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Chapter 385: Chapter 385: The Truth Back Then (1)

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Chapter 385: The Truth Back Then (1)

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This was the first time Han Qianye, who had gone to Country T to visit Madam Di Xin, had gone to Madam Di Xin’s house today. The first two times she had gone, she had been to the hospital.

However, because Madam Di Xin’s health was not good and she needed to rest, Han Qianye did not stay for long the first two times, so she did not have the chance to ask much else.

Until today.

Han Qianye received a call from Madam Di Xin and learned that she had already been discharged from the hospital in the afternoon. She kindly invited them to her residence as guests. Han Qianye dressed up a little in the hotel she was staying at and rushed over with Pei Qingji.

In the car on the way to Sharasin House. Han Qianye gritted her teeth and said, “When I go to see Madam Di Xin this time, I have to ask about Yaoyao’s background no matter what.”

It had been delayed for two days. If she delayed any longer, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait after she returned to the country.

Pei Qingji took off the scarf on his arm and carefully placed it on Han Qianye’s shoulder. He asked obsequiously, “What if you can’t get the answer then?”

Han Qianye pursed her lips and rolled her eyes at Pei Qingji. “Why are you pouring cold water on me for no reason?

Pei Qingji said, “I’m just afraid that you’ll be disappointed again, so I’m giving you a heads-up.”

“Bah, bah, bah. You’re the one who’s disappointed. Don’t talk to me now. Shut your mouth.” Han Qianye glanced to the side.

Pei Qingji pursed his lips and gestured silently. Han Qianye pretended not to see it. Pei Qingji continued to gesture. The more he gestured, the more anxious he became. He almost spoke, but he did not. He still kept his mouth shut.

Han Qianye almost laughed out loud. She suppressed the corners of her lips and looked up at him sideways. “I’ll allow you to say something.”

Pei Qingji seized the opportunity. “I was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong.” He hurriedly said three times.

The corners of Han Qianye’s mouth were about to reach the back of her head. She suddenly thought of something and said, “If we know the outcome tonight, we’ll return to the country tonight.”

“Alright.” Pei Qingji took out his phone. “I’ll book a plane ticket.”

Han Qianye’s mood instantly improved again. With a husband who admitted his mistake so quickly, it was difficult to stay angry for a while longer. The two of them did not make any advance preparations for this trip. It was Han Qianye’s last-minute decision. The plane tickets, luggage, and hotel were all on Pei Qingji.

Pei Qingji, who had dominated the pugilistic world for the first half of his life, would only serve his wife for the rest of his life. He was still willing to work hard.

Han Qianye was in a good mood for a while, but she quickly became a little depressed. “The timing did not match. We just arrived in Country and found out that Yaoyao had been sent to the capital. We’re really unlucky.”

Pei Qingji said, “If Yaoyao isn’t around, it’s the same if you ask Madam Di Xin.”

Han Qianye turned around. “Based on Yaoyao’s personality, he’s really a little antisocial. Madam Di Xin sent Yaoyao to the capital just like that. If Yaoyao stays in an unfamiliar place, it might be very difficult to adapt in a short period of time.”

Pei Qingji continued, “Some time ago, Madam Di Xin brought Yaoyao to the capital. Didn’t she stay at her daughter’s place for two days? He went to a place once. It should be easier for Yaoyao to adapt.”

Han Qianye shook her head. “Other children might be able to adapt, but Yaoyao might not. He’s so antisocial. My heart aches just thinking about him staying there alone.”

Pei Qingji comforted her. “We’ll go back tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll pick up Yaoyao.”


Han Qianye’s mind was filled with Yaoyao’s pitiful look.

The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached.

Country T did not have four seasons, but there were three seasons: hot season, rainy season, and cold season. This time, it was the cold season, but it was not cold at all. The temperature was very comfortable.

The car arrived at Madam Di Xin’s residence. After Han Qianye got out of the car, she held Pei Qingji’s arm and entered under the servant’s lead.

“You’re here.” Madam Di Xin personally went to the door to welcome them. From the smile on her face, it was obvious that she had recovered well.

Han Qianye quickly let go of Pei Qingji’s arm and took three steps forward to greet her. “Are you feeling better?”

Madam Di Xin held Han Qianye’s hand. “Just look at my complexion.”

“It looks much better,” Han Qianye said.

Madam Di Xin nodded, then pulled Han Qianye in. After taking two steps, she stopped and turned to look at Pei Qingji, who had almost been ignored. “Since you’re here, you’re one of us. Be casual and don’t be restrained.”

Pei Qingji nodded. “Yes.”

Han Qianye followed Madam Di Xin in. It seemed that Madam Di Xin was holding her wrist, but in fact, Han Qianye was supporting her slightly. Although Madam Di Xin looked much better, she was still old and had just left the hospital after being sick. She had to be careful.

Madam Di Xin had probably stayed in the hospital for too long. There was no one around to relieve her boredom, so she chatted with Han Qianye a lot.

As they chatted, Han Qianye changed the topic to Yaoyao. She suddenly asked, “Yaoyao has been sent to the capital. Are you planning to go to the capital to pick him up personally after some time?

Madam Di Xin smiled and said, “I probably won’t pick him up.”

Han Qianye looked up at Madam Di Xin. It was as if Madam Di Xin knew what she was thinking.

Madam Di Xin knew why she had come to Country T this time. Before this,

Han Qianye had said to Madam Di Xin that she was here to travel with Pei Qingji. But as expected, Madam Di Xin only believed it on the surface, she did not believe it in her heart.

In that case, Han Qianye did not intend to beat around the bush. She said directly, “To be honest, I already know that Yaoyao is my biological grandson.”

Madam Di Xin was not surprised. She only asked Han Qianye, “When did you know?”

Han Qianye adjusted her sitting posture slightly and treated this topic seriously. “I was very surprised the first time I saw Yaoyao because his eyes were too similar to Jingzhou when he was young. If he was unrelated, how could he be so similar?

“However, I also know a principle. Children are still young. Their facial features haven’t fully developed. It’s not surprising who they look like.

Although I’m usually careless and don’t pay much attention to many things, Yaoyao’s appearance surprised me.

“The idea of doing a paternity test came to me then. Just to reassure myself. But in order to reassure myself, the result made me even more uneasy. When the paternity test results came out and I found out that Yaoyao was Jingzhou’s biological son, I was more anxious than anyone else. At that time, I thought, if this was an illegitimate son who had been wandering outside, how would I explain it to Li Xiwu?” At this point, Han Qianye sighed helplessly.

Pei Qingji reached over and gently placed his hand on the back of Han Qianye’s hand. He held her hand to make her feel better.

Madam Di Xin took the black tea in front of her and took a sip. After putting it down, she asked, “What happened next?”

Han Qianye said, “After that, I’ve been hiding this matter. Before I figured out who Yaoyao was born with Jingzhou, only my husband and I knew.”

Madam Di Xin smiled and asked, “Qianye, since you can tell that Yaoyao looks like Jingzhou when he was young and immediately went for a paternity test, why don’t you be bolder and think that Yaoyao is the child of Jingzhou and Little You?”

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