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Chapter 354: Chapter 354: Twins

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Chapter 354: Twins

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Pei Jiao was the first to see this post.

She scrolled through her WeChat Moments as usual. When she saw He Wang’s

WeChat Moments, she liked it. At that time, she did not read the content of this WeChat Moments carefully. At first glance, she felt that the back view in the photo was very familiar, like the God of Fortune…


God of Fortune?

He Wang was tired of living. How dare he post about her brother on his WeChat Moments?

Pei Jiao had already swiped it, but she immediately swiped it back. Before she could read the post carefully, she opened the photo to confirm if it was the God of Fortune.

When Pei Jiao saw the back in the photo, she was almost certain that it was the back of the God of Fortune.


“…Who is this little girl?” Pei Jiao muttered to herself.

Han Qianye, who was sitting on the sofa opposite and watching a variety show, looked up when she heard Pei Jiao’s words. “Who is it?”

Pei Jiao hissed. “I saw a WeChat Moment.”

Han Qianye was not interested. She retracted her gaze and continued watching the variety show.

Currently, the fourth episode of Mother-in-Law Joy has already been broadcasted on Wind Platform. After editing, there were many cute subtitles compared to the live-stream. There were also some interesting BGMs. The style of the variety show was full of style.

Han Qianye chased after it seriously. There was more to laugh about in the fourth episode. Han Qianye laughed loudly at the side and said, “If only Xixi was here too. We could watch it together.”

“Mom! Mom!” Pei Jiao suddenly shouted excitedly.

Han Qianye was chasing after the variety show. When Pei Jiao called her, she did not look away. “What now?”

Pei Jiao walked over with her phone and squeezed beside Han Qianye. “Mom,

Mom, something happened.”

Han Qianye still did not take it seriously. She only stared at the television screen. “What happened?”

Pei Jiao said in a not-so-quiet voice, “The God of Fortune has a daughter.”

Han Qianye turned around. “God of Fortune?” She was so obsessed with the variety show that she did not react for a moment. Who was the God of Fortune Pei Jiao was talking about?

Pei Jiao swallowed. “My brother. My brother has a daughter.”

This news came too suddenly. Han Qianye was not prepared at all. Now, she was frozen like a stone. Not only was she a little confused, but she was also a little stunned.

Pei Jiao opened her cell phone and showed it to Han Qianye. “This is He Wang’s

WeChat Moments. Look!”

Han Qianye came back to her senses and took the cell phone from Pei Jiao. “Let me see…” The picture appeared in front of Han Qianye. Her son’s back was easy to recognize. She could tell at a glance. She didn’t know who that obedient little girl was. Han Qianye had never seen her before.

She held her cell phone and asked Pei Jiao, “What happened?”

Pei Jiao had a complicated expression. “I don’t know either.”

Han Qianye pointed at the little girl in the photo. “Who is this?”

Pei Jiao shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Han Qianye stuffed the phone into Pei Jiao’s hand. “You don’t know! Then what are you talking about! You scared me. I thought they were twins!”

“What twins?” Pei Jiao asked curiously.

This matter was still a secret for the time being. Only Han Qianye and Pei Qingji knew. For the time being, Han Qianye had no intention of telling Pei Jiao and casually brushed it off.

Yaoyao was Jingzhou’s son. She was still hiding this. She was waiting to do a paternity test on Yaoyao and Xixi. She had already thought it through. If

Yaoyao was born from Jingzhou and Xixi, everyone would naturally be happy. She had to quickly get Yaoyao back.

If Yaoyao had nothing to do with Xixi, she would still have to tell Jingzhou and let him make the decision. However, Yaoyao would definitely stay. After all, he was of the Pei family’s blood. She had even booked a plane ticket. It was safer to go straight to Country T. If she went to the North Pole first before going to Country T, Han Qianye would feel uneasy.

This matter could not be delayed forever.

“Mom, Mom.” Pei Jiao gently pushed Han Qianye’s arm.

Han Qianye came back to her senses. “What?”

Pei Jiao showed the phone to Han Qianye again. “You only saw the photo just now. You didn’t read the contents of this WeChat Moments.

Han Qianye was a little speechless. She took the cell phone. “Obviously, that kid from the He family must have sent this casually.” As she spoke, Han Qianye finished reading the contents.

Then silence.

After reading the comments of Pei Jiao and He Wang’s mutual friend, not only was she silent, but her expression also became solemn.

Pei Jiao leaned over and asked softly, “Mom, what do you think this is about?”

Han Qianye was furious. She first paused the variety show on the television. She picked up her phone and called Pei Jingzhou.

Meanwhile, Li Xiwu had already made a cake. When baking the cake, she added grapefruit juice. After making it into a cake, she smeared it with cream and sprinkled it with her torn grapefruit meat. This grapefruit cake was done.

She was about to take the cake out when her cell phone vibrated on the kitchen counter. It was Pei Jingzhou’s phone.

Li Xiwu wiped her hands and went over to pick up her phone. “Auntie, it’s me.”

When Han Qianye heard that it was Li Xiwu’s voice, she didn’t know how to ask the words she had prepared. She changed to something else. “…Xixi, have you had dinner?”

Li Xiwu replied, “Not yet. We might be a little late.”

Han Qianye asked, “Are you busy?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Yes, I’m preparing dinner.”

On the other end of the line, Han Qianye was hesitating about whether to let Li Xiwu hand the phone to Jingzhou. She hesitated for a long time and could not make up her mind.

However, Li Xiwu asked first, “Auntie, do you have something to tell Fourth Brother?”

Han Qianye followed Li Xiwu’s words. “Aye, there’s something, but…”

Li Xiwu carefully pushed the cake in and turned to walk out. “Wait a moment.

I’ll pass the phone to Fourth Brother.” When she came out of the kitchen, Li Xiwu did not see Pei Jingzhou. She only saw He Wang sitting on the sofa. She asked, “He Wang, where’s Fourth Brother?”

He Wang immediately stood up and pointed in the direction for Li Xiwu. “Over there. Fourth Brother and Youyou are both over there. Youyou is pestering Fourth Brother to play with her.”

On the phone, Han Qianye heard He Wang’s voice. She thought about how that Moments had just been posted and that He Wang was still at Lake Lu. In other words, the little girl was also at Lake Lu? Then, Li Xiwu also knew?

Han Qianye quickly said, “Xixi, wait, wait.”

Li Xiwu was about to look for Pei Jingzhou in the direction He Wang pointed. Suddenly, she heard Han Qianye hurriedly say on the phone to wait. She stopped in her tracks and pressed the cell phone close to her ear. She asked gently, “What’s wrong, Auntie?”

Han Qianye asked, “Um… Do you have a child in your family?”

Li Xiwu was surprised. “How did you know?”

Han Qianye thought to herself, As expected, Xixi knew. Then there was no need to ask Jingzhou. It was the same if she asked Xixi.

“Jiaojiao swiped to He Wang’s WeChat Moments who took a photo of Jingzhou interacting with a child. She showed it to me..” Han Qianye asked, “Xixi, whose family is that child? Why did He Wang say that she’s Jingzhou’s daughter?”

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