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Chapter 327: Chapter 327: Alone in a Room

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Chapter 327: Alone in a Room

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The afternoon was very long. Li Xiwu was too free and even bored out of her mind, so she went to browse the recent upcoming dramas to see if there were any suitable roles for Xue Jinzhu.

From the looks of it, there were many roles suitable for Xue Jinzhu, but Xue Jinzhu had no acting experience. She was a pure newcomer. It was easy to talk about the role, but it was too difficult to act well. She was afraid that in the end, she would act badly and fall into the reputation of having poor acting skills. It would take a long time to correct her.

And the only way to change this situation was not to play an important role as soon as she debuted. She had to start with the supporting roles step by step and let the audience adapt better.

At the thought of this, she typed another WeChat message to Xue Jinzhu: [Take your acting class well. Don’t slack off.]

After sending the message, she saw Pei Jingzhou coming over. Li Xiwu quickly put down her phone and pretended that nothing had happened, so that Pei Jingzhou wouldn’t have anything to say about her.

However, when Pei Jingzhou approached, the phone she had put down began to vibrate. There was a call. She reached for it.

Pei Jingzhou, who was walking over, was faster than her. He picked up her hand. Li Xiwu did not move or try to snatch it back. She only asked, “Who called?”

Pei Jingzhou looked at the caller ID on the screen. “Her surname is Qiao.”

Qiao Qiao was just Qiao Qiao. Why did he have to say her surname was Qiao! Li Xiwu reached out her hand. “Qiao Qiao should be free now. Fourth Brother, give me the phone.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled faintly. “If there’s nothing, it’s Pei Jingzhou. If there’s anything, it’s Fourth Brother. You’re really clear-headed.”

Li Xiwu: ‘

After getting the cell phone, Li Xiwu quickly picked up Qiao Qiao’s call. Pei Jingzhou was never interested in what the two of them were talking about. For some reason, he had to sit beside her and listen to her answer the phone today.

Li Xiwu pushed him imperceptibly. He sat still. Li Xiwu pushed again, but he still did not move, as if he was frozen. Li Xiwu looked at her sideways. Pei Jingzhou said calmly, “I won’t disturb you, just pick up the call.”

Qiao Qiao’s noisy voice came from the phone. “Bae! Why did you take so long to answer the phone? I’ve been worried that something had happened to you.

Hurry up and squeak for me to see if you’re still alive.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. “Normal people won’t ask such a thing.”

Qiao Qiao reacted quickly this time. “Who are you calling not normal?!”

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Pei Jingzhou. He looked like he was thinking about something and was staring intently in one direction. It was unknown if he was really listening to her conversation with Qiao Qiao.

Li Xiwu changed her grip on her cell phone. “Didn’t I send you a WeChat message last night? I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“How can I not be worried?!!” Qiao Qiao’s tone was anxious. “I’ve been paying attention to your online developments in Xingzhou, but I really didn’t expect my best friend to be so influential. You’re hiding even deeper than the Mariana Trench!”

Li Xiwu said, “You’re exaggerating.”

Qiao Qiao snorted. “It’s not an exaggeration, not an exaggeration at all. But I know that there are many things you can’t explain over the phone. As for me, I

can’t return to the country for the time being. I’ve just registered my marriage. I haven’t accepted the fact that I got married early.”

If Qiao Qiao hadn’t mentioned this, Li Xiwu would have almost forgotten that Qiao Qiao was going to marry Qiao Jingmo… Oh, no, Shao Jingmo.

Li Xiwu asked, “Did Shao Jingmo keep a close eye on you?”

Qiao Qiao said smugly, “He can’t keep an eye on me. It’s my freedom to go wherever I want.”

Excluding the reason for Shao Jingmo, it should be…

Li Xiwu asked softly, “Is your grandfather’s health okay?”

On the other end of the line, Qiao Qiao fell silent. Li Xiwu knew that she had guessed correctly. Qiao’er was worried about her grandfather, so she couldn’t come to the capital for the time being.

Qiao Qiao’s voice was no longer as light and lively as before. It had become low and muffled. “Grandpa’s health is very bad, and it’s getting worse every day. I married Shao Jingmo because I was afraid that Grandpa would have regrets.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry Shao Jingmo.”

There was also a hint of grievance hidden in this muffled tone.

Qiao Qiao did feel an indescribable grievance in her heart when she married someone she didn’t like because of her grandfather’s last hope.

Li Xiwu understood Qiao Qiao’s grievance. “Is Shao Jingmo good to you?”

“Of course he’s good to me now. How dare he not treat me well?” Qiao Qiao returned to her previous tone, afraid that Li Xiwu would worry too much about her. “Grandpa is still here. It’s impossible for Shao Jingmo to treat me badly. Besides, after we get married, we have to act out our love for each other for Grandpa.”

At this point, Qiao Qiao added, “I have to say, Shao Jingmo’s acting skills are not bad. He portrayed the side of a good husband to the fullest. Grandpa is extremely satisfied.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “What if he didn’t act?”

