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Chapter 373: Chapter 373: Because You Gave Birth To A Son With Him

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Chapter 373: Because You Gave Birth To A Son With Him

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Boyuan looked at Li Xiwu in surprise. “Do you think I haven’t told you something?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Not exactly.”

Boyuan smiled. “Could it be a guess?

Li Xiwu did not answer and looked at Boyuan quietly.

Instinct seemed small. She was just speculating. Based on everything that had happened from the moment she saw Lu Jia to when she entered the Lu Residence and saw Yaoyao, she made a guess. She wasn’t entirely sure, actually. She was just waiting for Boyuan to tell her the answer.

“You’ve always been smart. It’s not surprising that you guessed.” Boyuan looked up and smiled.

Li Xiwu asked, “Then can you tell me?

“Actually… it’s not very convenient,” was Boyuan’s reply.

Li Xiwu sighed, “Okay, I understand.”

Seeing that Li Xiwu had compromised and stopped asking, Boyuan’s expression was slightly more serious than before. “It’s not inconvenient for me to say it, not that I don’t want to tell you, but I have some concerns. I need to confirm something with you before I can tell you.”

“I understand.” Li Xiwu’s eyes flickered. “So what do you want to confirm?”

Boyuan turned sideways and pretended to think. At this moment, she was thinking about telling Li Xiwu directly: You actually have a son with him, and that is Yaoyao. Or maybe tactfully testing the waters first: Do you remember ever having a child before?

The former seemed too direct. There was a high chance that she would scare Li Xiwu, and then she would have to explain for a long time.

The latter was more suitable in a gradual manner. She had to mention it first before delving into the topic. Then, she would take the opportunity to tell Li Xiwu that Yaoyao was her son.

Boyuan decided to tell Li Xiwu in the latter way. That way, she wouldn’t scare her.

Therefore, Boyuan, who had decided, suddenly shouted, “Li You

Li Xiwu was stunned, but she did not respond.

Boyuan reacted. “I’m sorry, I should call you Li Xiwu. You’re using this name now.”

“It’s fine. Although I’m using the name Li Xiwu now, I’m still Li You. You can call me that.” It didn’t matter even if she wasn’t used to it. After she regained her memories in the future, she would eventually adapt. Boyuan smiled. “Okay, I’ll still call you Li You like before.”

Li Xiwu smiled back.

Boyuan continued, “I want to ask you something. Although you don’t remember the past, you’ve been found by the MO family recently, which means that you already know your identity and who your parents are. Then can you tell me what else you Imow? i ‘

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment before choosing to tell Boyuan frankly, “I know I still have a daughter.”

Boyuan’s pupils were dilated with obvious shock!

Li Xiwu was not surprised by Boyuan’s reaction. She explained, “When I found out about my background, I wasn’t that shocked and accepted it very calmly. But when I found out that Pei Jingzhou and I had a four-year-old daughter, I couldn’t believe it either. It felt like a dream.”

With that, she saw that Boyuan was still in shock.

Li Xiwu shouted, “Boyuan?” Boyuan didn’t react. Li Xiwu raised her hand and waved it in front of Boyuan. “Boyuan, are you listening to me?

Boyuan came back to her senses, but the shock was still on her face. At this moment, Boyuan grabbed Li Xiwu’s wrist and asked agitatedly, “You had a daughter with him back then?”

Initially, Li Xiwu could understand Boyuan’s shock, but Boyuan’s overly shocked reaction puzzled her. This reaction was even more unbelievable than when she first found out that she had a daughter.

However, in the face of Boyuan’s question, Li Xiwu chose to answer frankly, “Yes, he and I have a daughter called Youyou. She’s already four years and three months old. She just came back to us.”

Boyuan immediately said, “It’s fake!”

Li Xiwu.

Boyuan was so agitated that she blurted out, “It’s fake!” After saying that, she realized that she regretted it.

Li Xiwu was puzzled. “Why do you say that?”

“Because…” Because you have a son with him!!!

It was Yaoyao!

Yaoyao is the son you had with him!

How did it suddenly become a daughter? And she had already acknowledged her. After the shock, Boyuan quickly calmed down and remained rational and sober. She sorted out the contents of her conversation with Li Xiwu as quickly as possible. She had forgotten about her hand and was still holding Li Xiwu’s hand tightly.

Li Xiwu’s wrist hurt a little. She reminded her softly, “Boyuan, can you let go of your hand first?”

Boyuan was stunned for two seconds before she immediately let go. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Did my grip hurt you?

Li Xiwu smiled back. “I’m fine.”

“By the way, Li You, can you tell me how you and he found your daughter?” Boyuan asked curiously.

She had to ask before making a judgment.

Li Xiwu could tell that Boyuan was eager to know this. She could choose not to say anything, but after hesitating for a moment, she told Boyuan everything that had happened between her and Pei Jingzhou taking Youyou back.

She tried her best to avoid what Gu Lanshi had done before. It was also relatively concise, but the general process was still complete.

After Boyuan heard this, the shock on her face finally calmed down. She only asked her calmly, “Then did you bring your daughter for a paternity test?”

Li Xiwu said firmly, “I gave birth to Youyou. There’s no mistake.”

Boyuan reminded kindly, “A lot of things will happen in four years. Don’t be so rash. I still suggest that you take your so-called daughter for a paternity test.”

At this moment, Boyuan felt that there was something wrong with this daughter who had suddenly been picked up. Perhaps someone had misled her!?

Yaoyao was clearly her and Pei Jingzhou’s son!

However, Boyuan knew very well that if she said it rashly, it was another matter whether Li Xiwu believed it or not. What was the motive of the person who sent her daughter to the two of them?

To be safe, Boyuan chose to be more cautious. After all, her brother had

handed Yaoyao to her, so she had to protect him.

After hearing Bo Yuan’s words, Li Xiwu asked, “What did you mean just now?

Boyuan said, “It’s…”

Li Xiwu asked, “What is it?”


The air went quiet.

Li Xiwu waited for Boyuan’s explanation, but Boyuan suddenly fell silent. After a long while, just as Boyuan was trying to say something to ease the atmosphere,

Li Xiwu said directly, “Boyuan, I’m very sure that Youyou is my biological daughter. The paternity test can prove it, but your kind reminder was right. I’ll bring Youyou to do another paternity test with him.”

Boyuan was surprised. “In other words, the daughter you picked up only did a paternity test with you, but she hasn’t done a paternity test with him yet?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Mm.”

Boyuan murmured, “Then there must be something wrong. When you get back, you have to do another paternity test.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “I will. It’s just a matter of time.. What about you? Can you tell me now?

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