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Chapter 382: Chapter 382: Clingy

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Chapter 382: Clingy

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Little Jingzhe quickly moved over and said to Youyou, “He’s my brother!”

Youyou asked, “Why can’t he be my brother?”

“Because, because…” Little Jingzhe suddenly ran out of words. Seeing that Yaoyao was still being pressed down, Little Jingzhe went forward to help. “Come down, come down quickly.”

Obediently, Youyou flipped down and sat on the carpet. “Ouch.” While exclaiming, Youyou didn’t forget to pull Yaoyao up. In the end, after Yaoyao was pulled up by Youyou, he immediately shook off Youyou’s hand, as if he was very resistant to Youyou’s contact. Even Youyou’s gaze was very guarded.

However, Youyou was not discouraged by Yaoyao!s guarded gaze. She leaned towards Yaoyao eagerly. “Don’t you remember me?”

Yaoyao turned his head away from Youyou and said nothing.

Youyou quickly crawled in front of Yaoyao and stared at him. She repeated what she had just said. “Do you really not remember me?”

Yaoyao’s lowered eyes moved slightly, and his butterfly-like eyelashes slowly lifted. He looked at Youyou in front of him. He should have hated her, but when he really saw her, he realized that he didn’t seem to hate her that much.

He couldn’t even control the urge to get close to her.

Youyou reached out to Yaoyao and poked his cheek with her fingertips. “Why do you look so unhappy?

Yaoyao moved his head back, but he still couldn’t avoid Youyou’s touch.

Youyou’s hand reached out as far as she could and poked him in the face. Yaoyao frowned, but it was only a frown. He didn’t show any anger.

Seeing this, Youyou continued to poke Yaoyao!s face with her finger. After that, she said, “The meat on your face is not as fleshy as my face.”

Yaoyao said with a tense face, “You. Go. Away.”

Those three words weren’t coherent. He didn’t push her away. It was obvious how much Yaoyao tolerated Youyou.

Youyou retracted her hand and continued to look at Yaoyao with her eager eyes. Then, she asked, “Are you ignoring me because you’re unhappy?

Yaoyao ignored her.

Youyou continued, “When I came, Mom told me that I have to be patient when talking to my brother. I will definitely be very patient.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Yaoyao’s emotions fluctuated a little. He finally said a complete sentence, “I’m not your brother.”

He thought that this sentence would be enough to suppress Youyou and stop her from approaching. However, Yaoyao underestimated how clingy the other party was. Just like before, he was caught off guard as she pounced on him to hug him. She asked, “If it’s not an elder brother, then it’s a younger brother.

What’s your name, younger brother?”

Yaoyao didn’t answer. He suddenly felt annoyed. And his annoyance wasn’t just in his heart. It was the kind of annoyance that showed on his face. He pushed the unfamiliar little girl on him. He did not dare to push her too hard, so he forced himself to push her.

Realizing that he couldn’t push her away, he quickly gave up.

This scene almost stunned Little Jingzhe. She slowly moved over and stopped beside Youyou. She raised her hand and gently poked Youyou’s arm. “His name is Yaoyao. Meaning bite, but he doesn’t bite casually.”

Yaoyao turned his head with difficulty. Why was it difficult? Because his neck was trapped by Youyou, it became a little difficult to turn his head. He looked at Little Jingzhe, who took the initiative to introduce his name, and Little Jingzhe stuck out her tongue.

Yaoyao silently looked away again.

At this moment, Youyou let go and raised her chin to introduce herself. “I’ll remember. Your name is Yaoyao. You have to remember that my name is

Youyou. It means pomelo. Although you don’t bite, I like to eat pomelo.”

After introducing herself, Youyou turned to ask Little Jingzhe, “What’s your name?”

When her name was suddenly asked, Little Jingzhe introduced herself solemnly. “My name is Lu Zhi. You can call me Zhizhi or Little Jingzhe. My father said that my nickname was given according to the 24 solar terms of

China. Originally, I was born in late March, so it should be the spring equinox. However, Mom said that the spring equinox was not pleasant, so my father named me Little Jingzhe. Anyway, it’s in March.”

Little Jingzhe had already told others many times about her self-introduction. Every time, she would say the same long sentence, and every time, she would say it in one go. She had no choice. She was too skilled.

Therefore, she had almost memorized her self-introduction. After Little Jingzhe finished introducing herself, she asked Youyou, “Your nickname is Youyou. Then what’s your name?”

Youyou was stumped. She shook her head. “I don’t know. I only know that my name is Youyou, although I don’t know how to write this word yet.” Then, Youyou asked, “But the teacher will call me Gu Youyou. Is that my name?”

Little Jingzhe nodded calmly. “Yes, your name must be Gu Youyou.”

Realization dawned on Youyou. “So my name is Gu Youyou! I’ll remember it.” It was easier for the two little girls to play together. Moreover, they were two little girls with similar personalities. After a while, the two of them were extremely familiar with each other. Little Jingzhe took the initiative to pull Youyou and introduce the names of her dolls to her.

There were too many dolls to count.

Yaoyao sat there and watched silently. Sometimes, he rested his chin on his hand, and sometimes, he leaned back. In short, his gaze was not as dull as before. It would stop on Youyou many times before stopping on Little Jingzhe.


Boyuan and Li Xiwu were chatting about planting flowers on the terrace.

Li Xiwu had some skills in planting flowers. She had planted many flowers in the small courtyard and they bloomed very brightly. When it was the season, they were as beautiful as paintings.

When Boyuan found out that Li Xiwu was very good at planting flowers, she chased after her and asked her about her planting skills. Although Li Xiwu was not a professional, the flowers she planted grey very well, so she shared some of her careful planting skills with Boyuan.

The two of them chatted happily.

After all, in Boyuan’s eyes, Li Xiwu was still her friend. The two of them meeting was equivalent to reuniting with an old friend. There was no sense of alienation at all.

To Li Xiwu, it was no different from meeting a new friend she could get along with.

At this moment, the auntie came out of the kitchen and said loudly that dinner was ready.

Boyuan replied, “Coming, coming.” She turned and pulled Li Xiwu’s wrist.

“Let’s go. It’s time to eat.”

Li Xiwu did not resist Boyuan’s contact and went in with her.

Lu Jia went to the children’s room to call the three children, but only Little Jingzhe and Youyou came out. Yaoyao was unwilling to come out, and Lu Jia was still coaxing him.

Little Jingzhe held Youyou’s hand and walked to Boyuan. She said happily to

Boyuan, “Mom, Gu Youyou and I are good friends.”

Boyuan was about to praise Little Jingzhe for being awesome and becoming good friends with Youyou so quickly, but she opened her mouth and didn’t say anything she wanted to praise. She asked Little Jingzhe, “Why Gu Youyou?”

Little Jingzhe replied, “Youyou said so. Gu Youyou is her name.”

“Her surname is Gu…” Boyuan was a little surprised. She turned to look at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu’s expression did not change. She explained with a faint smile, “I only told you today that Youyou was picked up from a friend of mine, but I didn’t tell you who the friend who took care of Youyou for the past four years was.”

Boyuan was curious. “Is it convenient to say?” Li Xiwu nodded and said, “It’s Gu Lanshi..

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