Li Xiwu really said this casually. After all, Shao Jingmo’s thoughts could not be known.

“Impossible, impossible. He’s just good at acting.” Qiao Qiao was very sure. “He’s already completely in control of the Qiao family’s business. He can do anything he wants. He’s extremely terrifying. Marrying me is just a repayment for Grandpa’s nurturing. If Grandpa is gone one day, my hard days might come


Qiao Qiao wasn’t a pessimist. However, ever since she was afraid of Shao Jingmo, she had slowly become a pessimist. As long as it was related to Shao Jingmo, she would subconsciously think in a pessimistic way.

Li Xiwu could not comfort her in this situation. She only reminded Qiao Qiao to take good care of herself in Xingzhou and chatted about something else before hanging up.

On Xingzhou’s side.

Qiao Qiao was in a much better mood after ending the call with Li Xiwu. Sure enough, there was no bad mood that good sisters couldn’t fill.

She looked at the computer screen in front of her and reached for the cup of coffee by her hand. Unexpectedly, her prediction direction failed and she took the wrong spot. Before she knew it, the cup of coffee had been spilled. The direction of the spill was the laptop. The coffee that flowed out quickly rushed to the computer.

Qiao Qiao:

It’s over! This was Shao Jingmo’s laptop!!!

She was stunned for a few seconds and quickly wiped it with a tissue. However, the coffee went into the power source and the computer was suddenly switched off.

Qiao Qiao looked at the coffee-soaked laptop in front of her and sighed deeply.

Knock knock knock –

It was obvious that Shao Jingmo was knocking on the door.

Qiao Qiao’s hair stood on end. This was the laptop she had secretly carried up after Shao Jingmo left. Moreover, this was Shao Jingmo’s personal laptop.

She wanted to check if there was anything harmful to the Qiao family on Shao Jingmo’s computer. She also wanted to see how much Shao Jingmo planned to expand his business after inheriting the Qiao family.

To put it bluntly, she wanted to know if Shao Jingmo had done anything to let the Qiao family down in the past few years. Before she could see anything, his computer was destroyed by her cup of hot coffee.

Knock knock knock –

The knock on the door was like the King of Hell’s death.

Qiao Qiao closed her eyes hard and thought to herself that she would be stabbed either way. So be it. Who asked her to steal his computer and destroy it? She would be scolded and swallow her anger later.

She braced herself to answer the door.

As expected, Shao Jingmo stood outside the door. He didn’t seem to be looking for her. Instead, he was looking for his laptop. “Where’s the computer?” he asked directly.

Qiao Qiao pointed in a direction inside the house. Shao Jingmo was about to go in when Qiao Qiao stopped him. “Wait, wait.”

Shao Jingmo stopped in his tracks and looked at her sideways. Qiao Qiao stammered, “I was bored and wanted to watch a drama. In the end, I accidentally spilled hot coffee on your computer.”

With that, she braced herself for the scolding. However, before Shao Jingmo could scold her, Shao Jingmo grabbed her wrist and raised it. He looked at it carefully and put it down before raising his other hand.

Stunned, Qiao Qiao let him examine her hands. After checking, Shao Jingmo asked her, “Did you burn anywhere else?”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Burn? Burn?”

Shao Jingmo said, “Didn’t you say hot coffee?”

“Oh, it’s not very hot. I didn’t burn myself. I just destroyed your computer.” She didn’t dare be arrogant when she was in the wrong.

Unexpectedly, not only did Shao Jingmo not blame her, but he also did not get angry. He only said, “If it’s destroyed, so be it.”

Qiao Qiao looked at him in surprise. “Aren’t you angry?”

Shao Jingmo said, “If I’m angry, will the computer immediately become better?”

Qiao Qiao shook her head.

Shao Jingmo turned around and prepared to leave.

Qiao Qiao was still in disbelief. Shao Jingmo was actually so easy to talk to. That was his personal computer. Her behavior of stealing was enough to make him angry. She even destroyed his computer. In the end, he only replied casually: If it’s destroyed, so be it.

While she was confused and dumbfounded, Shao Jingmo returned and reminded her, “There are a few documents in the computer that aren’t backed up. I’m very busy. Come to my study when you have time later. Copy the documents again and back up them on another computer.” After saying that, he saw that Qiao Qiao didn’t react.

Shao Jingmo called out to her, “Qiao Guigui.”

Qiao Qiao suddenly came back to her senses. “Huh?”

“Ah what?” Shao Jingmo reached out and tapped her forehead with his fingertip. “You broke it. You have to fix it for me yourself. There’s no need to wait for you to make time. Come to the study with me now.”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Just the two of us?”

Shao Jingmo asked, “How many people do you want?”

Qiao Qiao shook her head. “Nothing.”

Shao Jingmo said, “Come with me.”

Qiao Qiao pouted. “…Oh.”

We’re going to be alone again! Aye!

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