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Chapter 364: Chapter 364: Joy and Happiness

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Chapter 364: Joy and Happiness

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Although Li Xiwu said that she wanted to discuss it with Pei Jingzhou, what she meant was that she had already implicitly rejected Gao Yueban’s invitation. She had no intention of participating in the parent-child variety show.

Gao Yueban could naturally tell from that and he wanted to fight for more, but he was afraid that he would upset Li Xiwu if he said too much now. He thought that since the variety show had yet to be officially announced, he would call again in a while.

He had to wear her down until Li Xiwu agreed.

After ending the call, Li Xiwu put away her cell phone. She had no intention of going on a variety show again, so she did not take it to heart. Realizing that Youyou was looking up at her, Li Xiwu looked back at her. “What’s wrong?

Youyou blinked her big eyes and asked, “Are you sending me back?”

Li Xiwu was stunned for a moment before shaking her head. “No.”

Youyou pouted, her cheeks puffed up a little, and her voice was soft. “Then when is Brother coming to pick me up?

When Li Xiwu heard this, her heart sank for some reason. “Do you want to go back to your brother?”

Youyou didn’t answer. She didn’t want to, but she knew she couldn’t stay in someone else’s house for too long. Even if she really, really liked someone else’s house, she couldn’t.

Li Xiwu reached out and held Youyou’s little face. She slowly lowered her head and pressed her forehead against Youyou’s. “Youyou, you’ll always live here in the future. We’ll see each other every day.”

Youyou was pleasantly surprised. “Really?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes, really. Everything Mommy said to you is true.”

Youyou blinked her big, blank eyes. “Mom?”

Li XiWU’S face was gentle. “It’s Mom.”

After a moment of confusion, Youyou grinned and repeated, “Morn Ø ‘

Li Xiwu replied, “Yes.”

Youyou hugged Li Xiwu and rubbed her face against her arms. “I’m going to call you Mom secretly so that Brother won’t know.”

Li Xiwu’s eyes were slightly hot. She lowered her head and kissed the top of Youyou’s head. “It’s fine even if he knows. Your brother won’t say anything even if he knows.”

Perhaps Youyou did not understand the true meaning of calling her mother. She wasn’t calling her Mother Dragon like others. It was the mother who had given birth to her. But no matter what the meaning was, Youyou would be very happy.

Seeing Youyou’s happy expression, Li Xiwu suddenly remembered that she had read a lot of books about taking care of children recently. She just planned to study them and understand their inner world.

She remembered that there was a sentence in the book. A chemical factor called oxytocin could help individuals build a sense of trust and security. Motherly love came from the oxytocin secreted by the woman’s body during pregnancy.

Before she was sure that Youyou was her daughter, she had a perfect impression of Youyou. After confirming it, she was both joyful and happy.

She felt very guilty that she had not participated in Youyou’s growth over the past four years. However, when Youyou returned to her side, she almost did not try to accept Youyou. She was certain that she loved Youyou very much.

She also wanted to make it up to Youyou and accompany her. She wanted to give all her love and care to Youyou. So this was motherly love. It was an activation of oxytocin, and it came from instinct.

Sensing that her fingers were being gently held, Li Xiwu came back to her senses and lowered her eyes slightly.

Youyou was holding her index finger with both hands and shaking it. She said in a soft voice, “Mommy, you have to remember not to tell Brother.”

Li Xiwu laughed, but in order to reassure Youyou, she nodded and replied, “Yes, I won’t tell him.”

Youyou extended her hand to Li Xiwu. “Pinky promis+

Li Xiwu imitated Youyou’s gesture and hooked her finger with yours. “Then can you call me Mom from now on?

“Okay, Mom!”

Youyou’s little finger and Li Xiwu’s little finger were tightly hooked together.

“You’re not allowed to change your pinky promise for a hundred years.

Whoever changes will be Pigsy.”

After pinky swearing, Youyou looked up at Li Xiwu and said, “You can’t be


Li Xiwu laughed. “Yes, Mom will remember.”

Other than the night Youyou lived in Lake Lu where she slept with Li Xiwu and

Pei Jingzhou, she slept in the guest bedroom every night after that.

Youyou was more used to Auntie Lin telling her bedtime stories at night.

Auntie Lin was not suitable to enter Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou’s room every night. In order to make Youyou happy, she arranged for her to be in the guest room.

The child’s room was still being set up, but it would take a few days. Li Xiwu watched quietly at the door until Youyou fell asleep. Auntie Lin put away the storybook, tucked Youyou in, and came out quietly.

Seeing the mistress standing at the door, Auntie Lin smiled. “Miss Li, rest early.”

“I’ll have to wait a while. He’s not back yet.” Li Xiwu was referring to Pei


Auntie Lin knew at dinner that the mister had something on today and would be back late.

Auntie Lin said to Li Xiwu, “Youyou is already asleep. She went to the toilet before sleeping. Youyou rarely wakes up at night. Don’t worry about her. I’ll come over on time.”

Li Xiwu said solemnly to Auntie Lin, “You’ve worked hard, Auntie Lin.”

“No, no. Taking care of Youyou is like taking care of my own granddaughter to me. It’s not difficult.”

Auntie Lin was a straightforward person. The tone and the way she spoke were comforting.

Li Xiwu’s lips curled up and she smiled brightly. “Then rest early.”

“Okay.” After Auntie Lin responded, she noticed that Li Xiwu was wearing very little. She came out of the guest room and went to the living room. She took the shawl from the sofa and put it on Li Xiwu. “It’s almost New Year’s Day. The temperature has dropped greatly recently. You have to pay attention to staying warm.”

Li Xiwu was surprised. She covered the blanket on her body. “Yes, I understand.”

Auntie Lin patted Li Xiwu’s shoulder gently before returning to her room to rest in peace. Watching Auntie Lin return to her room, Li Xiwu was touched. At the same time, she felt very lucky because Gu Lanshi had found a very, very good auntie for Youyou.

Li Xiwu gathered her shawl and was about to return to her room to wait. At this moment, there was a slight movement at the entrance. Li Xiwu turned around and saw that Pei Jingzhou had returned. She gathered her shawl and went forward to take Pei Jingzhou’s coat.

Every step Pei Jingzhou took was light. He leaned over and grabbed the back of Li Xiwu’s head. He lowered his head and kissed her. “Sorry to keep you waiting, honey.”

“I wasn’t waiting for you.” Li Xiwu smiled in his arms. “I just went to watch Youyou come out and was about to go back to my room.”

She smelled faint alcohol on Pei Jingzhou. She knew that Pei Jingzhou had an important dinner tonight. The elites and big bosses of the business world were gathered at this meal, and they were all top figures of the pyramid. That was why Pei Jingzhou came back a little late.

Pei Jingzhou asked, “Is Youyou asleep?

Li Xiwu withdrew from Pei Jingzhou’s arms and placed his jacket on the crook of her arm. “She just fell asleep. Auntie Lin told Youyou a proverb story tonight.”

Pei Jingzhou asked, “What about Auntie Lin?”

Li Xiwu didn’t think much of it. “She just returned to her room.”

Then, Pei Jingzhou pressed Li Xiwu against the entrance. Pei Jingzhou kissed her with a faint smell of alcohol. Li Xiwu did not dodge, but Pei Jingzhou’s kiss did not land on her lips. Instead, it landed on her neck..

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