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Chapter 368: Chapter 368: Seeing Yaoyao

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Chapter 368: Seeing Yaoyao

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Li Xiwu looked at Lu Jia opposite her and was stunned for a few seconds. Then, she immediately smiled. “Your wife likes to watch variety shows too?”

“No, she’s a fan of Mother Dragon. She learned a lot of dishes from Mother Dragon’s videos and even asked me to learn with her,” he said with a faint smile.

Li Xiwu asked, “Then how many dishes has Mr. Lu learned?”

Lu Jia looked troubled. “Cooking is a skill. It’s a little difficult. I’ve only learned a few simple dishes. I’m still exploring them.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Take your time exploring.”

“Miss Li, don’t forget to update the video. Recently, as long as my wife is free, she has been repeatedly scrolling through your account’s homepage. She keeps nagging that you haven’t updated the video. Coincidentally, I met her today, so I’ll help her update it.”

Li Xiwu replied, “Okay, I’ll think about what to make when I get back.”

Lu Jia spoke in a funny but not humorous manner. His tone was gentle, making her feel close, but just rightly distant. That was the normal behavior of a married man socializing outside. After chatting for a while, Lu Jia made a call to his wife in front of Li Xiwu.

Lu Jia said to Boyuan, “I saw your idol today. Guess who it is.”

Boyuan guessed correctly. “Li Xiwu?”

Lu Jia said, “Yes.”

Boyuan was surprised. “Really? Is she still here?”

Lu Jia replied, “She’s still there.”

The cell phone was not on speaker. Coupled with the fact that they were sitting opposite each other, Li Xiwu could only hear their voices and not the other end of the line. However, she guessed that it was probably Mr. Lu’s wife because his tone was too doting.

Soon, Lu Jia’s words confirmed her guess. He said to Li Xiwu, “It’s my wife. I told her that I saw you today. She’s at home now and it’s not convenient for her to come over for the time being, so she asked me to ask if I could video chat with you.”

Although Li Xiwu was surprised, she still said happily, “Sure.”

She had thought that what Lu Jia had just said was mostly polite. His wife might just be interested in her updated food video, so she said that she was her fan. Just as she was thinking, Lu Jia picked up the video call with Boyuan.

Lu Xia said a few words to Bo Yuan in the video, then turned the phone screen around and faced Li Xiwu. “Miss Li, the video has been connected. My wife wants to speak to you.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Li Xiwu quickly adjusted her sitting position and looked at the screen. When she saw the woman appear on the screen, Li Xiwu’s intuition told her that Mrs. Lu should be a foreigner. Her facial features were very exotic.

But it was not a European or American face. Such a thick face looked more like Northern Myanmar or Country T.

“Wow, it’s really you, Li Xiwu. I thought Lu Jia was lying to me.” Boyuan’s surprised voice came from the video.

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Hello, Mrs. Lu.”

“Hello. I didn’t expect to see you like this today. I’m so happy.”

It was obvious that Boyuan was really happy.

At this moment, a little girl pounced into Boyuan’s arms and hugged her arm. “Mom, teach me the Rubik’s Cube Yaoyao won’t teach me.”

Boyuan’s face was gentle. “Little Jingzhe, it’s not that Yaoyao doesn’t want to teach you, but Yaoyao isn’t good with words. He doesn’t know how to teach you.”

Little Jingzhe frowned. “Why doesn’t Yaoyao like to talk? I have to coax him to talk to me.”

Boyuan smiled and waved. “Go~”

Little Jingzhe ran towards Yaoyao. After Little Jingzhe left, Boyuan looked at the camera and said, “Sorry, that was my daughter.”

Li Xiwu restrained her gaze and her expression changed slightly. “Mrs. Lu, is your daughter’s name Little Jingzhe?”

Boyuan smiled calmly. “Yes, she was born on the day of Jingzhe. Lu Jia gave her a nickname, Little Jingzhe.”

Li Xiwu asked again, “Then, Yaoyao is?

Boyuan ignored the question. “Do you like children too?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “I didn’t have much interaction with children in the past. But I like them very much now.”

“I’m glad you like children. Why don’t I change the camera and show you my brat?” With that, Boyuan changed the front of the camera to the back and faced Yaoyao and Little Jingzhe.

Li Xiwu’s expression did not change when she saw the screen change. But when she recognized one of the two children on the screen, she suddenly leaned forward, her eyes wavering.. “… Yaoyao?

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