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Chapter 326: Chapter 326: She Had Everything, But Li Xiwu Had Lost So Much…

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Chapter 326: She Had Everything, But Li Xiwu Had Lost So Much…

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MO Yan’s words made Li Xiwu momentarily speechless. She could have just replied, “I don’t know how to take care of children.” But this sentence hung on her lips for a long time because the image of Yaoyao appeared in her mind. She misses that little pitiful person very much. She couldn’t wait to see him.

If not for the fact that she had to be monitored by Pei Jingzhou for two days, she would have already taken a flight to Country T.

As for agreeing to Han Qianye’s trip to the Arctic, she would probably have to postpone it because she did not want to delay her trip to Country T. She had to figure everything out as soon as possible.

MO Yan did not hear Li Xiwu’s answer for a long time. Just as she was about to urge her, Guan Suling stood up and walked to MO Yan’s side. She said to MO Yan, “Your mouth is really good at talking.”

MO Yan smiled foolishly. “Grandma, I was just asking.”

“That’s not what you’re asking.” Guan Suling’s tone was a little serious.

“Although my darling is married, she hasn’t had any plans to have a child in the past two years. She’s not even Drepared to have a child, so where did she get the experience of raising a child? You should have thought before you speak.” MO Yan did not dare to say anything after being scolded by Guan Suling.

It was normal for an elder to lecture a junior, but because of her, Li Xiwu had no choice but to mention it. “Grandma, MO Yan and I are talking about scripts and variety shows. She wanted me to give pertinent suggestions, so we happened to come to this topic. She was just asking.”

When Guan Suling heard this, she nodded and said to MO Yan, “Don’t give your cousin a problem.”

MO Yan’s heart ached. “Got it, Grandma.”

The words “you’re really biased” were on MO Yan’s lips. She did not dare to say it out loud, afraid that she would make Grandma unhappy and the atmosphere would become very stiff.

Actually, the reason why MO Yan felt sad was that Guan Suling usually had the same expression to most people. She was serious, rigid, and unapproachable.

Anyone who saw her would think that Guan Suling’s personality was like this.

However, Guan Suling was completely different from Li Xiwu. When she saw Li Xiwu, she was always kind and amiable, treasuring her and doting on her.

However, MO Yan only felt sad for a few seconds. It was not to the extent of envy, because she knew that there was no need. She had everything, and Li Xiwu had already lost so much..

At least Grandma was smiling more and more every day. It was the best thing for her.

“Cousin.” MO Yan adapted to calling Li Xiwu Cousin. “Grandma said just now that you and your husband won’t have children in the next few years. Is that true?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “That’s hard to say.”

MO Yan grinned. “Hard to say? Does that mean you’ll have children at any time?”

Li Xiwu didn’t say yes or no, but her unspoken expression said it all.

“Actually, the process of giving birth is quite hard.” As MO Yan spoke, she raised her hand and scratched her head with a frustrated expression. “Not to mention having a child, it’s like taking care of a child will cost me my life. Besides, I don’t even have a boyfriend and was invited to participate in this parent-child variety show. I rejected it at first, but my manager said that this show is very good and has a chance of becoming as popular as Mother-in-Law


Mother-in-Law Joy’s success made many capitalists target this live-stream method. Therefore, they wanted to continue replicating Mother-in-Law Joy’s success.

Li Xiwu said to Mo Yan, “You’re on the rise now. The variety show can indeed bring you a lot of exposure, but don’t ask your manager to plan it for you. If you really think you can go on it, then go on it. In addition, you have to remember that you’re an artist. Your goal is different from me participating in the show as a commoner. I suggest you get your manager to ask in advance who else the production team will invite. If the other party is more famous than you, I suggest you don’t accept it, lest you become a foil.’

MO Yan was enlightened. “That’s right. If the production team invites a guest who is more popular and more famous than me, I’ll really become a foil. I’m a very important artist in the rising period. I can’t be suppressed.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes.”

Li Xiwu’s words really reminded MO Yan. MO Yan was very happy. She praised Li Xiwu a few times and mocked her manager. “You’re both managers, my manager is more experienced than you. But she’s not even as detailed and considerate as you.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t take the praise. “A bystander can see better. If my artist encountered your current situation, I wouldn’t have a clue for a while. It’s easier to think about it when it didn’t happen beside me.”

MO Yan snorted. “Cousin, you’re too humble.”

Li Xiwu smiled. Actually, she wasn’t too humble. It was indeed just a

bystander’s perspective. But in the end, it was not Li Xiwu’s call whether MO Yan will continue to film dramas or variety shows.

Now, MO Yan was asking for Li Xiwu’s opinion. However, she wanted Li Xiwu to help her make a decision. In the end, MO Yan was the one who made the decision. She was no longer a newcomer. Her popularity and status now gave her a certain right to speak. Her manager would not interfere with her decisions.

At this moment, MO Yan looked at Li Xiwu hopefully, waiting for her opinion.

Li Xiwu even mentioned it. “Referring to the previous parent-child variety show, the discussion and popularity after the broadcast are very high. However, if the core of this parent-child variety show is similar to the previous parent-child variety show, you have to consider it carefully. I remember that all the dramas and variety shows produced by Nanjia have a good reputation. This time, if they innovate and let the parent-child variety show sublimate the core again, as long as there are no guests more famous than you, you can accept it.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” MO Yan wouldn’t really listen to advice, but if it was someone she trusted, she would listen.

Li Xiwu nodded. “It’s just a suggestion. It’s up to you to decide if you want to participate in the end. Besides, with your current status, you have to consider it carefully.”

MO Yan nodded. “I’ll talk to my manager when I get back.”

MO Yan was in a good mood. She looked straight at Li Xiwu and said, “I didn’t expect you to be so outstanding in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs back then and so powerful as a manager. If only I had recognized you earlier, but you’ve changed so much.”

Although Li Xiwu was also in her teens when she followed her parents overseas, she still had baby fat on her face at that time, and her personality was different from now.

In addition, Li Xiwu’s face had been injured during the turmoil in Country T and her appearance had been repaired. This way, it would be even more difficult to recognize her as the previous Li You.

Li Xiwu was not familiar with MO Yan yet, so she did not tell her that she had done facial repair.

Guan Suling did not let MO Yan chat with Li Xiwu for too long. Afraid that MO Yan’s chattering would annoy Li Xiwu, she stopped MO Yan at the right time. Soon, the entire ward fell silent.

It was almost noon when Guan Suling booked a private room in Qionglou Restaurant. The group went over for lunch. They would return to the hospital after dinner.

In the afternoon, MO Yan was in a hurry to dub for her new drama, so she did not follow her back to the hospital. Her manager drove her away.

Li Xiwu should meet Gu Lanshi in the afternoon as agreed. But it was clearly impossible to go. Not only would she not go, but she also would not send Gu Lanshi a message or call. She wanted to pretend that she did not know anything and wait until she was discharged.

Since Gu Lanshi had plans to see her alone, he would definitely wait..

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