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Chapter 36

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Han Qianye Said, “I Object!”

Pei Jiao pulled Han Qianye to sit down. “Mom, they’re confessing on stage. Don’t interrupt.”

“No, I have to stop it.” Han Qianye was about to go on stage.

Pei Jiao pulled her back. “Look carefully. I’m not the one being confessed on stage. It’s someone else.”

Han Qianye glanced at Pei Jiao. “If it’s you, I won’t care.”

Pei Jiao: “?”

Li Xiwu nodded and smiled. “Hello, Lu Cheng.”

It was obvious that Lu Cheng was really happy and excited. It was also because he was too excited that when he confessed, he was so nervous that he could not speak properly. “Actually, I’ve seen you backstage before. My eyes lit up.”

Li Xiwu said, “Thank you.”

Lu Cheng switched the microphone to his other hand and looked at it. “Sorry, my palm is sweating a lot.”

Li Xiwu tried to comfort him. “Take it easy.”

“I’m still a little nervous,” Lu Cheng said honestly.

Then he began to talk about his situation. He was no longer incoherent like before. He spoke fluently and confidently about his development over the past two years and his family situation. He was very sincere, so sincere that Li Xiwu had the impression that this illusion was… perhaps, worth a try?

Of course, that was just an illusion.

Lu Cheng said, “Actually, before I came, it was my parents who signed me up for the program. I didn’t know at that time. They were too worried that I would only care about my career and not my future.

“My parents have been urging me for a long time about starting a family. Most of my attitude was a passing remark. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Before I came here, I thought I’d deal with Mom and Dad’s arrangements, but I didn’t think I’d meet you and make me fall in love at first sight.”

As Lu Cheng finished his confession, the atmosphere of the confessional music also reached its peak. There was a round of encouraging applause.

Pei Jiao also applauded. “Mom! This man is not bad! It’s just that his confession is a little greasy.”

“He’s so greasy.” After Han Qianye finished complaining, she looked at Pei Jiao’s hands that could not stop clapping. “Doesn’t your hand hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt,” Pei Jiao said, still clapping. After saying that, she asked Han Qianye, “Mom, are you not clapping because your hand hurts?”

Han Qianye replied perfunctorily, “Yes.”

The next second, Pei Jiao clapped even louder. “Mom, then I’ll clap for you too.”

Han Qianye closed her eyes tightly. “I don’t think they’re compatible.”

“I think they’re okay,” Pei Jiao said.

Han Qianye said, “Okay, my ass.”

Pei Jiao: “?”

At this moment, the confession stage on the stage had reached its climax. Someone below the stage shouted again, “Say yes! Say yes! Say yes!”

“This Lu Cheng is not bad.”

“I’ve been here for several episodes. It’s rare to meet such a high-quality boy. If I had known, I would have signed up for my daughter.”

“He’s good-looking and loyal. He even started his own business. He’s definitely tall, rich, and handsome.”

“The ninth female guest is also quite beautiful. The two of them must look good together.”

On the stage, Li Xiwu looked at the affectionate and handsome Lu Cheng and considered how to reject him.

Accepting was only a passing thought. How could they really meet and interact with just one look? Besides, she still had to record an in-law variety show. She really did not have much time to date again.

Just as she was considering how to refuse without hurting anyone…

Lu Cheng seemed to have seen through her hesitation and said anxiously, “Miss Qiao, I’m willing to give you a house unconditionally to express my sincerity to you.”

The moment that was said, there was an uproar.

“A house? Did I hear right!”

“That’s too persistent. They’ve only just met and he’s already giving away a house. Should I praise him for being generous or for being short-witted? He’s giving it away unconditionally. Isn’t he afraid that she’ll take the house and run away? If he doesn’t get it, the house will be gone.”

“He started a business. How could he lack the money for a house?”

“The temptation is almost too great. If I hesitated for half a second, I’d be disrespecting a suite.”

“I can tell that this male guest number one really likes female guest number nine. He must be very afraid of missing out.”

“Heavens, how sad would it be if the ninth female guest rejected the other party? After all, the male guest is so outstanding. If she refused again, she would be blind.”

“It’s impossible for her to refuse, right? This male guest number one is handsome, rich, and sincere. Why would number nine reject him?”

“My daughter is not bad-looking either. I really want to call my daughter over and confess on the spot. I want to pester this male guest no matter what. That’s a house!”

The discussion among the audience became even more intense.

Pei Jiao said, “Mom, I think it’ll work.”

Han Qianye said, “Shut up.”

Pei Jiao: “?”

At this moment, Pei Jiao noticed her mother’s slowly clenching fists and asked curiously, “Mom, why are you clenching your fists so tightly?”

Han Qianye raised his chin slightly. “None of your business.”

Pei Jiao reached out to help Han Qianye pry open her clenched fists. “Your nails are almost digging into your flesh.”

Han Qianye looked down at Pei Jiao’s reminder and realized that there were several crescent-shaped nail marks on her palm. She can’t bear it! It’ll be too late if she continues to bear it!

On the stage, Li Xiwu smiled at Lu Cheng. “I…”

“I object!”

Li Xiwu had only said one word when two words, louder than the host’s voice, suddenly came from the audience below the stage: I object!

For a moment, everyone in the room looked at the person who said, “I object.”

Pei Jiao was expecting the female guest to agree when her mother suddenly stood up and said, “I object.” She was stunned.

Everyone looked at Han Qianye, who had stood up. She had put on a mask and sunglasses at the last minute, so no one could see what she looked like. They could only vaguely remember her loud voice shouting, “I object!”

“Mom.” Pei Jiao pulled Han Qianye’s hand. “What are you doing? They are in the middle of confession. Why are you objecting?”

Han Qianye waved Pei Jiao’s hand away. “Be good. Go outside and ‘Makka Pakka’.”

Pei Jiao: “?”

The host, Yu Qingye, was also very confused. When he quickly reacted, he looked at the audience below the stage and asked with a smile, “May I know who you are?”

Han Qianye said, “I’m her mother.”

“Oh, so it’s Auntie.” Yu Qingye’s smile stiffened. “By the way, are you the male guest’s mother or the female guest’s mother?”

Without another word, Han Qianye stepped out of the audience seats and walked straight to the stage. Pei Jiao could not stop her at all. And then Pei Jiao’s phone vibrated. She picked it up. Caller ID: God of Fortune.

Fuck me! Pei Jiao did not have time to care about why Han Qianye went on stage. She sat down and answered Pei Jingzhou’s call first. She said carefully, “Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou’s cold voice came from the other end. “Where?”

Pei Jiao remembered that she had just sent her brother a photo of the ninth female guest. Had her brother fallen for her? That was true. She looked a little like his first love and definitely had plans to enter the harem. In that case, she had contributed greatly!

Pei Jiao straightened his back. “Brother, have you taken a fancy to the number nine female guest in the photo? Let me tell you, this number nine female guest was confessed to by the number one male guest today and was prepared to give her a house unconditionally. I want to raise my hand and say ‘I’m willing’ on behalf of number nine.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Pei Jiao heard Pei Jingzhou’s cold warning. “Don’t you dare say it on behalf of her!”

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