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Chapter 345: Chapter 345: Relief, Recognition

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Chapter 345: Relief, Recognition

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Li Xiwu froze. She hesitated whether to go down or continue up. Seeing Youyou pulling at the car window with a frightened expression, she hesitated and simply sat in.

Youyou cowered in a corner aggrievedly. “I’m not worth anything.”

Li Xiwu’s pursed lips curved. She took off her mask and hat and said, “You look quite valuable to me. I believe you can be sold for a good price.”

Without the mask and hat covering her face, Youyou could see Li Xiwu’s face clearly. A second ago, her face was filled with fear and grievance. After seeing Li Xiwu’s face, she pounced on her and hugged her. “Is it you, Sister?”

Li Xiwu was stunned. She knew that Youyou was enthusiastic, but to be honest, she didn’t know what to feel. Her mood seemed to have soared into the clouds. She couldn’t describe how she felt, but she was very satisfied. She reached out and cupped Youyou’s chubby face. “Yes, it’s Sister.”

Youyou beamed, revealing a row of white teeth. “Is Sister here to pick Youyou up from school?”

Li Xiwu replied, “Yes.”

Youyou hugged Li Xiwu’s arm. “Youyou missed you so much.”

Li Xiwu’s heart softened. “You’ve only seen me a few times. Why would you miss me?

Youyou’s heart was filled with Li Xiwu. “Because Youyou likes Sister.”

Children’s likes were very pure. If they liked it, they would express it enthusiastically so that the other party would feel it. If they didn’t like it, they would also express it directly.

Li Xiwu realized that Youyou liked her for no reason. She came warmly and without any sense of distance. She liked to approach her at first sight.

Could this be kinship?

Gu Lanshi slowly said, “There’s a saying that when two people don’t know that they’re related by blood, because of some similarities and good impressions, they will develop some sense of identity with each other and build a certain level of trust. Although it’s impossible to explain it with specific science, such a magnetic field reaction will never repel each other. It will also infinitely close the distance between them.”

Li Xiwu looked up at him. “I’ve heard that before.”

Gu Lanshi turned around. “Then what do you think?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “I believe that.”

If it wasn’t for the invisible blood relationship between them, Youyou wouldn’t have developed a good impression of her and gotten close to her. It was a magnetic field reaction, attracting each other.

Gu Lanshi asked softly, “Are we going to the hospital first?”

There was a short silence in the car. After a moment, Li Xiwu said, “Let’s go to the hospital.”

Since they were going to do a paternity test, it was naturally best to be as fast as possible so that she could feel at ease earlier.

Youyou asked curiously, “Why go to the hospital? Youyou isn’t sick.”

It was probably a common problem for most children. They were always nervous when they heard that they were going to the hospital. They were afraid of doctors in white coats, and they were even more afraid of injections.

Li Xiwu carried Youyou to sit on her lap and gently held her hand. “Let’s go to the hospital for a checkup. I’ll always be with you.”

Gu Lanshi looked at the two of them in the rearview mirror. “You didn’t lie to her. Usually, if Youyou is sick, I have to coax her to take her to the hospital.”

Li Xiwu snapped, “Do you know the story of the wolf coming?

Gu Lanshi smiled. “Alright, alright. I won’t interrupt. Tell her nicely.”

Youyou pressed her head against Li Xiwu’s arm and said in a low voice, “Can I not go to the hospital?”

“Youyou, don’t you want Ultraman? I’ll buy it for you when you go to the hospital, okay?” Li Xiwu said.

Youyou’s eyes lit up, but she quickly extinguished it. She struggled internally, but in the end, she compromised. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu leaned over and kissed Youyou’s forehead. “Good girl.”

Youyou liked Li Xiwu’s closeness and looked up. “Can I kiss you?

Li Xiwu hadn’t smiled so happily in a long time. “Sure.”

Gu Lanshi looked deeply into the rearview mirror. Wasn’t this the moment when time was peaceful? At this moment, he remembered that he had received a call from Pei Jingzhou before Li Xiwu came in the afternoon.

Pei Jingzhou’s words on the phone were especially clear

[You’ve tried everything. I’ll wait for you to work.]

That’s right. He had always been the one doing everything possible. Even if Pei Jingzhou did not have to do anything, Li Xiwu’s scale would always side with Pei Jingzhou unconditionally.

