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Chapter 383: Chapter 383: Learning That Yaoyao and Youyou Were Born On The Same Day

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Chapter 383: Learning That Yaoyao and Youyou Were Born On The Same Day

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Originally, in the afternoon, when Li Xiwu mentioned what had happened during the process of bringing Youyou back, Boyuan had been wondering who the person taking care of Youyou was. However, at that time, Li Xiwu called him a friend and did not say his name, so Boyuan did not ask further.

Boyuan said in surprise, “In other words, the person who has been taking care of Youyou for the past four years is Gu Lanshi, and Youyou takes Gu Lanshi’s surname?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Mm.”

Boyuan murmured, “No wonder.”

Li Xiwu was puzzled. No wonder what?

Before she could ask, Boyuan asked her, “Has Youyou’s current surname been changed? By the way, have you thought of a new name?”

“It’s in the midst of the procedures. I’ll be able to change it soon. I haven’t thought of a name yet. I’ll leave it to Pei Jingzhou to think about that,” Li Xiwu said.

She had dreamed of the name her father had given his grandchildren. Her father had given it to her with his heart. Li Xiwu wanted to use it, but she had yet to discuss it with Pei Jingzhou.

Boyuan nodded. “You can keep Youyou’s nickname, You have to think of a good name. You can’t choose it casually.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Yes, I’ll think about it carefully.”

At this moment, Youyou walked towards Li Xiwu. She reached out with both hands and held Li Xiwu’s hands by her sides. She shouted coquettishly, “Mom.”

Li Xiwu squatted down and brushed away the messy bangs on Youyou’s forehead. “What’s wrong, Youyou?’!

Youyou leaned against Li Xiwu and whispered, “Mom, I saw my brother.”

Li Xiwu asked softly, “Did the brother speak to you?”

Youyou nodded. “Yes.”

Li Xiwu’s heart skipped a beat. “What did your brother tell you?”

Youyou immediately became a drama queen and took two steps back. She imitated Yaoyao’s tense face. “You. Go. Away.”

Boyuan laughed at the side. Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. She could guess that Youyou must have gone to stick to Yaoyao. Yaoyao didn’t like to be stuck, so he said those three words. However, it was a good thing that Yaoyao was willing to talk to Youyou.

It was better than ignoring Youyou. Besides, Youyou was lively to begin with. If she was ignored by children her age again, she would inevitably be disappointed for a while.

Li Xiwu continued to ask Youyou, “Did Brother say anything else?”

“I know, I know.” Little Jingzhe took the initiative to answer for Youyou.

“Yaoyao said: I’m not your brother.”

Youyou nodded. “Zhizhi is right.”

Boyuan squatted down and suddenly asked Youyou, “Youyou, little cutie, you’re four years and how many months?”

Youyou replied, “I’m four years and three months old.”

When Boyuan heard this, she turned to look at Li Xiwu. The words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

Li Xiwu could tell that Boyuan seemed to want to say something to her. She asked, “What’s wrong?”

Boyuan told Li Xivvu, “Yaoyao is also four years and three months old.”

Upon hearing this, Li Xiwu was stunned for a few seconds before she remembered something. The surprise on her face quickly returned to normal. “You must have remembered wrongly. Yaoyao told me himself that he was three years and four months old.”

Back then, Yaoyao had gestured to tell her. She guessed from Yaoyao’s gestures that he was three years and four months old. Moreover, when she said that he was three years and four months old, Yaoyao even nodded. That meant that this was Yaoyao’s age.

Moreover, Li Xiwu had always remembered this very clearly.

On the other side, Pei Jingzhou walked over from the side and did not miss what Boyuan had said to Li Xiwu. He paused slightly and stood there quietly.

Seeing that Li Xiwu did not believe her, Boyuan repeated with a serious expression, “Li You, I’m not lying to you. Yaoyao is really four years and three months old. Moreover, he was born on February 23rd.”

Seeing that Li Xiwu did not believe her, Boyuan repeated with a serious three years and four months old. Could it be that Yaoyao remembered wrongly?”

“…It’s not that Yaoyao remembered wrongly.” Boyuan took a deep breath and slowly sighed. In a calm tone, she said, “My mother probably didn’t tell you, right? Yaoyao was born prematurely and his health has always been poor. In addition, he suffered from autism and didn’t like to eat. He didn’t eat properly, causing his body to be unable to keep up with his nutrition. So he looked much younger than children his age and was easier to bully. My mother has always talked about the age of Yaoyao in reverse and taught him to say that.”

Hearing this, Li Xivvu slowly clenched her fists behind Youyou.

Boyuan saw the change in Li Xiwu’s expression and deliberately asked, “When is Youyou born?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “It’s…”

That day, Gu Lanshi had told her about Youyou’s preferences, what kind of tricks she likes to do, and some special food and toys. In addition to this, Gu Lanshi also told her Youyou’s birthday.

“February 23rd.” Li Xiwu slowly read out the date.

Boyuan pretended to be surprised. “What a coincidence! It’s already a coincidence that Youyou is the same age as Yaoyao. Even their birthdays are the same!!”

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Boyuan.

Boyuan immediately restrained the expression on her face to prevent herself from appearing too deliberate. “Fate is really strange. Yaoyao and Youyou are actually born on the same day.”

Li Xiwu could clearly feel her breathing becoming faster and faster. It was because her heart was not calm enough. At this moment, it was already in turmoil.

Yaoyao was actually a four-year-old and three-month-old child.

Yaoyao and Youyou had the same birthday.

Yaoyao was a child adopted by Madam Di Xin.

Sensing that Li Xiwu was very unstable, Boyuan asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

Li Xiwu shook her head, her eyelashes fluttering. “I’m fine.”

Boyuan said, “You suddenly look very pale. Are you feeling unwell?”

Li Xiwu forced a smile. “No, I just squatted for too long and my legs are a little numb.” Just as she was about to get up, someone held her arm. When she noticed the hand, she looked up and met Pei Jingz,hou’s deep gaze. Standing slowly, she exhaled and tried to steady herself. “Did you hear that?”

Seeing that Pei Jingzhou was silent, Li Xiwu said, “Yaoyao and Youyou are

born on the same day.”

Pei Jingzhou lowered his eyes. “I heard.”

Compared to Pei Jingzhou’s calmness, Li Xiwu’s heart was already in turmoil. Usually, because of her personality, she could remain calm and composed no matter what happened.

But this time, she really couldn’t convince herself to calm down as soon as possible.

At this moment, Lu Jia came out. But he was alone. Boyuan wanted to wait for Li Xiwu to ask, then she pulled her to the dining table and sat down. After that, they would talk about this while eating.

Since her mother, Madam Di Xin, had already told her what had happened back then and confirmed that Youyou was not a fake, she had to tell Li Xiwu about this tonight. She had been delaying telling Li Xiwu just to confirm that it was safe.

As long as it was confirmed to be safe, anything could be said next.

At this moment, after Lu Jia came out of the children’s room, he looked helpless. “l still overestimated myself. I tried my best, but Yaoyao still refused to pay attention to me and even rejected dinner.”

Boyuan frowned worriedly. “Yaoyao didn’t eat much at noon today, and he didn’t eat at night. What if he fainted from hunger in the middle of the night?”

Li Xiwu’s heart ached when she hears this. She was about to go to the children’s room when Pei Jingzhou suddenly grabbed her wrist and said in a low voice, “I’ll go..”

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