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Chapter 371: Chapter 371: Yaoyao Enduring

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Chapter 371: Yaoyao Enduring

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The children’s room was very bright and decorated in a princess style. Hello Kitty was everywhere, and there were many dolls. The curtains and bed curtains were also pink muslin, and the princess bed was even more dreamy.

There were two children sitting on the thick carpet. They both had short hair. If Li Xiwu had not seen Little Jingzhe in the video before she came, she would probably have thought that Boyuan had given birth to a son. And now, sitting on the thick carpet were two little boys.

The carpet sucked sound. As Li Xiwu slowly approached, there was almost no sound under her feet.

Yaoyao sat quietly on the carpet and focused on the fourth-tier Rubik’s Cube in his hand. Even though Little Jingzhe was chattering beside him, it did not affect him at all.

Little Jingzhe’s personality was lively to begin with, and Yaoyao had been ignoring her. She was not playing, so she kept talking, wanting Yaoyao to pay attention to her.

“This Rubik’s Cube isn’t fun at all. Play with me, okay? Yaoyao.”

“Yaoyao, do you like to watch Paw Patrol? Let’s watch Paw Patrol together, okay?”

“You’re on top of my Pikachu. Get up, get up.”

“Give it to me. Give me the Rubik’s Cube. My mother bought it.”

Whether Little Jingzhe was fooling around or being noisy, Yaoyao was veryquiet and never said a word. However, he was not completely wooden. When Little Jingzhe asked him to get up, Yaoyao would also get up obediently. In fact, he was not pressing down on Pikachu at all. Pikachu was on the princess bed.

Then, Little Jingzhe snatched the Rubik’s Cube away. Yaoyao let Little Jingzhe snatch it away and would not take the initiative to snatch it back.

After losing the Cube, Yaoyao quietly looked out of the floor-to-ceiling window in front of him and at the row upon row of tall buildings. Nothing seemed to affect his emotions, make him angry, or cause him to have strange emotions.

“I’ll give it back to you, you little nerd.”

It was not until Little Jingzhe stuffed the Rubik’s Cube back into Yaoyao’s hand that Yaoyao retracted his gaze and lowered his head to continue restoring the Rubik’s Cube in his hand. His actions reminded Li Xiwu of a marionette. He did not have his own thoughts. He was dominated by the person who carried the thread.

Li Xiwu stood at the back and watched quietly for a while. When she saw Yaoyao’s current state, her heart felt stuffy and she felt indescribably uncomfortable.

Little Jingzhe had hit a wall in front of Yaoyao many times and was bored. She wanted to go out and play with her mother. She stood up slowly. When she turned around and saw Li Xiwu standing there, she was shocked “Ah!”

This shock shocked Li Xiwu, too. Then, she panicked and said quickly, “I’m not a bad person. I’m not a bad person. I’m…”

As Li Xiwu spoke, Yaoyao, who was silently sitting there to restore the Cube, suddenly turned around.

When he saw Li Xiwu, he was stunned at first, and it was obvious. Then, right on the heels of that, his usually calm eyes showed some surprise. His emotional expression reached its peak at this moment.

Boyuan, who had heard the commotion, was very surprised to see Yaoyao reveal such an expression. However, in the next second, the surprise in

Yaoyao’s eyes disappeared and was replaced by that expressionless expression.

He silently turned his head and lowered his head, continuing to restore the Cube in his hand, as if the child who had expressed his emotions very vividly just now was not him. It was just an illusion that Li Xiwu and Boyuan had seen.

Little Jingzhe slowly walked up to Li Xiwu. Other than the shock of suddenly seeing a stranger, she was not afraid of Li Xiwu at all. She looked up and asked, “Who are you? Why are you in my house?”

Li Xiwu’s lips twitched. Just as she was about to speak, Boyuan, who was walking over from behind, said, “Little Jingzhe, she’s Mom’s good friend. You have to call her Auntie?’

Little Jingzhe stared at Li Xiwu, her gaze darting back and forth. After a while, she said, “Is she my aunt whom I’ve never met?”

Boyuan smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

Little Jingzhe said to Li Xiwu, “I’ve seen you on television before. My mother likes to watch you act on television.”

Boyuan corrected her. “That’s a variety show.”

Little Jingzhe put her hands on her hips and said reasonably, “Anyway, I saw Auntie on television.”

Boyuan laughed out loud. “The core is right.”

Little Jingzhe walked forward and took the initiative to hold Li Xiwu’s hand. She shook it gently up and down. “Hello, Auntie.”

Li Xiwu’s heart softened. She slowly squatted down and covered Little

Jingzhe’s hand with her other hand. “Nice to meet you, Little Jingzhe.”

Although she had been shocked just now, this did not affect Little Jingzhe’s good impression of Li Xiwu. Girls liked beautiful things and beautiful people. Little Jingzhes impression of Li Xiwu was that she was super beautiful.

Boyuan went forward and reached out to Little Jingzhe. “Little Jingzhe, didn’t you say yesterday that you wanted to help me make egg tarts? Mommy has already prepared the flour ingredients and is waiting for you to help.”

“Okay.” Little Jingzhe walked happily towards Boyuan

Boyuan wanted to take Little Jingzhe out now and leave space for Li Xiwu and Yaoyao. Before she left, she said to Li Xiwu, “We’re all outside. If you need anything, you can call me.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Boyuan and thanked her sincerely. “Thank you.”

Boyuan smiled. “We’re friends. There’s no need to be polite. I’ll take Little

Jingzhe out first.”

Li Xiwu stood up. “Okay.”

The door was not closed, and Boyuan and Little Jingzhe gradually disappeared from Li Xiwu’s sight. She turned around and stood still for a while before walking towards Yaoyao, who was sitting there quietly.

After approaching, she squatted down beside Yaoyao and noticed that the Rubik’s Cube in Yaoyao’s hand was about to be restored. Li Xiwu remained silent and did not disturb him.

After about a minute, the Rubik’s Cube in Yaoyao’s hand successfully recovered. However, Yaoyao did not put down the Rubik’s Cube just because he had completed the restoration. Instead, after messing up, he repeated his previous actions and restored it.

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and shouted softly, “Yaoyao.”

Yaoyao paused for only two or three seconds. As if he hadn’t heard anything, he continued to restore the Cube in his hand.

Just like that, Li Xiwu had unknowingly squatted for a long time. Her legs were numb, but she did not get up. Instead, she simply squatted down.

Yaoyao heard a movement beside her and resisted turning to look at Li Xiwu. When Li Xiwu reached out tentatively, Yaoyao turned sideways and turned around, choosing to turn his back to Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu:

At this moment, Li Xiwu felt indescribably helpless.

Because when she interacted with Yaoyao previously, Yaoyao’s attitude towards her was not like this. He was clearly very clingy the first time they met, but for some reason, he did not even look at her this time.

Was it because he had forgotten about her?

Li Xiwu sighed softly and slowly said, “I’m sorry, Yaoyao. I didn’t know you came to the capital and lived here. If I had known earlier, I would have come to see you earlier.”

Yaoyao’s recovery of the Cube was much slower than before.

However, because his back was facing her, Li Xiwu did not see the subtle change..

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