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Chapter 363: Chapter 363: Going to the Parent-Child Variety Show

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Chapter 363: Going to the Parent-Child Variety Show

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Yaoyao was stunned. He seemed to be very surprised that this cry was actually from Little Jingzhe.

Little Jingzhe took back the Rubik’s Cube and messed it up again. She handed it to Yaoyao. “Try again.”

Yaoyao silently took the disturbed Rubik’s Cube and restored it in front of

Little Jingzhe. It was faster than Little Jingzhe and its twisting was smoother. It was obvious that he had not just learned it, but had learned it for a long time.

Little Jingzhe was so surprised that her mouth could almost fit an egg. She looked at Yaoyao with admiration. Then, she took the Rubik’s Cube that had been recovered from Yaoyao and ran to look for Boyuan. “Mom, Mom, Yaoyao is too f*cking awesome!”

Boyuan’s expression twitched. “F*cking? Who did you learn that from?”

Little Jingzhe said, “I learned it from Daddy.”

Boyuan turned to look at Lu Jia and glared at him. “Lu Jia, how many times have I told you that Little Jingzhe is a daughter!!”

Lu Jia looked innocent. “I didn’t say it in front of Little Jingzhe.”

Boyuan was skeptical. “Really?”

Little Jingzhe rubbed someone’s nose in it. “Daddy said it in the movie.”

Lu Jia: “…” What an injustice!

Boyuan was both angry and amused. She took the Rubiks Cube from Little

Jingzhe and looked at it. It had indeed been completely recovered by Yaoyao. Then, she showed the Rubik’s Cube to Lu Jia. “I have to say that Uncle Li’s genes are very strong. Not only did they extend to Li You, but they also extended to Yaoyao.”

Lu Jia’s weak voice said, “I still can’t restore the Cube. I can’t even compare to a child.

Boyuan clicked her tongue. “No wonder Little Jingzhe couldn’t recover after playing with the Cube for so long. So the genes are here.”

Lu Jia’s heart was struck by ten thousand blows.

After Little Jingzhe took the Rubik’s Cube back to find Yaoyao, Lu Jingzhe washed the vegetables and mentioned something to Boyuan. “Nanjia’s parent-child variety show, Wonderful Little Time, invited me. I’m quite interested. What do you think?”

Boyuan was cutting meat. When she heard this, she put down the knife in her hand and turned around. “You want to bring Little Jingzhe on this variety show?”

Lu Jia nodded. “Yes, so I plan to discuss it with you.”

Boyuan retracted her gaze, picked up the kitchen knife, and lowered her head to continue cutting the meat. “As you know, I’ve never been very willing to expose Little Jingzhe. Although the paparazzi have also captured you many times and Little Jingzhe’s face has appeared in the media, I don’t accept excessive exposure.”

Lu Jia agreed. “Alright, I won’t participate.”

Boyuan did not know what to say when he said this. She put down the knife, wiped her hands on her apron, and walked over to Lu Jia. “You’re just giving up? You’re not going to fight for more?”

Lu Jia looked sideways at Boyuan and smiled dotingly. “I’m discussing with you to ask for your opinion. If you’re unwilling, I’ll naturally reject it. Why should

I fight for it?”

Boyuan pursed her lips. “You have a sense of propriety.”

Lu Jia said, “After the new movie is released, I’ll rest for the next month. I originally wanted to take on a variety show this month, but I’ve changed my mind. Why don’t we go on a vacation and bring Yaoyao along? What do you think?”

Boyuan shook her head. “Yaoyao isn’t in a good state and isn’t suitable for a vacation. My brother said to contact a psychotherapist for Yaoyao. Psychological treatment can’t be delayed.”

With that, Boyuan changed her mind. “There must be many children on the parent-child variety show you’re talking about. I take back what I said just now and think about it again. This way, you can bring Yaoyao on the variety show together.”

Lu Jia asked, “Are you serious?

“Of course.” Boyuan turned. “Hurry up and wash the vegetables. Those two little fellows are hungry.”

Lu Jia smiled. “Okay.”

Currently, Lu Jia and Boyuan had already confirmed that they wanted to participate in the parent-child variety show.

On Li Xiwu’s side, she also received an invitation.

It was Gao Yueban who called Li Xiwu personally.

At this moment, Li Xiwu was assisting Youyou in filling every corner of the house with hydrogen balloons. She was surprised to receive a call from Gao Yueban while she was busy. She put the phone between her ear and her shoulder. She didn’t stop what she was doing. “Director Gao.”

Gao Yueban said with a smile, “Miss Li, are you busy?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and said, “I’m not busy. Tell me.”

Gao Yueban did not want to beat around the bush. He directly stated the purpose of this call.

After hearing Gao Yueban’s invitation, Li Xiwu let go of the hydrogen balloon in her hand and took off her cell phone. She raised it to answer the call. “Director Gao, do you mean that my lover and I will participate in this parent-child variety show in the name of intern parents?”

Gao Yueban nodded quickly. “Yes, yes, that’s what I mean.”

Gao Yueban also said, “The invitation to this show is divided into three categories. One is that couples with children participate with their children. The second is that couples without children have accepted the children arranged by the production team as intern parents. The third is that two people are still in a relationship and accepted the children the production team prepare as intern parents. I immediately thought of you for the second category, Miss Li.”

With that, Gao Yueban chuckled.

Li Xiwu did not reject Gao Yueban immediately. After all, they had worked together before, so it was not good to reject him too directly. She said,

“Director Gao, I’ll discuss it with my husband first..”

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