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Chapter 325: Chapter 325: Taking Care of Children

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Chapter 325: Taking Care of Children

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Li Xiwu answered Xue Jinzhu’s call.

Xue Jinzhu tried to persuade her. “Sister Li, when do you think it’s appropriate to break up with Gu Lanshi? I think I should dump him. This way, I’ll have face.”

Li Xiwu thought for a few seconds and suggested, “The show has just ended.

You still have some popularity now. There’s no hurry to break up with Gu Lanshi. Let’s wait for Mother in-Law Joy to finish broadcasting on Wind Platform.”

Xue Jinzhu snorted. “That kid got away with it. He openly occupied my boyfriend’s position for so long.”

Li Xiwu laughed. “Anyway, it’s not real. When you officially debut, there will be plenty of CPS in the future. Now, you can quickly give your brother a heads-up.”

Xue Jinzhu shook her head through the phone. “Then let’s not talk about it. I’m going to film kissing scenes and intimate scenes in the future. I can’t finish giving him a heads-up. It’s better not to tell Brother.”

Li Xiwu praised her. “You’re self-conscious.”

Xue Jinzhu chuckled. “I’ve already sworn. Don’t worry, Sister Li. I’ll definitely become famous. When the time comes, the entertainment industry will be mine.”

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “Are you the manager or am I?”

Xue Jinzhu raised her voice. “This is called having the ambition of a swan at such a young age.”

“Yes, it’s good to realize the ambition of a swan,” Li Xiwu reminded. “It’s better to quit mahjong with such awareness.”

Xue Jinzhu’s voice faded. “Can’t play it once in a while?”

Li Xiwu said, “You’d better quit.”

Xue Jinzhu was the kind of person who did not know how to bargain. Whether she could do it or not, she would agree first. “Alright, I’ll quit playing mahjong.”

Li Xiwu knew Xue Jinzhu’s personality and did not say anything else. She only told her what Xue Jinzhu should do for the next period of time. Li Xiwu gave Yuanyuan a few days off to go home and visit her mother. When she returned from the leave, she would officially be Xue Jinzhu’s assistant.

Xue Jinzhu was very obedient. No matter what Li Xiwu said, she would agree obediently. Even if she couldn’t do it, she had to agree first. What if she did it? She would go to Li Xiwu to take credit when she did it.

Not long after she ended the call, Guan Suling came to the ward.

It was still early, so Guan Suling had specially brought the sumptuous breakfast that she had instructed the kitchen to prepare at five o’clock today.

Li Xiwu saw that other than her grandmother, there was another person who came today. Li Xiwu was unfamiliar with that person. She remembered that it was the popular starlet in the entertainment industry, MO Yan.

Li Xiwu and MO Yan did not have much interaction within and outside the industry. Although she knew MO Yan, MO Yan might not know her. After all, no artist would pay attention to other people’s managers.

“Darling.” Guan Suling walked to the bed and looked at Li Xiwu lovingly. “Are you feeling better?”

Li Xiwu said, “I’m much better. I can be discharged today.”

“That won’t do,” Guan Suling retorted. “You said yesterday that you were fine, but what happened? You scared me to death.”

Li Xiwu’s lips curved. “I’ve made Grandma worry. Actually, I can’t leave the hospital today. Pei Jingzhou won’t let me be discharged.”

At the mention of Pei Jingzhou, Guan Suling snorted. “If this kid agrees to let you leave the hospital, I’ll be the first to settle the score with him.”

Pei Jingzhou, who was suddenly cut, looked up. He’d just finished replying to an e-mail. Putting his computer aside, he got up and walked over. “Grandma.”

Guan Suling liked the way Pei Jingzhou called her Grandma. She nodded and waved at Dao Xi. “Set up breakfast.”

Dao Xi came forward with the breakfast.

Li Xiwu quickly said, “Grandma, I’ve already had breakfast.”

When she heard that they had eaten breakfast, Guan Suling turned to ask Pei

Jingzhou, “Is the breakfast for my darling nutritious today?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I asked Auntie to make it early and send it over. It’s nutritious.”

Pei Jingzhou answered all of Guan Suling’s questions and was very respectful. Not only because she was an elder, but also because she was Li Xiwu’s grandmother.

