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Chapter 343: Chapter 343: Pei Jingzhou: 1 Only Trust Her

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Chapter 343: Pei Jingzhou: 1 Only Trust Her

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Li Xiwu had woken up too late today and missed the company’s morning meeting.

She had been at ease recording the show for a month. Now that she had officially returned to work and was still absent, the internal executives would not say anything on the surface, but it was inevitable that they would discuss it in private.

After the meeting, Li Xiwu returned to the office and began to get busy.

During this period, she would always look at the time from time to time. It was clearly still very early, but she was always afraid of accidentally missing it.

Lunch was treated by Qi Jiangchi. Li Xiwu was distracted and did not know how to eat, so she ate very slowly. Qi Jiangchi saw the clues and asked her, “You were in a good mood yesterday. What’s wrong today?”

Li Xiwu looked up. “Personal matter.”

It was impossible for Qi Jiangchi not to know about the official matters, so it could not be explained. She could only brush it off with the excuse of personal matters.

When Qi Jiangchi heard that it was a private matter, he naturally wouldn’t ask about it. He stretched out his hand and pushed the lion’s head on the plate in front of Li Xiwu. “This lion’s head tastes very good. I’ll leave these two for you.”

Li Xiwu glanced at it. “Too much. I’m afraid I can’t eat.”

Qi Jiangchi frowned. “Then you’re eating too little. Has your appetite been so bad recently?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “No.”

Qi Jiangchi smiled and stood up. ‘Eat more. You look much more haggard after recording a show. Those who don’t know might think that I’m pressuring you as the boss.”

With that, Qi Jiangchi prepared to leave.

Li Xiwu stopped him. “President Qi.”

Qi Jiangchi turned around and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Go ahead.”

Li Xiwu put down her chopsticks. “I have something to deal with in the afternoon. I . . .

‘Go,” Qi Jiangchi said.

Li Xiwu lowered her eyes slowly. “Okay.”

Qi Jiangchi smiled and left.

Li Xiwu looked at the plate of braised lion’s head in front of her and had no appetite no matter how she looked at it. However, because Qi Jiangchi had specially saved it for her, she forced herself to eat one.

She endured till past noon.

She endured a little more.

At two o’clock, Li Xiwu took the elevator straight down to the garage. She had a good memory. She had gone to Gu Lanshi’s house yesterday, so she didn’t need to adjust the GPS anymore. She knew that route by memory.

She was about to drive out of the parking space when a car drove over from the aisle. Li Xiwu stopped the car and prepared to let the other party pass first, but the car stopped in front of her and blocked her way.

They shouldn’t stop her for no reason, so the other party should know her.

The one-way glass blocked her view. It wasn’t until the car door pushed open that she got a good look at the person getting out.

It was actually Chen Xin.

At this moment, Chen Xin walked over and raised his hand to knock on Li Xiwu’s car window.

The moment Li Xiwu saw that it was Chen Xin, she began to panic. She wondered if Pei Jingzhou was in the car. She pretended to be calm and lowered the window. “Assistant Chen, why is it you?

Chen Xin smiled. “Madam, it’s me. I came here to do something and parked the car here.”

Li Xiwu asked casually, “Have you finished your business?

Chen Xin replied, “I just finished my business and was about to return to the company. Mr. Pei still has a meeting later. I have to rush back to prepare for it. ”

She did not know if Chen Xin had seen something or if she was feeling guilty, but she felt that Chen Xin had deliberately mentioned Pei Jingzhou.

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Then go back quickly.”

Chen Xin did not look anxious. “Madam, did you get off work early?”

“No.” Li Xiwu retracted her gaze and pressed her lips together slightly. She looked no different from usual. “I’m meeting a director to talk about Jinzhu’s new scene.”

Hearing Li Xiwu mention Xue Jinzhu, Chen Xin smiled. “Jinzhu hasn’t tormented you recently, right?”

Li Xiwu looked up at Chen Xin and replied, “She’s very motivated. She went to all the acting classes I arranged. Her Mandarin isn’t very standard. I even arranged Mandarin classes for her. When you’re together, you can help her correct her accent more.”

Chen Xin nodded. “Alright, I’ll pay more attention later.”

After a few words of conversation, Li Xiwu thought that it was over. However, Chen Xin did not seem to have any intention of leaving. Li Xiwu asked in confusion, “Assistant Chen, is there anything else?”

Chen Xin wanted to say something but hesitated. He exhaled and leaned over a little. “Madam, I know where you’re going.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Xiwu’s pupils constricted.

Chen Xin hurriedly said, “Don’t be surprised. Listen to me first.”

Li Xiwu calmed herself down. It was impossible for her to brush Chen Xin off by pretending not to know what he was talking about now. She had been flustered since Chen Xin appeared. Just now, she felt that Chen Xin had seen through her.

His intuition was right. Chen Xin really knew a little.

She looked up at Chen Xin. “…Go ahead.”

Seeing that Li Xiwu had given him time to speak, Chen Xin immediately said seriously, “Madam, no matter what, that Mr. Gu is Mr. Pei’s former love rival. You’re too close to that Mr. Gu now. What will Mr. Pei think if he finds out?”

Li Xiwu asked) “Does Pei Jingzhou know?”

Chen Xin felt a little guilty, but he looked calm and spouted nonsense. “He doesn’t know.”

These words sounded honest. Li Xiwu glanced at the car in front of her. It was not the car Pei Jingzhou usually took. Chen Xin usually drove indeterminately.

Everyone would drive the company’s car. Pei Jingzhou should not be in the car. However, it was impossible for Chen Xin to say that Pei Jingzhou did not know.

Since Chen Xin knew, how could Pei Jingzhou not know? If he wasn’t in the car, he was in another place, watching her drive to meet another man.

“Chen Xin.” This time, she called Chen Xin’s name.

Chen Xin replied, “Aye, go ahead, Madam.”

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “No matter where Pei Jingzhou is, tell him for me. I’ll meet Gu Lanshi now. I’ll explain the reason to him tonight.”

Chen Xin hesitated. “Madam… are you still going?

Li Xiwu nodded.

At this point, Chen Xin couldn’t say anything else. “I’ll pass on Madam’s words to Mr. Pei. Be careful on the way.”

With that, Chen Xin turned around and returned to the car.

With no obstruction ahead, Li Xiwu successfully drove out and onto the wide road.

Chen Xin parked the car by the side of the road and watched Li Xiwu’s car drive away. It was only when he was almost unable to see the back of the car that he retracted his gaze and turned around. He carefully shouted

“Mr. Pei.”

Pei Jingzhou had been in the car the entire time, but he did not show his face. Pei Jingzhou had been looking at Li Xiwu through the car window for a long time.

Due to the one-way glass, Li Xiwu could not see Pei Jingzhou.

Chen Xin asked in a low voice, “Should we follow?

Logically speaking, they should have followed her directly, but Pei Jingzhou’s words this morning were unfathomable to Chen Xin, so he could not make a decision for the time being. He had to ask Pei Jingzhou for his opinion before driving.

Pei Jingzhou asked slowly, “She said that she would come back and explain to me tonight?”

Chen Xin nodded. “Yes.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Then let’s go back.”

Chen Xin was stunned. “Mr. Pei, are you really not going to chase after her?”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was indifferent. “I trust her..”

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