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Chapter 333: Chapter 333: Calling Him a Shameless Third Party

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Chapter 333: Calling Him a Shameless Third Party

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In the Li Mansion.

Gu Lanshi bent down and put Youyou down. This was the first time Youyou was here. Facing the unfamiliar surroundings, she instinctively grabbed Gu Lanshi’s sleeve and refused to let go. She looked around curiously.

Gu Lanshi squatted down and said to Youyou, “This is her home.”

Youyou asked, “Is it Pretty Sister’s house?”

Gu Lanshi smiled gently and stood up to hold Youyou’s hand as they sat down by the sofa.

“Here, these are the pears I bought today.” Cai Buqu placed the fruit platter with the pears on the coffee table and picked up another one to hand to Youyou. “You can eat it directly after washing it.”

Youyou took the pear and looked up. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Cai Buqu smiled lovingly. “You’re welcome.”

Cai Buqu stared at Youyou for a long time. No matter how he looked at it, she looked like her! She was too similar! Especially her eyebrows and nose, they were almost carved from the same mold as Missy when she was young.

After looking at Youyou, Cai Buqu turned to look at Gu Lan.

Gu Lanshi knew what Old Master Cai was comparing. He silently let him sized up him. After a moment, he took the initiative to break the silence. “Youyou is more like her.”

“Indeed,” Cai Buqu said meaningfully. “And there’s no sign of you at all.” Gu Lanshi remained silent.

Cai Buqu was also straightforward because Youyou’s small face looked like a replica of Missy when she was young, but there was no trace of Gu Lanshi. It made sense for her to have her genes, but the main reason was that Cai Buqu was not 100% sure that Youyou was Missy’s child.

What happened in Country T back then, he knew more obscurely. But to comfirm that she was Missy’s child just because Gu Lanshi had brought this little girl was too rash. It had to be confirmed.

As for how to verify it, there was no hurry.

“Mr. Gu, why didn’t I hear you mention this before?” Cai Buqu asked.

Gu Lanshi lowered his eyes slightly. “If I mention it, will Old Master Cai treat me better on account that I raised the child alone and am very pitiful?”

Cai Buqu cleared his throat. “It’s rare for a father to rise because of his child, but it’s not impossible.”

A faint smile appeared on Gu Lanshi’s lips. “Then Old Master Cai, do you mean that you will help our family of three reunite on account of our pity?”

Cai Buqu’s tone was calm. “A fool harms his own virtue.”

Gu Lansm’s expression not cnange. ‘”l’nen wnat my ruture nappmess IS built on the perfection of others?”

Cai Buqu said, “It means that you will definitely have a calamity in your life. As long as you don’t have any bad intentions, you will definitely be able to achieve great merit in the future.”

Gu Lanshi said, “Such as?”

Cai Buqu raised his hand and pointed in a direction. Gu Lanshi looked in the direction Cai Buqu was pointing. It was a wall with a clock on it. “Old Master Cai, do you mean that I should leave everything to time?” This was Gu Lanshi’s understanding.

“Not really.” Cai Buqu shook his head enigmatically. “There’s a temple five kilometers in this direction.”

Gu Lanshi said, “You want me to become a monk?”

Cai Buqu smiled. “I didn’t think so, but now that you mention it, I think it’s a good idea.”

Gu Lanshi gritted his teeth and did not say anything. Cai Buqu’s smile widened. As he smiled, he was afraid that he would lose all the merit he had accumulated over the years. He straightened up. “What I mean is that you’re a good man and lack a good marriage. If Mr. Gu is willing, I, Cai Buqu, will personally go to a

temple five kilometers away and ask the Buddha for a marriage for you. This way, you won’t always think of destroying other people’s families and being a shameless third party.”

Gu Lanshi: ‘

If Gu Lanshi was an impatient person, he would have already gone berserk on the spot!!

Fortunately, Gu Lanshi was calm. However, his ashen face looked like he was having a hard time holding it in. He gritted his molars and glanced sideways at Old Master Cai. “I won’t trouble Old Master Cai. What if Old Master Cai does something bad out of goodwill and beg me for an ill-fated relationship? As for me, I can still bear it. I’m just afraid that Youyou will suffer with me.”

“Youyou won’t suffer with you,” Cai Buqu said firmly.

Gu Lanshi smiled and said slowly, “The path is long.”

“No!” Cai Buqu said solemnly, “Reorganizing the family will hurt the child very much. Mr. Gu, think about it. If you remarry with Youyou, can you guarantee that your remarried wife will treat Youyou as her own? No, right?”

Gu Lanshi:

Cai Buqu continued, “Missy and Young Master have been married for so many years and don’t have any children. There are no such conflicts. Youyou can be raised by Missy. This will only be beneficial to you, Mr. Gu, and it won’t affect your future marriage.”

Gu Lanshi closed his eyes in displeasure. “Old Master Cai, you don’t have to keep mentioning getting married again. I’ve never gotten married before.”

Cai Buqu smiled meaningfully. “Look at me. I forgot about this. It turns out that Mr. Gu has never had an official status from the beginning to the end. It’s just a shameful identity.”

Gu Lanshi: “…

What did he mean by a shameful identity?

There was no way to chat today!

Gu Lanshi planned to take Youyou away, but when he turned around, Youyou was nowhere to be seen.

“Youyou?” Gu Lanshi shouted.

A moment later, Youyou’s voice came from upstairs— “I’m here.”

Gu Lanshi followed the voice and was about to go upstairs when Cai Buqu reached out to block Gu Lanshi’s way. “Mr. Gu, wait a moment.”

Gu Lanshi stopped in his tracks.

Cai Buqu took half a step forward and stood beside Gu Lanshi. He said earnestly, “I’m sincerely advising you not to disturb Missy’s current life. As long as you nod, I can try to find Missy and persuade Young Master to treat Youyou as his own. What do you think?”

Gu Lanshi smiled. “Old Master Cai, can you really persuade Pei Jingzhou to raise my and Little You’s daughter?”

Cai Buqu was very determined. “Yes.”

Gu Lanshi smiled. “Then I’ll have to trouble Old Master Cai. If Pei Jingzhou is really so magnanimous, I can let him raise my daughter.”

“Are you serious?” Cai Buqu was afraid that Gu Lanshi would say one thing and do another.

Gu Lanshi pushed away Cai Buqu’s hand that was blocking his way. “Of course.” With that, Gu Lanshi walked towards the stairs. “Youyou, we should go home.”

Two days later, Li Xiwu successfully left the hospital. When she was discharged, the doctor removed the gauze from her forehead.

The wound was obvious at first glance. The doctor reminded her to pay attention to the wound when washing her face and showering in the next few days, then prescribed the best scar removal gel.

“Pei Jingzhou, I want to go to the company first. President Qi informed me of the preparatory arrangements for the annual meeting. I have to go to a meeting. Also…”

As she spoke, she did not hear Pei Jingzhou’s voice for a long time. She looked sideways at him. It was clearly an expressionless face, but Li Xiwu could see the helplessness of his face. She pursed her lips and smiled. She changed her form of address and tone. “Fourth Brother, I have some matters to settle at the

company. Look, can I go?”

Pei Jingzhou smiled.. “Can I say no?”

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