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Chapter 331: Chapter 331: He Said, “This Is My Daughter.”

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Chapter 331: He Said, “This Is My Daughter.”

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Li Xiwu did not go to Gu Lanshi’s appointment, but Gu Lanshi went to wait for her. He drove to Qiang Yue Garden with Youyou and waited in the car for nearly two hours, but Li Xiwu did not appear.

Youyou was bored staying in the car. Sometimes she lay sprawled on the ground, sometimes she leaned against the window. She would rather be locked in the house. At least there was more room in the house, enough for her to

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She lay on the seat and frowned. She looked back at Gu Lanshi pitifully, she called out in a low voice, “Brother.”

Gu Lanshi put down his phone and looked back. “Huh?”

Youyou asked, “How long do we have to wait?”

Gu Lanshi did not say how long they would wait. He only asked, “Youyou, don’t you want to wait anymore?”

Youyou didn’t say anything and remained in a lying position.

Gu Lanshi deliberately lowered his voice. “Youyou, you’re a girl. Girls have to act like girls. Sit properly.”

Youyou was unwilling. “Brother favors boys over girls.”

Gu Lanshi said, “Huh?”

Youyou snorted. “That’s what they say on TV. Boys can do anything, but girls can’t. This is called favoring boys over girls.”

Gu Lanshi laughed in anger. “What do you mean, favor boys over girls? What kind of nonsense shows did you watch?”

Youyou snorted. “You won’t understand even if I tell you. There’s a generation gap between us.”

Gu Lanshi: ‘

It seemed that Little Youyou often followed Auntie Lin when she watched those television dramas. When he went back, he had to remind Auntie Lin to avoid Youyou when she watched those dramas in the future. Otherwise, she would be poisoned.

Gu Lanshi rolled up his sleeves and looked at the time on his wristwatch.

It was almost five o’clock. He knew that Li Xiwu probably wouldn’t come. In fact, he had long known that waiting until now was just a gamble. A gamble on Li Xiwu’s fate with Youyou. If she was here, she could meet Youyou and know about her relationship with Youyou..

“Brother?” Youyou, who was lying in the back seat, had jumped to the front at some point and stuck her head out beside Gu Lanshi.

Gu Lanshi looked at her sideways. “What’s wrong?”

Youyou’s cheeks puffed up, and her expression looked a little serious. “Is Sister not coming?”

Youyou knew from the beginning who they were waiting for. Therefore, she waited obediently for nearly two hours before asking Gu Lanshi when she was going back.

Gu Lanshi wanted to tell Youyou that they could wait for a little while more, just a little while more will do. Before he could say it, Youyou sighed calmly. “Then let’s continue waiting.”

Gu Lanshi asked, “Are you very bored?”

Youyou made a cute gesture. “A little.”

Gu Lanshi said, “Wait another half an hour. If she still hasn’t come in half an hour, let’s go back.”

Youyou nodded gloomily and went back to sit properly. She also fastened her seatbelt. Perhaps it was because her hands were too small and she did not have much strength, but every time she fastened her seatbelt, it seemed to be very difficult.

She fastened it seriously and hard. Finally, she heaved a sigh of relief and praised herself happily. “I, Youyou, am super awesome-”

This scene appeared in the inner rear view mirror.

Gu Lanshi was originally just watching quietly. When he heard the self-praise, a smile appeared on his face and he muttered to himself, “She’s so like you. Does this count as… I was also involved in a part of your childhood.”

Buzz buzz buzz.

His cell phone vibrated. A call had come in. Gu Lanshi thought that it was a call from Li Xiwu. Even if she couldn’t come, she called him back to inform him. When he saw the caller ID, Gu Lanshi’s expression was calm. He was silent for a few seconds before answering the call. He pressed the phone to his ear. “Old

Master Cai.”

This call was from Cai Buqu.

Cai Buqu asked on the other end of the line, “You’re in the car, right?”

Gu Lanshi looked out of the car window. Cai Buqu was standing there, facing the direction of his car. He must have recognized his car or the license plate number.

Gu Lanshi retracted his gaze. “It’s me.”

Cai Buqu said, “Since you’re already here, why don’t you come down and talk?”

Gu Lanshi’s gaze swept past Youyou in the rearview mirror and she rejected politely. “I was just passing by and stopped for a moment.’

Cai Buqu’s laughter was rich. “Your car has been parked here for almost two hours.”

Gu Lanshi pursed his thin lips. After a moment, he laughed. “Wait a moment.”

Cai Buqu said, “There’s no hurry.”

After ending the call, Gu Lanshi turned to discuss with Little Youyou. “It’s like this. I’m going to get out of the car for a few minutes. Can you wait for me in the car?”

Youyou looked at Gu Lanshi eagerly. “Can you not leave me behind?”

Gu Lanshi: ‘

There was no need to bargain. With just this sentence, Gu Lanshi would definitely bring her along. However, when they got out of the car, Gu Lanshi specially put a mask on Youyou’s face. As for why he did this, it was naturally because Mr. Cai was an elder who had watched Li You grow up. If Mr. Cai saw Youyou, it would be difficult to explain.

A moment later.

When Cai Buqu arrived, his attention was all on the little girl in Gu Lanshi’s arms. Wearing a mask, he couldn’t see the little girl’s appearance clearly. Cai Buqu sized her up a few times before asking, “She is?”

Gu Lanshi said, “My daughter.”

Cai Buqu: “?”

Due to the last time they met, Cai Buqu was still persuading Gu Lanshi to let go of his obsession and not be too obsessed with someone he couldn’t be with.

How long has it been? When they met again, Gu Lanshi already had such a big daughter by her side?! The little girl was about… three or four years old, right?

Cai Buqu was surprised, but he did not show it on his face. He said calmly, “I’m already so old. Don’t joke with me like this.”

Gu Lanshi’s expression did not look like he was joking. He repeated, “She’s my daughter.”

Youyou, who was lying in Gu Lanshi’s arms, had her face covered by a mask. Only her big black grape-like eyes could be seen. She was unbelievably beautiful.

As this was the first time she had seen Cai Buqu, Youyou was a little curious about this old man and kept staring at him.

Gu Lanshi was a little worried that Youyou would undermine him. Fortunately, what he was worried about did not happen. When he got out of the car, he had told Youyou. And she had agreed to cooperate with him. The final reward was that she could eat a whole bag of cheese sticks when she returned.

Cheese sticks were Youyou’s favorite snacks. She liked them even more than cake.

Cai Buqu and Youyou looked at each other for a few seconds. Because the mask covered her face, her face could not be seen. Although Cai Buqu was puzzled and did not believe him, he did not say anything else to question him. He praised gently, “Mr. Gu, your daughter is very cute.”

“Thank you.” Gu Lanshi looked to be in a good mood.

Cai Buqu looked away from Youyou and pointed in a direction for Gu Lanshi.

“I’ve been sitting there playing chess.”

Gu Lanshi looked in the direction of Cai Buqu’s finger. There was no one there now, just a stone table and two stone benches.

Cai Buqu smiled. “That’s why I saw it when you drove over. I know how long it was parked..”

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