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Chapter 322: Chapter 322: Pei Jingzhou’s Love Is Favoritism

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Chapter 322: Pei Jingzhou’s Love Is Favoritism

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After saying this, Li Xiwu was stunned for a long time. She wondered how she could say such a thing. She looked at Pei Jingzhou eagerly. He did not look sad that she had said that. He just looked at her quietly and guarded her without answering.


Li Xiwu’s voice became hoarse as she asked him slowly, “Pei Jingzhou, why did you… like me in the past?”

Pei Jingzhou did not intend to answer. He knew she’d started the conversation at random and deliberately interrupted what had just happened.

However, there was some hope in her eyes. Pei Jingzhou did not want to see her disappointed gaze, so he answered her unhurriedly, “Psychologist Carl Rogers said that love is deep understanding and acceptance. I think that liking is the same.”

Li Xiwu lowered her eyes and carefully thought about what Pei Jingzhou had said. After thinking for a moment, she looked up, her almond-shaped eyes bright and clear. She looked into Pei Jingzhou’s eyes and said, “So, to summarize it into the simplest word, it’s actually favoritism, right?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Mhm.”

Li Xiwu smiled and said in a low voice, “So it’s favoritism.”

Pei Jingzhou did not reply. Just like before, he looked at her quietly. Li Xiwu didn’t know when she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was in the hospital. There was only one nurse in the ward, and Pei Jingzhou was nowhere to be seen. Li Xiwu made a slight movement. The nurse heard it and turned to walk to the bed.

After asking, the nurse heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Miss Li, you haven’t recovered from your injuries. You were still running around yesterday and your body is overloaded. You should rest well.”

Li Xiwu’s throat was extremely dry now. She looked at the nurse and said, “I want to drink water. Can I trouble you for a moment?”

“Sure.” The nurse first raised the back of the bed and poured Li Xiwu a glass of warm water. She handed it to her. “It’s not hot. Take your time.”

Li Xiwu took it and thanked her again.

The nurse said, “Before Mr. Pei left, he specially instructed me to guard you here. He also boiled the water in advance. It’s just right for you to drink it when you wake up.”

Hearing the nurse mention Pei Jingzhou, Li Xiwu stopped in her tracks. She looked up and asked, “What about him?”

The nurse said, “Mr. Pei went out, but he did say when he would be back.”

The nurse turned to look at the clock on the wall. “Mr. Pei left at eight-twenty. He said he’d be back in about an hour and a half. It’s a little past nine forty. He should be back in a few minutes.”

Li Xiwu nodded. After drinking the water, she handed the cup to the nurse.

The nurse asked, “Miss Li, are you hungry now?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “Not hungry. I’ve had dinner.”

The nurse pointed to the thermos box on the table beside her. “Mr. Pei has prepared soup. He said to ask if you wanted it when you woke up.”

Li Xiwu looked in the direction the nurse was pointing. There was indeed a thermos box on that small table. The thermos box was insulated for about three to five hours. She should be just right to drink it now. She said to the nurse, “Sorry to trouble you.”

“No trouble, no trouble,” the nurse said quickly.

This was a hospital under the Pei Corporation. The nurse was overjoyed that she could stay here and watch over Li Xiwu when she woke up and take care of her. There was also an additional commission. When she heard Li Xiwu thank her non-stop, she panicked.

The nurse scooped a bowl for Li Xiwu. “Miss Li, it’s not hot anymore. The temperature is just right. Take your time.”

“Thank you. ”

Li Xiwu thanked her and took it.

A very faint fragrance wafted from the porcelain bowl. For a moment, she couldn’t tell, but when she took a sip, she knew it was white grouse soup. The taste of grouse was too faint to usually taste, but she’d drunk it several times before. As soon as the taste hit her mouth, she knew it was grouse.

She finished the bowl of soup clean.

The nurse asked her, “Miss Li, do you still want more?”

Li Xiwu licked the soup from her lips. “Give me another half a bowl. Sorry to trouble you.”

The nurse quickly said that it was no trouble, then went to pour Li Xiwu half a bowl of soup. With Li Xiwu’s current appetite, one and a half bowls was just right. Two bowls might be a little full.

After finishing the soup, she looked for her phone. The nurse could tell what Li Xiwu was looking for and handed her the phone on the cabinet. “Miss Li, your phone is here.”

Li Xiwu took the cell phone. “Thank you.”

The nurse said, “Miss Li, if you want to go to the bathroom later, just call me.” “Okay,” Li Xiwu replied, then looked down at her cell phone.

There were several missed calls on the page. They were from Qiao Qiao and Ji Weiling.

Qiao Qiao called three times, and Ji Weiling called twice. Qiao Qiao must have seen the news online. Ji Weiling knew that she was recording a show during the day, so she probably only dared to call her after the show recording ended. In the end, she was unconscious and didn’t receive Ji Weiling’s call.

She called Ji Weiling back first.

Just as she had guessed, Ji Weiling was indeed too worried about her because of yesterday’s incident. “I’m relieved to see you on the show. I didn’t dare to call you halfway, afraid that it would affect your recording and that you would hear my voice and affect your mood. At seven o’clock, I called you, but you didn’t pick up. I was worried..

Li Xiwu’s tone was gentle. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Ji Weiling’s voice was faintly tearful. “I’m sorry, Miss Li. I caused you to be injured this time.”

Li Xiwu said, “I don’t want to hear this.”

Ji Weiling was silent.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and said slowly, “That drama can’t be filmed anymore. Gather your thoughts and go to Ying Huang Entertainment. When you get there, you still have a chance to make a comeback. However, the premise of all this is that you’re willing to start all over again.”

Ji Weiling said firmly, “I won’t let you down this time.”

“There’s no need.” Li Xiwu’s voice was very calm. “It’s good for people to have goals, but don’t imprison your thoughts. No one paved the way for you this time. I only pointed out another path for you. As for how to take this path, it’s up to you.”

These words were too inflammatory. Therefore, after saying this, Li Xiwu told Ji Weiling that she still had something to do and hung up.

Ji Weiling was a very simple person. She was mostly innocent and had never suffered much, nor had she experienced much ‘reality’ beating. Before this matter, she had never experienced any ups and downs.

Ever since she debuted, she had been well protected by Li Xiwu. However, her luck was not good, causing her to be anxious and go astray.

No one had a smooth sailing life. Everyone had to experience hardship before they could be reborn. Xie Wen and Ji Weiling were the same, so Li Xiwu believed that in the near future, Xie Wen and Ji Weiling would definitely turn the tables.

After adjusting her mentality, Li Xiwu was ready to call Qiao Qiao back.

Just as she was about to make the call, the ward door opened. Li Xiwu looked up and saw that Pei Jingzhou was back.

“Pei Jingzhou.” She seemed to have gotten used to calling his name.

Pei Jingzhou stopped in his tracks. Seeing that she had woken up, the footsteps that he had deliberately stopped turned into rapid footsteps as he walked towards her..

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