xiwu said truthfully, “A little.”

Pei Jingzhou took off the hat on her head and pushed away the bangs on her forehead. “How long have you been holding back?”

Li Xiwu closed her eyes. “Actually, it hurt a little in the afternoon, but it didn’t affect me much. It was especially obvious at dinner.”

The aftereffects of hurting her head. She should rest today. She should rest well tomorrow and the day after tomorrow instead of running around with her injuries. If not for the fact that he could not dissuade her, Pei Jingzhou would not have agreed to let her finish the program.

Pei Jingzhou turned on the light in the backseat. “Don’t move. Let me take a look. ”

Li Xiwu looked up and let Pei Jingzhou see the area around the gauze. There was no redness, no sign of swelling either. With the best medicine, it wasn’t a big problem. The root cause of the headache was memories churning in her mind, but she couldn’t remember them all.

Li Xiwu was in so much pain that she bit her lip tightly. “…Fourth Brother, it seems to be hurting more and more.”

Pei Jingzhou asked the chauffeur to drive faster and change the route to the hospital. Then, he gently pried open Li Xiwu’s lower lip. “If you bite any more, it will break.”

Li Xiwu sounded like she was crying. “Mm.”

Pei Jingzhou pulled her into his arms. Seeing that she was in pain, he diverted her attention. “Tonight’s Kongming Lantern Show has begun.”

Li Xiwu looked up.

Pei Jingzhou said, “Look out the window.”

Li Xiwu turned to look out the window.

Today’s Kongming Lantern Show in North Water Town was booked by the production team. Other than the words Mother-in-Law Joy, the names of every group of guests were also arranged in the sky.

Li Xiwu endured the waves of pain and said, “Director Gao had made an effort.” It was spectacular.

It was a surprise for the audience. The live-stream should be very popular now. She let out a low sigh.

Pei Jingzhou listened to her sigh and asked her, “Is there something you didn’t tell me?”

Li Xiwu looked away and leaned back. “Nothing.”

Pei Jingzhou looked at her quietly. Li Xiwu couldn’t stand his gaze because she would feel guilty. She knew that she should tell Pei Jingzhou, but she had her own concerns.

Pei Jingzhou said, “You…”

Li Xiwu closed her eyes and frowned.

This time, it was Pei Jingzhou’s turn to sigh. “Don’t you trust me anymore?”

Li Xiwu felt a lump in her throat. She closed her eyes and answered him, “It’s not that.”

Pei Jingzhou probed, “You always say that I can read minds, but it’s actually just because I know you too well. I can’t read your mind. So can you tell me?”

Li Xiwu opened her eyes. “Can you stop asking?”

Pei Jingzhou pursed his lips and looked at her quietly. He did not say anything for a long time.

Li Xiwu felt guilty, especially when Pei Jingzhou looked like that.. She frowned and slowly asked, “… Will we be separated one day?”

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