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Chapter 379: Chapter 379: Satisfaction and Happiness

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Chapter 379: Satisfaction and Happiness

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Little Jingzhe was happy to coax Yaoyao.

The two of them had gotten along very well before, but for some reason, Yaoyao was in a low mood this time and ignored Little Jingzhe. However, even though she was repeatedly ignored, Little Jingzhe was still willing to circle around Yaoyao.

After Little Jingzhe left, Lu Jia moved a little to the side, leaving the seat empty. Boyuan sat down beside him. Seeing that Boyuan did not look too good, Lu Jia asked, “What did you talk about? You don’t look too good.”

Boyuan turned to look at Lu You. “I was about to tell Li You that Yaoyao was the child she gave birth to in Country T back then.”

Lu Jia laughed in a muffled voice. “But I can tell that you didn’t tell her. Otherwise, you wouldn’t look like this.”

Boyuan sighed. “I didn’t tell her. It was a close call.”

She really almost told Li Xiwu. But in order to ensure Yaoyao’s safety, she still didn’t say anything.

Lu Jia poured her a glass of water and handed it to her. “Tell me in detail.”

Boyuan took the water from Lu Jingzhou and took a sip. She said gently, “Do you know? Li You told me just now that she gave birth to a daughter in Country T back then. She gave birth to her with Pei Jingzhou and only acknowledged her recently.”

Lu Jia was stunned. “She said that?”

Boyuan took another big sip of water. After swallowing, she sighed. “Yes, she told me herself. I thought that Yaoyao was with us. Why did she acknowledge another daughter? Could there be a conspiracy? Because of this concern, I didn’t tell her that Yaoyao was her biological son.”

Lu Jia took the empty glass of water from Boyuan and placed it back on the glass table beside her. After a moment of surprise, he said, “Maybe it wasn’t a conspiracy. They did have a daughter, too.”

“But my mother never said they were twins. She never said.” This was what Boyuan was puzzled about.

Boyuan continued, “Back then, when my mother carried Yaoyao back, she only said that it was Li You’s child. She didn’t say that there were other children, and she never mentioned twins.

“When she carried Yaoyao back, Li You was no longer around. Moreover, Yaoyao was still very weak at that time and could not withstand long-distance travel. However, my mother still asked someone to find out Pei Jingzhou’s address in the capital. She wanted to send Yaoyao back to Pei Jingzhou. After all, Pei Jingzhou was Yaoyao’s father.”

At this point, Boyuan sighed for the third time. “Although she found Pei

Jingzhou’s address, Pei Jingzhou seems to be recuperating in the hospital.

“Since Pei Jingzhou’s condition is not good, my mother can only plan to send Yaoyao back to Pei Jingzhou after he recovers a little. Although Yaoyao has lost his mother, he has to return to his father’s side to grow up.

“After more than half a year, when Yaoyao recovered and wanted to send him back to Pei Jingzhou’s side, she learned that Pei Jingzhou was married. My mother and I unanimously decided not to send Yaoyao back. Since Pei Jingzhou was married, Yaoyao probably wouldn’t be loved by his biological father if he went back. It would also affect his relationship with his new wife, so we didn’t think of sending Yaoyao back until we heard about Li You…”

Boyuan said a lot in one breath. She made herself sound depressed. She rested her head in the crook of Lu Jia’s arm and sighed for the fourth time. “I thought everything had finally turned around and Yaoyao could return to his parents, but what’s with this daughter who suddenly appeared?”

Lu Jia rubbed Boyuan’s hair. “Don’t think too much. You’re the one who’s depressed in the end. Why don’t you call our mom now and ask if Li You still had a daughter who was lost back then? If she matches, there won’t be a problem.”

Boyuan looked up suddenly. No wonder it was said that this person had entered a dead end and needed guidance. It was clearly a very simple matter.

She wanted to go down a dead end, and just couldn’t understand it. In fact, as Lu Jia had said, it was very simple. Ask her mother.

Back then, did Li You had only given birth to one Yaoyao, or was it a pair of twins?

On the other side.

Li Xiwu told Pei Jingzhou about her visit to Boyuan’s house at the right time and left the company early with him.

In the car back to Lake Lu.

Li Xiwu called Auntie Lin, who was already preparing dinner.

Li Xiwu quickly said, “There’s no need to prepare too much for dinner today. Auntie Lin, just prepare dinner for you alone. A friend is treating us tonight. We won’t be eating at home.”

Auntie Lin said, “Madam, thank God you said it in time. I was about to scoop the rice.’

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “Where’s Youyou?”

Auntie Lin said, “Youyou is watching television. Aye, she recognized that I was answering your call and ran over.”

Youyou took the cell phone from Auntie Lin and asked in a low voice, “Niom, when are you coming back?”

Hearing Youyou call her mother, Li Xivvu’s heart almost softened. The fatigue and tension of the day dissipated in an instant. She answered Youyou, “We’re on our way back. There’s probably still…”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice came from beside her. “About six minutes.”

Li Xiwu glanced at Pei Jingzhou, then turned on the speakerphone so that Pei Jingzhou could hear Youyou’s voice more clearly. She said to Youyou, “Baby, we’ll be home in six minutes.’

Youyou asked, “Is Daddy back too?”

Li Xiwu took the phone and pointed at it. Pei Jingzhou said, “Yes, I came back with your mother.”

“Great. I’ll wait for you.”

She could tell that Youyou’s tone meant that she was very happy. The cartoon was still playing. After Youyou finished talking to Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou, she ran to the living room to watch television.

After ending the call, the smile on Li Xiwu!s lips did not stop.

“Fourth Brother, are you satisfied with your current life?” Li Xiwu put away her cell phone and held Pei Jingzhou’s arm.

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “What is your definition of satisfaction?”

Li Xiwu thought for a few seconds and answered seriously, “Probably… bliss.” The happier she was, the more satisfied she was. That was the definition she’d given after careful consideration.

Pei Jingzhou said, “I’ m very content.”

There was no complete definition of satisfaction, but he was content. He was close to thirty, and had a wife and daughter, he was very content.

“But…” Li Xiwu lowered her eyes to hide the faint sadness in them.

Although Pei Jingzhou did not see it, he could hear the difference in her tone.

“But what?”

Li Xiwu said softly, “It’s just that for now, I keep feeling that it’s not enough. There’s something missing.”

She couldn’t say what was missing. But when she thought about it seriously and defined the source of satisfaction, an indescribable sense of disappointment and loss would rise in her heart.

She couldn’t even explain this feeling.

Suddenly, she remembered Yaoyao. At the thought that Yaoyao ignored her and faced her with his lonely back, saying that he didn’t like her, Li Xiwu felt her heart ache.

Now that she thought about it, she still felt terrible..

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