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Chapter 381: Chapter 381: Youyu Called Him Brother

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Chapter 381: Youyu Called Him Brother

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Li Xiwu agreed readily. “Okay.” She had the same idea herself. She would let Yaoyao come into contact with Youyou and see if Youyou’s personality could affect Yaoyao. In turn, Yaoyao’s mood might improve a little.

They arrived outside the children’s room. Boyuan said to Li Xiwu, “I’ll send Youyou in and let the three children get used to each other first.”

Li Xiwu hesitated.

Boyuan knew what Li Xiwu was worried about. “Little Jingzhe won’t bully Youyou. Don’t worry, let’s see how Youyou and Yaoyao get along. Let them get along first. If we adults will specially tell them that, the children will definitely not be happy.”

Li Xiwu felt that it made sense and nodded. “Okay.”

After Youyou adapted to this new place, she was indeed not afraid of strangers. When they arrived outside the children’s room, Boyuan only said to Youyou, “Go play with them, okay?”

She thought that she would have to communicate with her. Unexpectedly,

Youyou did not even hesitate for a second. She agreed happily and immediately ran in.

Boyuan thought that Youyou had seen her favorite toy.

Little did she know that Youyou had seen Yaoyao.

After Youyou went in, Li Xiwu and Boyuan left the children’s room silently. Boyuan gestured for Li Xiwu to sit down and drink tea and eat fruits. Her family still had many specialty snacks from Country T.

Li Xiwu naturally couldn’t sit still, so she followed Boyuan to the kitchen. After a while, the two of them became much closer. They were getting closer and closer to the topic. At first, they talked about Youyou, then about Bolin.

At this point, Boyuan suddenly smiled and said in a louder voice, “Li You, you probably don’t know this, but my mother once wanted to propose to your father. She wanted you to marry my brother.”

Li Xiwu was helping wash the vegetables. When she heard this, she was a little surprised. “Really?”

“Yeah, my mother used to have that idea,” Boyuan said.

This was all in the past to Li Xiwu. She didn’t remember. Hearing from Boyuan, it sounded like she was listening to someone else’s story.

Boyuan noticed the change in Li Xivvu’s expression and restrained her voice. “Don’t you remember anything?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and shook her head. “I don’t remember.”

The scenes in her dream were all about her parents and her pregnancy. If she wanted to remember all her memories intact, she needed to be hypnotized again and awaken them. She had also mentioned this to Pei Jingzhou. On the surface, Pei Jingzhou agreed to her request and followed her wishes.

But so far, Pei Jingzhou has not made any arrangements. He was probably worried that she would be in a bad state when she completely regained her memory.

Boyuan saw that Li Xiwu was a little depressed. Even if it was not so obvious, she could tell when she was close. So she comforted her. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the past for the time being. Anyway, there’s still so much to come. One day you’ll remember.”

Li Xiwu nodded and replied softly, “Yeah.”

Boyuan continued the conversation. “At that time, my brother wasn’t married, and you weren’t married. I really wanted you to be my sister-in-law, but later I found out that you had a childhood sweetheart fiancé.”

At this point, Boyuan revealed an embarrassed smile. “As a younger sister, I will always think that my brother is the best and most handsome. At that time, I thought that your childhood sweetheart fiancé must not be comparable to my brother. It was only when your childhood sweetheart fiancé appeared that I realized what it means to be a match made in heaven. You two are.’

Li Xiwu continued, “Back then, he often came to Country T. I know a little.”

“Although you know that he came to Country T to accompany you back then, you definitely don’t remember many details.” Seeing that Li Xivvu did not show any repulsion, Boyuan continued this topic and told it like a story.

“I was born in the royal family of Country T and was used to infighting. All love was not worth mentioning in front of rights and interests until your love with him made me believe that love would also be very beautiful and pure. It’s just that I had never encountered it at that time.

“He often comes to Country T to accompany you. Every time, he stays for three to five days. After he goes back, he will come to Country T again every once in a while. He never seems to find it troublesome. The longest time he comes is for more than ten days.

“But more than ten days was rare. He seems to be very busy too.

“Haha, to be honest, I thought he was an unemployed person at first. If now, how could he have so much time to accompany you in Country T? Later on, I found out that he was actually a big boss of a company. It simply refreshed my understanding. People in such a position must have countless beauties around them, but he actually loved you alone firmly. Such love is really rare.

“But fortunately, your love runs in both directions. For you, he tirelessly ran between Country T and the capital countless times. After you finished your studies in Country T, you were also prepared to return to work and stay by his side.

“How enviable.’

At this point, the envy on Boyuan’s face was obvious. She leaned closer to Li

Xiwu and said in a lighter voice than before, “You made me believe in love. Although I hadn’t seen it then, I was looking forward to it.”

Li Xiwu smiled knowingly and said to Boyuan, “Because you began to believe and look forward to love, you later had happiness.”

“Yes!” It was obvious that Boyuan was very excited. “Later on, I met Lu Jia. Because I believe in love, I was always determined when I dated him. Even if I lost in the end, I could afford to lose.’

Li Xiwu said, “Later on, you realized that Lu Jia was even more determined than you.”

Li Xiwu felt Boyuan lean to her side and put her arm against her. “I feel that the you in front of me now is no different from the you I knew back then. You’re still the Li You who made me believe in love.’

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Thank you for telling me this.”

Boyuan said, “To me, it’s just a memory. I’ll wait for the day you remember.”

Li Xiwu replied, “Okay.”

After preparing the dishes, the auntie began to stir-fry. Li Xiwu and Boyuan couldn’t helD much. so thev came out of the kitchen.

At this moment, in the children’s room. Youyou ran in because she saw Yaoyao. At that time, Yaoyao sat there in a daze. No one knew what he was thinking. Only Little Jingzhe chattered non- stop.

Yaoyao didn’t feel annoyed. He glanced at Little Jingzhe occasionally and then continued to stare blankly. At this moment, a force suddenly attacked him. Before Yaoyao could react, he was pounced on. After being pounced on, the back of his head hit the ground through the carpet.

Youyou pounced on Yaoyao and said with joy, “Haha, we meet again.”

Yaoyao was still in a daze. The back of his head hurt a little. But it didn’t matter.

Little Jingzhe, who was beside him, had already opened her mouth in shock. “Wow!

Youyou didn’t forget to greet Little Jingzhe. “Hellæ

Little Jingzhe said, “You’re so… brave.”

After greeting her, Youyou looked at Yaoyao. However, Yaoyao did not react at all. His expression was blank, which frustrated Youyou.

Youyou remembered that her father had said that she was coming to her brother’s house today.. She looked at the boy, who was in a daze, and asked in a low voice, “Are you my brother?”

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