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Chapter 372: Chapter 372: Guessed His Intentions

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Chapter 372: Guessed His Intentions

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Come to think of it, she and Yaoyao had not been apart for long.

Therefore, Li Xiwu was unwilling to believe that Yaoyao ignored her and looked at her with an unfamiliar gaze because he didn’t remember her. She felt that the possibility was very small. Yaoyao was a very smart child. He shouldn’t have suddenly forgotten her,

However, seeing that Yaoyao was ignoring her, Li Xiwu really didn’t know what to say. She looked at Yaoyao’s small figure in silenceo After a long time, she slowly stood up. She did not Imow that the rustling sound when she stood up was magnified in Yaoyao’s ears.

Halfway up, Yaoyao suddenly turned to look at her.

Just like that, their eyes met.

Li Xiwu immediately froze in her actions. She even forgot for a moment if she planned to sit down or get up. She looked a little at a loss.

Until Yaoyao said the first thing he’d said since they met, “Are you leaving?

Hearing Yaoyao speak, Li Xiwu suddenly came back to her senses and squatted down again. She adjusted her composure and immediately replied, “I’m not leaving.”

However, Yaoyao’s expression did not change, nor did he say anything else. He turned her back on Li Xiwu and lowered his head to continue fiddling with the Cube in his hand. This time it was fiddling, not restoring it.

This was because Yaoyao’s mind was not on the Cube now. He was afraid that Li Xiwu would suddenly leave.

Li Xiwu could guess part of Yaoyao’s thoughts. She tried to reach out and put her hands on Yaoyao’s shoulders, turning him to face her. Although she had turned Yaoyao around, Yaoyao lowered his head, unwilling to look up at her.

Li Xiwu called out gently, “Yaoyao?

Yaoyao ignored her.

Li Xiwu continued, “How have you been recently? Have you eaten properly? I remember that the last time you came to the capital, you were a little unaccustomed to the environment, causing your stomach to be weak. Is it the same as last time?

Yaoyao still ignored her.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath. “Actually, I’ve always wanted to 20 to Country T to see you…”

Halfway through her sentence, Yaoyao, who had his head lowered, suddenly looked up and stared at Li Xiwu. “Then why didn’t you come?

These words stumped Li Xiwu. If she answered that she had originally decided to go to Country T after New Year’s Day, would Yaoyao believe her?

“I, I…” Li Xiwu spoke extremely slowly and explained, “I’ve been busy with work recently. I wanted to come to Country T to see you when I’m done.”

Yaoyao pressed the corners of his lips down. It was an expression that only people in low spirits would have.

It was so low that it seemed like he would cry in the next second. However, Yaoyao suppressed his emotions and turned his face away from Li Xiwu. He said in a low voice, “You won’t come.”

Li Xiwu quickly said, “I will.”

“You won’t come.” Yaoyao sounded like he was crying. “You won’t come. Don’t come either. I don’t like you.”

Li Xiwu’s heart ached when she heard Yaoyao say that he didn’t like her, but she still maintained a smile and asked, “Why doesn’t Yaoyao like me anymore?

Yaoyao lowered his head sadly and did not answer. Just as Li Xiwu was about to say something else, Yaoyao suddenly said to her fiercely, “Go out.”

Li Xiwu was stunned.

Yaoyao repeated, “Get out. I don’t like you.”

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and asked with difficulty, “Does Yaoyao really… not like me anymore?

Yaoyao nodded and answered seriously, “I don’t like you anymore.”

It was normal to be hated by a child. Children also cared about fate. Moreover, they had always been sincere. If they liked someone, they liked them. If they hated someone, they hated them.

For those they liked, they wished they could hold them in their hands. They couldn’t wait to reject those they hated.

Li Xiwu thought that Yaoyao really hated her and did not want to see her. She was afraid that if she shamelessly said anything else, it would make Yaoyao hate her even more, so she swallowed all the words she wanted to say to Yaoyao. She would probably have to find another opportunity.

And Yaoyao was in a bad mood to begin with. She couldn’t keep annoying him.

Hence, Li Xiwu propped herself up on the ground and slowly stood up. After looking at Yaoyao reluctantly, she turned around and left the children’s room.

The moment she came out, she met Boyuan, who was standing outside the door.

They looked at each other awkwardly.

Boyuan had tricked Little Jingzhe out. After tricking her out, she handed Little Jingzhe to Lu Jia to watch. She stood outside the door, not entirely eavesdropping. She just wanted to see with her own eyes if Li You’s appearance could relieve Yaoyao’s terrible mood.

However, she seemed to have overestimated Li Xiwu’s effect on Yaoyao.

Whether it was the video call or Li Xiwu’s trip here, Yaoyao’s attitude towards Li Xiwu was completely that of a stranger. This puzzled Boyuan. From her brother’s words, Yaoyao should have a good impression of Li Xiwu.

Otherwise, she would not have let Lu Jia take this opportunity to bring Li Xiwu to the Lu residence to see Yaoyao. She thought that if Yaoyao ignored Li Xiwu in the video, what if Li Xiwu came personally?

However, the final development was too different from what she had expected.


Boyuan was the one who spoke first.

The latter was Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu said, “You go first.”

Boyuan didn’t stand on ceremony, but it wasn’t convenient to talk at the door.

She gestured. “Let’s talk outside.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

At that moment, Lu Jia and Little Jingzhe were on the terrace. Lu Jia was teaching Little Jingzhe to speak the language of Country T. It was all a simple greeting and easy to learn.

“You said my surname today. You should know that I’m from Country T, right?” Boyuan’s voice was very gentle, just like the smile on her face. “But I used to speak more English, but later on, I learned Chinese. Speaking of which, it was fate. Not long after I learned Chinese, I met Lu Jia, who came to Country

Li Xiwu thought of something and continued, “I remember that back then, the real-life movie,  Bridge Effect’, starring Lu Jia, was very popular in Country T after it was broadcast. It was even more popular than in China. That year, Lu Jia seemed to have gone to Country T to receive an award.”

Boyuan smiled. “It was that time that Lu Jia’s movie ‘Suspension Bridge Effect’ broke the viewership ratings in Country T. He was invited to Country T to receive the award. I met Lu Jia at that award ceremony.”

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Boyuan, who was smiling like a flower. “Fate is often so romantic and wonderful.”

Boyuan couldn’t deny it. “I think so too.”

The two of them chatted about other things briefly. Boyuan did not mention the topics she had known Li Xiwu about in the past. Knowing that Li Xiwu had lost her memory, she said that those things in the past were useless, so the topic naturally returned to Yaoyao.

Boyuan said, “I thought Yaoyao would have different emotions for you. I didn’t expect it to be the same. Perhaps it’s because his condition has worsened. I’ve been contacting the mental therapist recently.”

Li Xiwu’s heart sank. She asked, “Why is Yaoyao in the capital when he wasn’t in a good state?”

Boyuan replied casually, “I only know that my mother asked my brother to send Yaoyao to me.”

“Miss Boyuan Sharasin.” Li Xiwu suddenly called the other party’s name solemnly.

Boyuan was a little surprised. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu voiced her doubts. “I didn’t think too much before I came, and it’s the same after I came. But now that l i ve calmed down and thought about the various scenes today, I feel that it’s too much of a coincidence.. I don’t want to expose the reason, but I want to ask, is there anything you haven’t told me?”

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