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Chapter 358: Chapter 358: Hurry up and Treat

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Chapter 358: Hurry up and Treat

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Madam Di Xin gestured for the servants to step aside and walked slowly towards Yaoyao, who was sitting on the threshold. When she got closer, Yaoyao did not even look at Madam Di Xin. He continued to look at the sky gloomily.

Madam Di Xin tried to squat down. After all, she was old and her limbs were not nimble. It was a little difficult to squat down. Seeing this, the servant hurriedly went forward and supported Madam Di Xin. “Madam, I’ll get you a chair.”

“No need,” Madam Di Xin said. “Just help me sit down at the threshold.”

The servant did as she was told and carefully helped Madam Di Xin sit down at the threshold beside Yaoyao. After sitting down, Madam Di Xin said to the servant, “Go and take out Yaoyao’s jacket.” The maid nodded and hurried in to get her coat. A moment later, Madam Di Xin placed her coat on Yaoyao and wrapped it around his small body. “Are you hungry?

Yaoyao was like a stone statue, motionless and silent. He was completely silent in his own world and sealed his heart.

Madam Di Xin sighed softly. She knew that Yaoyao would ignore her no matter what she said. Thinking about it, Yaoyao had not said a word for four days. If this continued, his autism symptoms would only become worse. “Yaoyao, do you want to go to the capital?”

Yaoyao didn’t respond.

Madam Di Xin took out her phone and opened the photo album. She found a photo of Li Xiwu that had been saved online. She opened the photo and showed it to Yaoyao. “Do you remember her?”

Yaoyao still did not react at all.

Madam Di Xin brought the phone to Yaoyao, but Yaoyao’s gaze was not focused at all, and he could not see the photo on the phone.

Madam Di Xin called the servants over. The servant went forward. “Madam, your orders.”

Madam Di Xin handed the phone to the servant. “Find the audio about Li Xiwu on the Internet. It’s best it she speaks.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a gentle voice came from the front


Madam Di Xin looked up and saw her son walking over. “Bolin, why are you here?”

Bolin, who was dressed in a formal suit, walked over slowly. He replied, “I just came back from Chitralada Palace. I heard that Yaoyao was sick, so I came over to take a look when I’m free later.” As he approached, Bolin’s gaze landed on

Yaoyao and he frowned.

Madam Di Xin said, “The last time we went to the capital, she wasn’t acclimatized, causing his stomach to be affected. After we came back, he didn’t eat properly. The doctor said that he was a little dehydrated and had a high fever last night.”

When Bolin heard this, he slowly squatted down and reached out to gently touch Yaoyao’s forehead. “Your temperature has dropped.”

The servant chimed in at the right time. “Young Master’s temperature has dropped. It’s been hard on Madam to guard him all night.”

Bolin looked at Madam Di Xin worriedly. “Take care of yourself.”

Madam Di Xin smiled and nodded. “I know my own body.”

Bolin looked at Yaoyao and deliberated over his words. “Since you’ve already seen her in the capital, when do you plan to send Yaoyao back to her?” Although Bolin had been busy recently, he knew about his mother’s visit to the capital, including sending Yaoyao to the capital later. He was the one who arranged it. He thought that sending Yaoyao to the capital this time was probably because he had confirmed Little Li You’s identity and was prepared to send Yaoyao back to her.

Unexpectedly, not long after, his mother returned with Yaoyao. Bolin was busy with the cabinet and didn’t come over to ask about the situation. When he heard that Yaoyao was sick again this morning, he happened to have time now, so he came over to take a look and ask his mother what was going on.

Madam Di Xin gestured to Bolin. “Carry Yaoyao in first.”

Bolin nodded and went forward to pick up Yaoyao. Yaoyao did not resist Bolin’s approach. When he was picked up, he was very quiet and did not make a fuss. He was so obedient that it made one’s heart ache.

Bolin felt the weight of Yaoyao in his arms and turned to Madam Di Xin. “Why is he so light?”

Madam Di Xin slowly stood up with the help of the servants. She sighed and replied, “He didn’t like to eat anything. He only eats a little every day, if not none. The nutritionist can’t do anything.”

Bolin frowned. “This can’t go on.”

After entering, Bolin placed Yaoyao on the bed and tucked him in. Madam Di Xin stood at the side with a worried expression. Bolin glanced sideways and asked, “Yaoyao met Little Li You this time when he went to the capital, right?”

Madam Di Xin nodded. ‘Yes.”

Bolin said, “Just met?”

Madam Di Xin said slowly, “Not only have they met, but they’ve also interacted. I specially arranged for Yaoyao and Little You to spend a day together. Yaoyao quite likes Little You, but…”

Bolin couldn’t guess. “But what?”

Madam Di Xin said in a low voice, “Little You has forgotten the past.”

Bolin understood instantly. “…No wonder.”

Li You had lost her past memories, which meant that she could no longer remember everything that had happened in Country T during those few years. Naturally, she could not remember that she had been born with Yaoyao.

Madam Di Xin said, “The memories of the past are too painful. She forgot. What if I tell her that Yaoyao is her child now and indirectly remind her of the past…”

“She can’t forget it for the rest of her life,” Bolin said. “She has to remember, of course… if she doesn’t want to remember it herself.”

Madam Di Xin couldn’t make up her mind and asked Bolin, “Then tell me, should I send Yaoyao back and tell Little You that Yaoyao is her child?”

Bolin turned to face Madam Di Xin with a serious expression. “Mom, with Little Li You’s current situation, it might not be a good thing to force Yaoyao back to her side. Moreover, Yaoyao is sick and needs educational intervention and medical treatment. It’s a long process. However, I think you can tell Little Li You about this. Lees see what she says.”

Madam Di Xin nodded. “You’re right. When Yaoyao feels better, I’ll contact Li You to talk to her about this.”

After that, Madam Di Xin asked Bolin to help her search for audio about Li Xiwu on her phone. Bolin had also followed that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show before. He found an audio on the Internet that was made by fans and Li Xiwu’s voice.

Madam Di Xin showed Yaoyao the video. However, even though Yaoyao saw the video, he did not react at all. Moreover, he quickly looked away. He rested his chin on his hands and stared at a certain spot in a daze. He didn’t react to anyone who spoke to him.

Madam Di Xin’s heart ached as she sighed non-stop.

Bolin could tell that his mother was worried and frowned. “It seems that we can’t wait for his stomach to recover. I’ll arrange for a psychotherapist to come over later. Yaoyao’s current state is very bad. He can’t delay any longer.”

That afternoon, Yaoyao underwent medical treatment under Bolin’s arrangements. Although autism mainly involved educational intervention, Yaoyao’s current situation was very bad. If he continued to go on such a hunger strike, his physical condition would not allow it..

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