What was he fighting for?

What could he fight for?


The fastest way to do a paternity test was to draw blood. The results would be out in three hours.

Youyou cried when she drew blood. She cried so hard in Li Xiwu’s arms that she was out of breath. Gu Lanshi’s heart did not ache when he saw this. Instead, he wanted to laugh. “The last time she had an injection, she clearly comforted other children. This time, she’s clearly being delicate in front of you.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and said with a serious expression, “What’s wrong with a girl being delicate?”

Youyou sobbed and snorted. “That’s right. What’s wrong?

Gu Lanshi: ‘

At this moment, the nurse came to ask Gu Lanshi if he wanted to draw blood. Li Xiwu looked at him. Gu Lanshi was silent for a moment before replying, “Go ahead.”

Then, he cooperated with the nurse to take his blood.

When it came to doing a paternity test, the man usually suspected that the child was not his, so he brought her here for the paternity test. The nurse looked at Gu Lanshi with some pity, but she looked at Li Xiwu meaningfully.

Fortunately, they were both wearing masks.

Li Xiwu was a little speechless, but there was nothing to explain. After agreeing to take Youyou’s blood and buy her Ultraman, Li Xiwu brought

Youyou out. Afraid that Gu Lanshi would do something, Li Xiwu called Gu Lanshi away.

The three long hours were not long for Li Xiwu. Only Gu Lanshi was occasionally distracted.

Li Xiwu found an opportunity to tease him. “It’s not easy for you to tamper with the results when I’m watching you all the time, right?” Gu Lanshi was very calm. “I didn’t think of tampering with it.”

Li Xiwu glanced at him. “You’d better really think so.”

Gu Lanshi smiled bitterly. “It turns out that I’m a completely bad person in your heart now.”

Li Xiwu raised an eyebrow. “I’ve never doubted my judgment. If I really liked you back then, I should have been blind.”

Gu Lanshi: ‘

After six o’clock, the paternity test results came back. Li Xiwu had to go back to the hospital to get the results. She held Youyou’s hand and asked, “Can these

Ultraman defeat the Magnia Monster?”

Youyou carried three Ultraman in her arms and a small one around her neck. “We’re still short of meteorites. Magnia’s weakness is meteorites.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Gu Lanshi.

Gu Lanshi took a deep breath. “Okay, I’ll go buy it.”

After buying it, Youyou was satisfied. When they returned to the hospital, the doctor looked more sympathetic when he handed the test results to Gu Lan. He even said, “You should talk nicely.”

Gu Lanshi smiled bitterly and came to Li Xiwu with the test results.

Li Xiwu reached out to take it. “What did the doctor say?

Gu Lanshi did not give it to her. “The doctor sympathizes with me.”

Li Xiwu was puzzled. “Sympathy?”

Gu Lanshi smiled. “But I’m very happy today.” Li Xiwu pursed her lips and remained silent. Only then did Gu Lanshi hand her the results. “I’m really happy. At least this day belongs to you, me, and Youyou.”

Li Xiwu took it. “So?”

Gu Lanshi gestured. “Look for yourself.”

Li Xiwu did not know if it was her imagination, but she saw relief in Gu Lanshi’s eyes. It was the kind of relief that came from being relieved of a burden. She glanced at Youyou, who was playing Ultraman alone at the side, then at Gu Lanshi. Then, she opened the appraisal results.

After reading the two results, Li Xiwu put them away.

Gu Lanshi saw that there was no expression on her face and asked, “How is it?”

Li Xiwu stared at Gu Lanshi for a moment before saying, “Thank you.”

Gu Lanshi looked at her impatiently. “Do you feel relieved?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “It’s fine.”

“I have nothing to do with Youyou. Are you very happy that you and Youyou are mother and daughter?” Gu Lanshi asked with a faint smile.

Li Xiwu added, “As long as it’s not yours.”

Gu Lanshi choked on a laugh. “I feel even worse when you say that.”

Li Xiwu turned to hug Youyou. Gu Lanshi stopped her. “I can make you happier.”

Li Xiwu was stunned. She turned to look at him. “What?”

Gu Lanshi smiled. “Take Youyou back and do another paternity test with Pei

Jingzhou. You’ll know..”

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