Guan Suling said, “I was afraid that you guys would make do with breakfast. I specially asked the kitchen to prepare it last night, but it’s fine. You just ate breakfast. Then you can eat it after you rest.”

Li Xiwu replied, “Okay.”

MO Yan, who had not spoken since she came in, carefully called out,

“Grandma.” Guan Suling glanced sideways at MO Yan. MO Yan stepped forward and first smiled at Li Xiwu. Then, she asked Guan Suling, “Grandma, is she Little You?”

Guan Suling nodded. “Yes.”

MO Yan’s face lit up. When she looked at Li Xiwu again, her smile was bright.

“Little You, you’re really back.”

With that, MO Yan was about to step forward, looking like she was going to hug Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu had no memories of MO Yan. She only had a few memories of meeting her in the entertainment industry. Seeing that MO Yan, whom she had met for the first time, wanted to hug her enthusiastically, Li Xiwu’s body suddenly stiffened.

However, the next second

Guan Suling grabbed MO Yan’s arm. “Don’t scare my darling.”

MO Yan was grabbed and turned around. “I’ll just hug her for a while.”

Guan Suling’s expression was serious. The way she looked at others was completely different from the love she had when she looked at Li Xiwu. “She doesn’t remember you now. Your enthusiasm will only scare her.”

MO Yan nodded gloomily and turned to look at Li Xiwu. She beamed and said, “Other than in the past, I’ve seen you once before. Moreover, I had a deep impression of you because very few managers are as beautiful as you. You’re even more beautiful than the artists under you. I noticed you at the award ceremony. At that time, I thought you looked familiar, but I didn’t expect you to be Little You. You’ve changed so much.”

MO Yan still did not know that Li Xiwu had done a facial repair. After a pause, MO Yan added the most important thing. “The smile I’ve seen on Grandma’s face these past two days is much more than in the past four years. It’s because you’re back. Grandma is happy.”

Li Xiwu was moved.

MO Yan was very enthusiastic. If not for Guan Suling, MO Yan would have started talking the moment she came in.

Li Xiwu needed to get used to MO Yan’s enthusiasm. At this moment, Guan Suling turned to MO Yan and said, “Go sit there and play by yourself. Don’t disturb my darling.”

MO Yan’s face fell. “Grandma, you’re worried that I’ll scare Little You. I’ve been paying attention. Now, you’re worried that I’ll disturb Little You. I won’t. I know my limits.”

Guan Suling hit the nail on the head. “It’s not a matter of knowing your limits.

It’s just that your little mouth is too good at talking.”

MO Yan was speechless.

Li Xiwu smiled. “She won’t disturb me since I’m not resting now.”

MO Yan beamed. “Right?!!”

Since Li Xiwu had spoken, Guan Suling naturally would not care anymore and let MO Yan get close to Li Xiwu. Guan Suling went to the side and sat down to talk to Pei Jingzhou about Qi Zishen.

MO Yan was indeed a chatterbox. In front of Li Xiwu, she talked about everything. She did not have the image of a cold flower on the screen at all. They immediately became familiar with each other, but only MO Yan became familiar with her.

To MO Yan, she had always felt that Li You was a knot in Grandma’s heart. She was also always worried that Grandma would not be able to enjoy her later years because of this knot in her heart.

The entire MO family was also very worried.

Now that Li You was back, the knot in Grandma’s heart had been resolved. Other than Grandma, everyone in the MO family was the happiest. MO Yan was the same.

The two of them chatted a lot.

The topics they dabbled in were all matters in the entertainment industry.

Because Li Xiwu was a manager, she had her own specialties. MO Yan told Li Xiwu about her troubles of hesitating whether to take on a script or a variety show recently and asked her to help her make a decision.

When Li Xiwu heard this, she asked, “You’re saying that Nanjia is preparing to produce a parent-child variety show and has already extended an invitation to you before they even recruited any sponsors?”

MO Yan nodded. “I’m a little hesitant. I’ve participated in many variety shows, but I’ve never participated in a parent-child variety show. I’m afraid that I won’t be patient with children and my character will fail.”

With that, before Li Xiwu could answer, MO Yan asked, “Do you know how to take care of children?”

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