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Chapter 376: Chapter 376: Pei Jingzhou Is Henpecked (2)

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Chapter 376: Pei Jingzhou Is Henpecked (2)

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Li Xiwu, who was inexplicably called a fierce woman:

Pei Jingzhou gestured to Chen Xin. “Send Mrs. He off.”

Chen Xin nodded and made an inviting gesture. “Mrs. He.”

Before Xiang Wanning left, she glanced at Li Xiwu and said meaningfully, “l also want to learn Mrs. Pei’s husband-controlling skills. I wonder if Mrs. Pei has time to teach me some other day?”

Li Xiwu smiled back and corrected her. “l believe Mrs. He misunderstood or was instilled with the wrong concept. The so-called husband-controlling technique is a woman interfering too much and trying to use a way to modify the other party to obtain the husband-and-wife life she wants. In the end, it resulted in a disharmonious and unhappy marriage. This is not something worth promoting.”

Xiang Wanning choked and said, “Mrs. Pei, you’re right, but my relationship with my husband isn’t good. How can I reconcile it?”

When Li Xiwu heard this, she didn’t know what expression to show. In the end, she only replied, “I’m sorry, Mrs. He. I’m not a relationship consultant and can’t answer your question.”

Pei Jingzhou looked impatient. Of course, it was because Xiang Wanning had not left for a long time. He reached out and held Li Xiwu’s wrist. “Go in first.”

Li Xiwu nodded and was about to enter with Pei Jingzhou.

Behind her, Xiang Wanning suddenly stopped her. “Mrs. Pei.”

Li Xiwu stopped in her tracks and tapped her fingertips on Pei Jingzhou’s palm, indicating that she would wait. She turned around and looked at her. “Is there anything else, Mrs. He?”

Xiang Wanning smiled. “l really envy you.”

To Li Xiwu, this was a very strange sentence. Only she knew that Xiang Wanning was really envious of Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu only smiled back at this. She originally didn’t need to be bothered, but seeing the sadness and loneliness flash in the other party’s eyes, Li Xiwu still said, “l didn’t finish my sentence just now. When a woman becomes dependent, her negative emotions will turn into aggression, in a vain attempt to subdue a man in another way. This has become the husband-controlling technique Mrs. He mentioned. Actually, that’s not the case. Don’t be too dependent. It’s enough for the two of them to become the best collaborators.”

Xiang Wanning seemed puzzled by this. “A collaborator?” Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes, but it depends on how you interpret it.” Hearing this, the smile on Xiang Wanning’s face disappeared, and her expression was much more serious than before. “Mrs. Pei is indeed from a high-ranking family. Your words are thoughtful and meaningful.”

This sounded a little sarcastic at first glance. But she could tell from her expression that she wasn’t being sarcastic. She was serious.

Li Xiwu only counseled her and did not say anything else. If she continued, it would make her look like she was preaching. She didn’t have much ability herself. She wasn’t qualified to teach others how to live.

Xiang Wanning said, “Goodbye, Mrs. Pei.”

Then, with Chen Xin leading the way, they left.

In the office.

Li Xiwu came and went as she pleased. She poured water and sat down. Her expression was as usual, and she did not show any unhappiness because of the small episode she had just encountered.

Just as she was about to put down the cup, Pei Jingzhou reached out to take it. “Are you so relieved that you won’t ask me?”

Li Xiwu looked up at him. “Ask what?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Weren’t you overthink when your husband is alone with a woman in the same room?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “l admit that my husband is an outstanding and charming man. It’s normal for other women to admire him. Of course, I’ll be jealous, but I can tell the situation. I won’t choose to be deaf and blind under such circumstances, then question you and say that I won’t listen to your explanation.”

Pei Jingzhou!s thin lips curled up. “Honey, if you do this, I won’t even have a chance to explain.”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows slightly. “What are you trying to say?”

Pei Jingzhou sat down beside her, his arm naturally behind her. His other hand was still holding the glass of water that Li Xiwu had drunk. He raised his hand to take a sip, then leaned over and asked, “Can you praise me again for what you just said?”

Li Xiwu said, “Is that all you want to say?”

Pei Jingzhou nodded. “Yes.”

He thought that Li Xiwu would probably not cooperate with such a boring matter, but to Pei Jingzhou’s surprise, Li Xiwu really praised him.

“My husband is handsome, divine, outstanding, and charming. He’s definitely one in a million..

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