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Chapter 33

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Fourth Brother Is Alone Tonight

Li Xiwu replied, “Not a blind date.”

“I heard it very clearly.” Han Qianye was very sure that she had not heard wrongly.

Li Xiwu put away her phone and thought about replying to Qiao Qiao later. She explained to Han Qianye, “It’s just a blind date program.”

In any case, Han Qianye couldn’t wait for her to divorce Pei Jingzhou. If she said that she would participate in the blind date show, Han Qianye would probably be very happy. But she didn’t seem quite as happy as she expected.

Han Qianye did not look very happy. She asked calmly, “Is the blind date program real or fake? If you succeed in holding hands, you have to date?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. She thought for a few seconds before answering. “The show is real.”

Han Qianye frowned. “In other words, there’s a high probability that the blind date will succeed?”

The show was indeed real. However, a small portion of the show’s guests, male and female, would be arranged to promote the show’s effect. But there were also many who succeeded in holding hands.

Li Xiwu thought for a few seconds before answering, “If you meet a male guest who is very suitable for you in all aspects, you can take the initiative to confess. If you are fated, you should be able to hold hands successfully.”

Han Qianye fell silent.

Li Xiwu picked up her phone and continued to type a reply to Qiao Qiao: [On the way there, are they taking attendance? I’ll be there soon.]


Qiao Qiao sent a voice message: [It’s not time yet. I just wanted to let you know that there are two male guests that are quite good tonight. The group chat is in high demand.]

Han Qianye heard the voice message clearly. She snorted. “How outstanding can they be? They’re worlds apart from my son.”

Li Xiwu, who was typing, was speechless. She didn’t look at her phone again after replying to Qiao Qiao’s message.

When the car arrived at the Pei residence, Han Qianye got out of the car with her bag. Li Xiwu was about to press the button to close the automatic door when Han Qianye turned back. “Where is the blind date program?”

Li Xiwu thought for three seconds before answering. “The studio in the main TV station.” After answering, she asked, “Are you going?”

“What am I going to do? Am I so free!” Han Qianye snorted arrogantly and turned to walk in.

Li Xiwu pressed the button. “Go to the main TV station.”

“Okay, Miss Li.”

Ten minutes later, Li Xiwu had just arrived at the main TV station when she received a call from Pei Jingzhou. She picked it up and called, “Fourth Brother.”

Li Xiwu had been to the main TV station once before, so she was familiar with the place. She walked straight in without asking for directions.

Pei Jingzhou’s voice came from the phone. “Are you done recording the variety show?”

Li Xiwu stopped short. She had forgotten to tell Pei Jingzhou that she had something to do tonight. She hoped that it was not too late to tell him now. “Qiao Qiao asked me out. It might take some time. I’ll be back at Lake Lu at ten o’clock sharp.”

“Ten o’clock?”


On the other end of the line, Pei Jingzhou’s voice was a little cold. “It’s five-thirty now. You’ll be home at ten. Are you going to plan for the future development of the country in the next few hours?”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She choked for a few seconds before explaining obediently, “Qiao Qiao has asked me out several times. I can’t stand her up this time.”

Pei Jingzhou: “Nine o’clock.” Ten o’clock was too late. He wanted her home by nine.

Li Xiwu carefully recalled Qiao Qiao’s WeChat message. The recording would start at 6:30 sharp. It wouldn’t end until 9:30 sharp. The recording would start on time, but it wouldn’t end on time. It might be delayed until after 10. And Pei Jingzhou wanted her to go back by 9. Wasn’t it just about sex? Didn’t he already have a new lover?

At the thought of this, Li Xiwu felt a little angry and disgusted. Her tone was not as obedient as before. “I’m your wife, not your subordinate. Why do you care what time I come back?”

The line went quiet.

Li Xiwu calmed down a lot, so she said in one breath, “I’ll come back when I want to. It’s not like I won’t go home. Don’t worry about me in the future.” She hung up before Pei Jingzhou could say anything.

On the other side, in the car driving back to Lake Lu. Pei Jingzhou took down his phone and looked at the screen. The air in the car froze for a few seconds. Beside him, a chuckle followed.

Pei Jingzhou glanced sideways.

He Wang immediately shut his mouth and asked in a very concerned tone, “Is Sister-in-law in a bad mood?”

Pei Jingzhou’s cold expression softened. “Perhaps.”

He Wang tried his best to suppress his smile. “When a girl is in a bad mood, it’s a big deal. It’s not easy to coax her.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?”

He Wang used a common trick. “Buy flowers! When a woman is in a bad mood, buy her flowers. I guarantee that her mood will improve in a second.”

Pei Jingzhou: “Tacky.”

He Wang finally couldn’t suppress his laughter and revealed his upper teeth. “It’s tacky, but women fall for it.”

And with that, He Wang turned around and secretly picked up his phone. He opened the WeChat group of the four of them and risked his life to quietly type a message in the group: [Pass it down, Fourth Brother will be alone tonight.]

Li Xiwu had watched two episodes of the blind date show before. Later on, she was too busy to watch it. There were no rehearsals for the show. It was recorded in real time and would be edited and broadcast later.

Li Xiwu went to the backstage dressing room under Qiao Qiao’s instructions. She had thought that since the blind date program was so popular, there should be a lot of real guests who had signed up to participate. When she arrived, she realized that she had been too narrow-minded.

There were a total of twenty female guests, and ten of them were shills!

Standing in front of the makeup mirror, she used the makeup tools she’d been provided to modify her makeup. She changed it to a more vibrant, smoky makeup, then changed into the clothes she’d been provided with. Her entire demeanor had changed. She was very different from before.

At this moment, Director Yu Qingye walked in and said, “Is everyone here? If you’re here, respond.” The director held the list in his hand and called each name one by one.

Li Xiwu answered, “Present.” She was at the side, not far from Yu Qingye.

After she responded, Yu Qingye looked over. “Qiao Qiao?”

Li Xiwu’s expression didn’t change as he was called out a second time. “Here,” she replied without moving.

Yu Qingye walked over. “Damn!”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Yu Qingye said, “You told me on WeChat that you went to make some adjustments. I thought that it would at most be a filler, but I didn’t expect you to change your face directly.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She thought that Qiao Qiao was invisible here, but she was actually very familiar with the director.

“This is not just an adjustment. You actually went for plastic surgery. It had to be said, it’s even better looking than before. But it must have cost a fortune. I heard it cost tens of thousands.” Yu Qingye praised her very honestly. It was indeed honest. But any more praise and she would be the center of attention.

Li Xiwu cut to the chase. “Are we on?”

“Right. Two minutes to start.” Yu Qingye said as he walked, “You look good, but you look a little like a female guest on a popular in-law variety show recently.”

The moment that was said, many gazes turned to Li Xiwu—

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