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Chapter 367: Chapter 367: Approaching Li Xiwu

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Chapter 367: Approaching Li Xiwu

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Li Xiwu adjusted her more comfortable sitting posture slightly. “It’s best if you keep being so confident and optimistic.”

“Of course I have to be confident.” Xue Jinzhu touched her cheek. “After all, I’m as beautiful as a flower.”

Compared to Xie Wen and Ji Weiling in the past, Li Xiwu indeed liked Xue Jinzhu and her natural confidence.

Due to her good family environment, she did not feel inferior. Even if others pointed at her nose and scolded her, she would not find fault with herself. Instead, she would immediately retort and think about compensation. She would never let herself suffer at all.

Xue Jinzhu was a classic example. Instead of reflecting on herself, it was better to insult others.

However, Li Xiwu still told Xue Jinzhu some honest words. “Although the director decided on you last time, the producer has always wanted to meet you. Sometimes, affinity is really important. The producer has always had a unique taste. If the producer is satisfied with you, you can basically sign the contract. If you give the producer a bad impression and the producer is not satisfied with you, the producer might replace you under the pressure of capital.”

Xue Jinzhu’s eyes widened. “In other words, even if my father spends money, he will replace me?

Li Xiwu continued, “Only a small number of people dare to take this risk and resist such pressure. Most of them will still compromise even if they are barely satisfactory or very bad. Capital only cares about the return. After all, who will go against money?

Xue Jinzhu crossed her arms and leaned back. “So money isn’t enough.”

“So you have to hurry up and film. Hurry up and become famous. If you become a big star in three to five years, you will be the bellwether of capital.”

Xue Jinzhu was encouraged. “I’ll definitely become popular.”

Li Xiwu smiled and patted Xue Jinzhu’s shoulder. “Silly girl, you have zero works at the moment. It’s very important to produce a work.”

After the car arrived at the company, someone in the company recognized Li Xiwu and knew that she had brought an artist to dress up today. He immediately came over to lead the way.

Xue Jinzhu was very capable of taking charge. Li Xiwu did not need to follow her closely.

This was a period drama called “The Blue Bird Record.” The female lead was the incarnation of the Blue Bird and the envoy of the Queen Mother of the West.

Xianxia dramas mainly focused on heartbroken love stories. The identities and mystery-solving of the male and female protagonists were supplements. The middle story was meandering, and at the end, one of the male and female protagonists was sacrificed to move the audience.

Ever since the start of the business sponsorship, there had been many artists who wanted to take a bite of the “The Blue Bird Record”. This time, they used Xue Jinzhu, a newcomer, as the female lead. It could be considered an adventure.

In the end, the effect of Xue Jinzhu’s makeup test satisfied everyone.

Just by looking at the appearance, it was very in line with the scriptwriter’s portrayal of the female lead. Producer Yu was very stunned. She turned to Li Xiwu and said, “Little Xue’s appearance is very malleable. I’m very satisfied with the first makeup. I’m looking forward to the rest.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Jinzhu has read the script repeatedly and figured out the role. When the stylist was doing her makeup just now, she pointed out some details and made changes.”

“No wonder the first makeup was so perfect.” Producer Yu looked surprised and praised, “This is the attitude of a female lead. Not bad, not bad.”

Li Xiwu chatted with the producer for a while.

At this moment, someone patted Li Xiwu on the back of her shoulder. She turned her head and saw a man who looked a little familiar, but she couldn’t recognize him. She asked, “And you are?

The other party smiled and introduced himself. “My name is Ke Yuyang, Lu Jia’s manager.”

Hearing the words Ke Yuyang, Li Xiwu immediately remembered. No wonder she felt that the other party looked a little familiar just now, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen him before. It turned out that it was Best Actor Lu’s manager, Ke Yuyang.

She was a little surprised to meet KeYuyang here, and he even took the initiative to come over and greet her.

Li Xiwu extended her hand. “Hello, Boss Ke.”

Now that Ke Yuyang was already a partner of Yinghuang Entertainment, his identity should indeed be called Boss Ke. Ke Yuyang did not put on any airs at all. He shook Li Xiwu’s hand. “We’re all artist managers. You can call me Old Ke. By the way, did Miss Li bring an artist here for a makeup test today?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and nodded. “Yes.”

Ke Yuyang glanced in the direction where Xue Jinzhu was and said to Li Xiwu,

“A new artist?”

Li Xiwu said, “Mhm.”

Ke Yuyang said meaningfully, “She looks familiar.”

Li Xiwu did not avoid the topic. “Xue Jinzhu, she went on a variety show with me and we became friends in private. She expressed to me that she wanted to enter the industry to film. I thought her image was good, so I signed her.” Although everyone knew it.

But some things couldn’t be said directly. There had to be a proper reason.

Ke Yuyang praised, “She’s indeed very beautiful. She’s born to eat this.” Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “Did Old Ke come alone today?”

“No, there’s still Lu Jia.” With that, Ke Yuyang turned around and pointed at the person standing behind him. “I accompanied Lu Jia here to chat about the script today. I’m about to leave after chatting. I thought your back looked a little familiar just now. It took me a while to recognize you, so I came to greet you.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Isn’t the new movie being released recently? Did you accept another new movie?

“No,” Ke Yuyang said. “Lu Jia is planning to take on a variety show recently. He came over today to talk about the variety show script.”

Li Xiwu was a little surprised. “I remember that Lu Jia rarely takes on variety shows. Was the last time he took on a variety show five or six years ago?

“The last time he took on a variety show was six years ago.” Ke Yuyang’s expression was calm. “The reason he came into contact with it this time is because it’s a parent-child variety show. I wonder if Miss Li knows that Lu Jia has a daughter who’s already four years old.”

Li Xiwu replied, “On the day the little princess was born, Lu Jia specially posted on Weibo. At that time, it was trending. I saw it.”

The outside world knew that Lu Jia married in secret and had a daughter, but his wife was well protected by him and was rarely photographed by the media.

As for who it was, Li Xiwu did not intend to ask further.

Ke Yuyang said, “Miss Li, are you in a hurry? Why don’t you go over and sit down to chat?”

“Okay,” Li Xiwu agreed.

In any case, she was just waiting. There were still a few more sets of makeup on Xue Jinzhu’s side. It was enough for her to wait. Instead of waiting like this, she might as well find someone to chat with.

After Li Xiwu told Yuanyuan, she followed Ke Yuyang to sit down and drink tea. The two of them were both managers and had a lot to talk about. In the end, they went back to the entertainment industry and continued chatting.

At this moment, Lu Jia came over after chatting with his friend. Ke Yuyang stood up and introduced, “Lu Jia, this is Hua Guan Media’s manager, Li Xiwu.”

“I know.” Lu Jia looked at Li Xiwu with a gentle smile and reached out. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu reached out and clenched her fists. “Hello, Mr. Lu.”

The two of them retracted their hands. As soon as they sat down, Lu Jia said to Li Xiwu, “Miss Li, my wife is your fan.”

These words came so unexpectedly that Li Xiwu almost didn’t catch them..

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