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Chapter 332: Chapter 332: Youyu and Li Xiwu Look Too Much Like Each Other When They Were Young

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Chapter 332: Youyu and Li Xiwu Look Too Much Like Each Other When They Were Young

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Seeing that Gu Lanshi did not react, Cai Buqu asked, “Why are you here today?”

Gu Lanshi restrained his emotions. “I wasn’t busy, so I brought my daughter out to shop. I happened to pass by here and stopped for a while.”

It was the same rhetoric.

Who would believe that? However, neither of them undermined the other. They chatted like they’re playing tai chi, chatting about nothing of importance. Cai Buqu lost his patience and waved his hand. “I still have something on. See you another day.”

Gu Lanshi stopped him. “Old Master Cai…”

Cai Buqu turned around and said, “Actually, I shouldn’t have called you down for a chat out of curiosity. I should have gone straight back after the last game of chess.’

Gu Lanshi smiled and asked irrelevantly, “Why didn’t Old Master Cai mention about the recent matters?”

At this point, Cai Buqu began to pretend to be confused. “Recent? What’s recent? I don’t have a computer, and I use an old phone, so I don’t know what’s been on the news recently. There’s nothing major in the newspapers.”

Gu Lanshi’s thin lips parted. “Li You is back.” As Gu Lanshi had expected, Cai Buqu did not look surprised when he heard this. Gu Lanshi asked, “Aren’t you surprised?”

Cai Buqu straightened up. “I was waiting for you to mention this just now, but you never mentioned it. Now you’re mentioning it. Tell me, what’s your motive for coming here today?”

Gu Lanshi smiled calmly. “Even if I repeat myself, I have no motive. You won’t believe me.”

Cai Buqu said unhurriedly, “Because Mr. Gu’s credibility is worrying.” Gu Lanshi was not angry at these words. “I’ll correct it.”

Cai Buqu’s face darkened and he waved his hand. “Be my guest.”

Gu Lanshi hugged Youyou and stood still. “I asked Li You over today.”

Cai Buqu raised his eyebrows. “It’s been two hours. Missy didn’t come. She won’t come even if it was any later.”

Gu Lanshi’s eyes darkened. “Do you think so too?”

Cai Buqu said slowly, “Missy has a happy family now. She’s doing well. I know she’s doing well and I’m happy, so I didn’t disturb her. If she wants to come back one day, I’ll open the door to welcome her return immediately, but I hope you won’t disturb our Missy’s current life.”

Cai Buqu had been paying attention to Li Xiwu’s identity being exposed online recently. Of course, it was not only recently. Ever since Li Xiwu came to the Li Mansion, Cai Buqu had been secretly paying attention to her.

Actually, he knew it in his heart. Ever since they met at the Li Mansion that day, he had already confirmed that Li Xiwu was Missy. She was still alive and well. She had just changed her lifestyle and couldn’t remember the past.

Cai Buqu recalled that because he was eager some time ago, he believed Gu Lanshi’s words. He even became an accomplice and almost helped Missy recover her memories.

Actually, to Missy, remembering the past was no longer that important.

What was important was her current life. It was quite good that the Pei family had created a brand new life for her. He thought that it would always be like this and that he would not disturb her. However, when she saw Missy’s last statement in the live-stream, she seemed to remember everything.

Therefore, in Cai Buqu’s opinion, Gu Lanshi was probably here to bewitch him again today. Even if he avoided it this time, he might not be able to avoid it next time. He might as well take the initiative to make his stand clear.

Gu Lanshi was very calm from the beginning to the end. “I know that if she regains her memories, it will only hurt to remember what happened in the past. She’s in a good state now. Don’t worry, Old Master Cai. I won’t disturb her current life again.”

Cai Buqu did not know if he believed Gu Lanshi’s words. He only smiled and raised his hand. “Since you’ve said so, go ahead.” Gu Lanshi nodded. “Goodbye.”

Cai Buqu nodded and watched Gu Lanshi leave.

Youyou leaned on Gu Lanshi’s shoulder and waved goodbye to Cai Buqu. “Goodbye, Grandpa

Cai Beuqu raised his hand and waved with a smile. “Goodbye, kid.”

This little girl was very cute. She had always been very obedient in Gu Lanshi’s arms. Although Gu Lanshi said that she was his daughter, Cai Buqu was not stupid. Naturally, he would not believe such casual words.

Missy had been missing for so many years and no one knew if she was dead or alive. With Gu Lanshi’s feelings for Missy, he probably wouldn’t be sad while having fun.

As for whose child that little girl was, Cai Buqu was no longer curious. He was about to turn around and go back when he suddenly saw the little girl take off her mask and say something happily. It was too far away for Cai Buqu to hear clearly.

But he could see the little girl’s face clearly.

“Wait a minute!” Cai Buqu shouted.

Gu Lanshi, who was leaving with Youyou in his arms, heard this voice, he stood rooted to the ground. He turned around and saw Old Master Cai running towards him.

Gu Lanshi said, “Youyou, put on your mask.”

Youyou pouted unhappily. “But Brother just said that I can take off my mask.”

Gu Lanshi looked at Old Master Cai and then at Youyou with doting eyes. “Alright, you don’t have to wear it then.”

At this moment, Cai Buqu had already run over. He was panting heavily. When he saw the little girl’s appearance up close, he was stunned, and then right on the heels was disbelief. He pointed at Youyou, his trembling lips opening and closing, unable to say a complete word for a long time.

Gu Lanshi asked, “Is there anything else, Old Master Cai?”

Cai Buqu’s gaze returned to Gu Lanshi and he asked in a trembling voice, “Who, who is she?”

Gu Lanshi still replied calmly, “My daughter.”

Cai Buqu’s voice sank. “That’s impossible!!”

Gu Lanshi asked, “Why does Old Master Cai think that she’s not my daughter?”

Cai Buqu pointed at Youyou with trembling hands and said, “I watched Missy grow up. She, she…’

Gu Lanshi was puzzled. “So?”

Cai Buqu took a deep breath to calm himself down. His tone was no longer as excited as before. “Mr. Gu, let’s talk.’

Gu Lanshi smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, Mr. Cai. I have to take Youyou back.”

“Youyou…” Mr. Cai repeated the name. “So it’s a homophone…”

Cai Buqu was still unwilling to believe this fact, but this fact was in front of him. He also knew that Gu Lanshi must have deliberately let him see Youyou’s appearance.

Cai Buqu looked at Youyou lovingly. “How old are you?”

Youyou showed her teeth and smiled. “Youyou is four years old.”

Cai Buqu was stunned again. “Four years old…”

Missy had been missing for four years. Cai Buqu thought of something and suddenly asked Gu Lanshi, “Is Youyou your and Missy’s child?”

Gu Lanshi neither admitted nor denied it. He just looked at Cai Buqu quietly. In Cai Buqu’s opinion, this reaction was silent agreement. This little girl looked so similar to Missy when she was young. She was also brought up by Gu Lanshi.. There was a high chance that she was Missy’s child…

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