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Chapter 329: Chapter 329: Privilege of a Legal Couple

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Chapter 329: Privilege of a Legal Couple

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Qiao Qiao’s hand, which had yet to land on the doorknob, froze. She turned to

Shao Jingmo and gave a blank reaction. “What do you mean?”

Shao Jingmo pursed his thin lips and stood in a straight line. He looked at Qiao

Qiao in silence for a few seconds before saying in a low voice, “Efficiency.”

Qiao Qiao almost misunderstood. When she heard efficiency, she understood again. She pouted and said, “If we’re talking about efficiency, you can just get the laptop repairman to fix it. Isn’t it more efficient? Why do you have to let me do it? It’s not like you don’t know me. I’ll dawdle, and you’ll be anxious.”

Shao Jingmo chuckled. “So you know that you’re dawdling.”

Qiao Qiao choked. “I…”

Shao Jingmo said, “Then correct your bad habit and increase your efficiency.”

Qiao Qiao pouted. “You’ve already taken over the family business. I don’t have to inherit it. I’m all alone. Why should I be efficient?”

Shao Jingmo looked at her with his deep eyes. “Are you planning to discuss this with me? Do you know that you’ve been delaying it for a long time? Although I didn’t say that the laptop is urgent, you have to be self-conscious. Do I need to remind you about this?”

Qiao Qiao:

Her throat closed up. She mouthed the word ‘mean’ silently! Seeing that Shao Jingmo seemed to understand her mouthed words, she immediately shut her mouth and walked towards him.

Standing in front of his desk, Qiao Qiao reached out and picked up the phone on the table. “Okay, I’ll just use yours. But don’t worry, I won’t check any other information on your cell phone. I still have this morality. I’ll return it to you when I’m done.”

She took the phone and turned back to the coffee table.

Shao Jingmo’s faint voice came from behind. “The password is 12260426.”

Qiao Qiao nodded and continued walking. As she walked, she stopped and turned to ask Shao Jingmo, “Is 1226 my birthday?”

Shao Jingmo replied without changing his expression, “We’re already legally married. My birthday and your birthday combination password will make it easier for you to check my cell phone. This is also your privilege.”

“No, no, no. There’s no need for such privileges.” Qiao Qiao heard that and quickly explained, “I’m not checking your cell phone either.”

Shao Jingmo looked up at her with dark eyes.

Qiao Qiao continued to explain, “I really won’t check your cell phone. It’s not just your cell phone. I won’t ask about who you work outside, who you meet, who you eat with, or who you stay out all night. Don’t worry. You’re very free when we get married. I definitely won’t care about you.”

Shao Jingmo also frowned. Qiao Qiao noticed Shao Jingmo’s frown and thought that she had said too much and annoyed him. On second thought, there was indeed no need to make such things so clear. She just needed to do it. She laughed dryly. “Then I’ll go over and dismantle the hard drive.” Shao Jingmo nodded and did not say anything else.

Qiao Qiao sat down on the sofa. The sofa was a little too high, so she sat cross-legged on the carpet.

The carpet used on the floor of the study was a thin sound-absorbing carpet. It wouldn’t be very thick. It might not be as comfortable to sit on it. If you sat on it for too long, it might even hurt your butt.

However, Qiao Qiao couldn’t care less now. She had to quickly dismantle the hard drive and connect it to another laptop. After doing this, she would go out for a walk. When she was in the same space as Shao Jingmo, she had to be careful with her breathing.

She picked up the phone and entered the password according to Shao Jingmo’s instructions. After she entered it, she realized that her and Shao Jingmo’s birthdays were on the 26th. She silently recalled the horoscope time and muttered to herself, “This person is actually a Taurus…’

And she was Capricorn.

She raised her hand to her chin and suddenly remembered that the horoscope book seemed to say that the Taurus was the best match for Capricorn.

Moreover, they were called a combination with full marks!!

Qiao Qiao frowned and thought for a few seconds before muttering to herself,

“The horoscope isn’t that accurate.”

Next she began to search for tutorial videos on dismantling hard drives. She was very honest and did not look for the other information in Shao Jingmo’s hand. She only planned to return the phone to him after watching the tutorial on dismantling hard drives.

After watching it, Qiao Qiao found it quite simple, so she began to do it herself. She was efficient and didn’t make much of a mistake. She successfully removed the hard drive and connected it to another laptop with a USB. She really copied the data over.

She carried the laptop over to look for Shao Jingmo. “Hey, hey. I’ve copied the data over. Where do I save it?”

Shao Jingmo laughed angrily. “Hey?”

Qiao Qiao changed her form of address. “Shao Jingmo.”

Shao Jingmo’s eyes were cold as he gestured for her to turn the laptop screen around for him to see. She did as she was told. Shao Jingmo pointed at a spot on the screen. “Put it here.”

Qiao Qiao saw the folder he was pointing at and nodded. “Got it. I’ll get it done right away and come over to you.”

She carried the laptop back to the other side and sat down to continue fiddling. When it was completely done, she carried the laptop over and placed it in front of him. “Here, Shao Jingmo, I’m done. I did everything according to your

Shao Jingmo read it briefly and said, “One less document.” Qiao Qiao’s eyes widened. “No way? What’s missing?”

Shao Jingmo raised his hand. “Come here.”

Qiao Qiao didn’t suspect anything. She leaned down and approached Shao

Jingmo’s side. The distance between the two of them was extremely close. Qiao Qiao moved the tip of her nose and could vaguely smell the faint fragrance of cedar.

She knew that it was the cedar fragrance on Shao Jingmo. She hadn’t noticed before, but now that she was close, she could smell it. And it smelled surprisingly good. Her lips curved, but she didn’t know that Shao Jingmo had seen all these small details.

His Adam’s apple bobbed slightly as he moved a little to the other side, putting some distance between them to clear his head.

Qiao Qiao noticed that he was moving over subtly. Her curved lips slowly straightened, and her mouth pouted with some emotion. —Why are you hiding? I’m not taking advantage of you!

These words were spoken in her heart.

Shao Jingmo pointed at the data in the folder. “Go and verify it. There’s still one missing in the middle. Move it over.”

Qiao Qiao immediately misheard. Her body reacted faster than her thoughts and leaned towards Shao Jingmo.

Move over = lean over.

When she leaned over, her shoulder unexpectedly pressed against Shao Jingmo’s. The heater was on in the house. She was dressed thinly and her collar wasn’t high. Although she couldn’t see everything, she could see the deep cleavage in her chest.

Qiao Qiao’s face heated up. She clutched her chest and stood up. “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Shao Jingmo raised his eyebrows in confusion. “On purpose?”

Qiao Qiao opened her mouth again and stuttered. “You, you were the one who asked me to lean over. My-my collar is so low, you lecherous hooligan.”

Shao Jingmo: ‘

The atmosphere was silent for more than ten seconds before Shao Jingmo smiled. It was an expression of laughter from anger. Shao Jingmo looked up at her. “I asked you to copy the data over. What are you thinking?”

Qiao Qiao: ‘Q”

Shao Jingmo said, “Also, it’s legal for me to look at you everywhere. After all, we’re married. It doesn’t seem appropriate to use words like lecherous hooligan.”

Qiao Qiao snorted. “Sorry. Bad choice of words.”

Shao Jingmo replied seriously, “Be careful next time.”

Qiao Qiao picked up the laptop on the table. “Got it. I’ll copy it back to you immediately. Naggy.”

Shao Jingmo smiled dotingly. “Go ahead..”

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